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(Do you love him?)



Nessa’s POV


I saw the exchange between Karla and Calla and frown.


Their names sounds the same, I wonder if they’ve noticed it but they both look slightly identical.


How is that even possible? I might have been thinking a lot.


“Karla.” I called and saw her divert her attention towards me.


“It is really confusing, I don’t know how to act with you. I have live all my life believing that you’re dead, so how are you alive again?” She asked, a little commanding tone laced in her voice.


She is Lucifer’s daughter anyway.


I cleared my throat and explained everything to her leaving the witch part.


She nodded and zoom out again.


“Calla is Lucifer’s new mate, so what happens now?” She asked, that isn’t a question worth answering.


I am his wife and have full right to him and not just a mate.


“He is still mine Karla, your father love me so much.” I explained.


“She is really a nice person, aunt Lucienne like her too.” She said and chuckled. “She is nice to talk to.”



I scrunched up my face and glared at her.


She felt my gaze and turn to face me.


“Are you supporting her instead of me?” I asked angrily.


“I’m not supporting anyone of you,” she stood up from the couch and walk towards the front door. “See you later.”


I sigh frustratedly and walk inside the kitchen, I grabbed two packs of noodles from the cabinet and placed it on the kitchen island.


Lucifer is probably already inside the volcano by now, I wonder what is going on in his head.


She actually looks familiar, I noticed a pull towards both of us, I can feel it but couldn’t place my hand on what it is about.


My mind reminisce back to what the evil wizard said.



Calla’s POV


I was surprised at the sudden question.


Where is this coming from?


“What do you mean mom?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.


She tugged on my hand and smack it.


“I’ve seen that man on TV, wait! You’re working for Lucifer?” She asked, shock, anger,disappointment written I her voice.


I slowly nods my head and she stepped away from me.


“How could you? Do you want to die? Why did you not tell me?” She asked all at once.


I’m not the only one keeping a secret.



“You didn’t and haven’t told me how you get the money for your Florida trip mom, don’t act like I’m the only one with a secret here.” I replies and sigh after letting it out.


“I just…..its complicated okay? I work for him and he won’t do anything to me, I’m


save.” I tried to assure her.


She furrowed her brow before walking out on me.


Yea, she won’t tell me who gave her the money.


I followed her out of the kitchen and saw dad and Ray chatting.


They have started getting along within fifteen minutes,


“Actually mom, I wanted to go and do some grocery shopping. I’ll come visit y’all tomorrow.” I said and grabbed my beg from the couch.


Raymond and I left the house and I detest the thought of going back to that house and face Vanessa.


It sends chill down my spine.


“Raymond do you know where Lucienne lives?” I asked, I remember Lucifer telling me that they’re leaving together but just maybe she didnt go with him.


“Yes, do you want me to take you there?” He asked and I nodded.


Soon we were on our way to Lucienne house, I’ve never seen her husband before. Is he handsome, mean?


I bet he’s mean, I remembered the first day we net she said that if I become her friend I might not last because of her husband and brother.


The car stopped and Ray got out of the car, he opened my door for me and I looked around.


The mansion is actually big, maybe as big as Lucifer’s. It was painted white.


Raymond lead me towards the house and I constantly pray that Lucienne is here.



He pushed the door open and we soon find ourselves inside the living room.


Lucienne was sitting on the couch, her leg placed on her husband’s lap.


She saw me and rushed towards me.


“What a surprise Calla,” she hugged me lightly before motioning to a nearby couch.


“Calla meet my husband Theodore, the one I told you about.” She introduced and my eyes trailed to the man sitting beside her.


“Hi, nice to meet you.” I greeted politely.


“You too.” He said and nods curtly turning around to face his wife he whispered something into her ear before standing up.


“Enjoy your stay, Calla.” His voice sounds terrifying.


Somehow he reminds me of Lucifer. My Lucifer.


I actually miss him and its not even 24hours yet.


“You miss him?” She asked and I nodded, I released a frustrated sigh.


Things are getting really complicated and intense.


“Do you love him?” She asked, that question took me by surprise.


Yes I have told him that I love him but then someone else asking me about it makes me feel somehow.


“I love him but his wife is back Lucienne, he still love her so much, I can see it.” I replies sadly.


It is the truth. When they look at each other earlier this morning.


It was intense, filled with love.


He have never look at me like that before.


“Then make him love you than he love her.” She said calmly.












(Loving the devil)




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