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Calla’s POV


“Lucifer will be so pleased when I tell him.” She said and smirk.


What is she talking about?


I ignored her and went back downstairs.


How can she call me a witch?


She must be really crazy.


I walk outside to ask Ray if there’s any first aid kit here.


I knocked on his door at the other side of the building.


He opened up and walk outside, guess he’s was asleep when I woke him up.



My wound was bleeding badly, I wonder why she went all gaga on me.


“Hi, Ray.” I greeted, he smile at me before his eyes met my arm.


His eyes widened as he rush towards me.


“Nessa wounded you? Why?” He asked calmly.


I explained what happens but absolutely not the witch part.


I have to find out why she called me a witch.


“Do you have a first aid kit? It is bleeding a lot at this rate I might die.” I said and he nods his head.


“Just a minute.” He went back inside his room then came back with the first aid.


“Let’s go to the living room.” He lead me back inside the main house and sat be down on a couch.


He help me clean the wound and put bandage on it.


“Thank you, Ray.” I smiled at him and walk inside the kitchen. At least he help me with my arm, I can as well feed him.


I gave Raymond his food and he carried it away to his room.


I felt alone again, at this rate I wish Lucifer is here.


I miss him.


I miss his touch.


I miss everything, I miss how we use to argue sometimes, how he used to tease me.


But everything changed the day that woman returns. Such a kill joy she is.


I felt the air thickened, my heart started racing.


I felt his presence behind me.


I don’t want to turn around and find out that he’s not here.



I took a deep breath and turned around. He is here, I rushed towards him and throw my arm on him.


“Careful sweetheart, this is not the real me.” His voice echoed in my head.


True to his voice, I couldn’t feel him.


“Hi.” I greeted, and blushed at my actions.


“Are you good?”he asked, I shook my head and allowed the pain from the wound wash through me.


It became so painful all of a sudden.


“I want you here, why are you not here?” I questioned. I wish he is here, this won’t have happen in the first place.


He keep staring at me without saying a thing, he furrowed his eyebrows as his eyes landed on my arm.


His eyes darkened as he keep staring at it, a rush of fear surge through me.


I can’t tell him why this happened to me.


I remember what Vanessa said earlier. What if its true?


Am I really a witch.


“It’s nothing, just a little scratch.” I whispered, my eyes fixed on the floor.


I just hope he buys my lie, I raised my head and beamed at him.


Even though the real him isn’t here, I still feel save with him here.


“I miss you.” I said again and chuckled, he keep staring at me without saying a word and disappeared just like that.


Did he noticed anything? Why did he leave?


Did I said something wrong?


I sigh and sat back on the couch.


Stuck in this stupid house with creepy weird people.


I started playing candy crush on my phone, I was bored and helpless.


The maids are already here, moving back and forth cleaning the house.


I’m sure Arles is already at work, maybe I should face time him.


I have been neglecting him a lot.


I pressed his number and held it up to my face.



Thank God you remember me today.” he said sarcastically and I rolled my eyes.


I missed you so much.” I said and he chuckled. He doesn’t believe me, well I don’t believe myself too.


If you do then you wouldn’t have take this long before calling.


He have a point there, we haven’t tao for like ages now.



Do you want to talk? Will be going on my lunch break soon.”



Yea, I’ll meet you in front of the company.



See, ya.”



I hanged up and stood up then rushed to my room, I went inside my closet and throw on a crop top and a black yoga pants.


I rubbed on my lip gloss and put on some mascara before walking out of my room.


“Where are you going?” Vanessa asked, she was already sitting down on a couch painting her nails.


I just have to get use to this.


“Out.” I simply replied and walk towards the door.



“Lucifer has been looking for the remaining true witch family, guess he have the daughter of the one’s he is looking for.” She said and chuckled.


True witch?


What is she talking about?


“What are you talking about?” I asked turning around to face her.


“Your parent will tell you more, witch.”












(Loving the devil)




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