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(I’m in love with you)



Calla’s POV



“What’s wrong?” I asked Lucifer, we were laying down on my bed, when suddenly he started looking around.


“I can feel it.” He said and my heart skipped a bit. Feel it? Please don’t tell me he already knows.


“Feel……what?” I stuttered, his hand keep rubbing circles on my back.



“Magic.” He replies and stepped down from the bed. I pulled myself into a sitting position and chuckled nervously.


“There is no magic here? How is that even possible?” I asked beaming with fake smiles.


I was damn nervous, if he finds out just shortly after s$x then I’m done for.


He kissed me on the lips before walking out of my room. I felt awful for letting him go to her but what can I do?


Command him not to go?


Tell him I need him here?, I lay down on the bed, the duvet covering my body.


Then the magic thing. Oh goodness please save me.


I closed my eyes and slept off.








I woke up and found Lucifer staring at me, I quickly sat down and stared at him back.


“Good morning.” I greeted. He nodded and patted on the bed telling me to lay back down.


I nodded and lay down.


“Why are you here? It’s early.” I told him.


“I just thought I should be with you this early morning.” He said and smile. He brought up his hand and caress my face.


“You’re beautiful.” He mumbled. I blushed and bite on the inside of my cheek. He bend to my level and placed a kiss on my cheek. I grabbed hold of his collar and pulled him on top of me.



“F**k me.” I whispered. He smirked and started placing little wet kisses on my neck.


I don’t care anymore, I’ll savor every single moment I get with this man, I’ll make every little time with him memorable that he won’t ever forget.


“You really have gotten bold this past week.” He whispered and grazed his teeth on my earlobe then kiss the place where he bite me causing shivers to erupt through me.


“This mark….”


He trail his finger around the mark and sigh.


“I didn’t mean to, just the heat of the moment.” He said. Heat of the moment?


“Are you some kind of vampire?” I asked and chuckled. He resume kissing me, I totally forgot about the mark. But every time he brushes his finger against it. I feel some kind of want. Like he really want me.


He sneaked his hand inside the duvet and touch my already dripping p**sy lip.


“Hmm f**k.” I moaned. He winked at me then continue his sweet little torture.


Rubbing on my cl*t and kissing me.


“I want you, deeply buried inside me. Please Lucy.” I begged, that nickname again.


The nickname I gave him few days after seeing his eyes.


Then I just wanted to see only his eyes but right now, I can stare all I want, I can touch him, I can have s*x with him. I’m his but then I don’t really know if he’s mine.


“Naughty girl, you so wet for me.” He groaned into my ear.


“Yes….just f**k me.” I begged. He dip in his finger and then another, and another


stretching me beyond my imagination.


“Oh my goodness.” I moaned, holding tightly onto him.



He started f**king me with his fingers, moving in and out of me.


“Do you like it? When I f**k you with finger? And make you cum multiple times on my cock?” He whispered,the dirty things he was whispering to me makes me cum immediately.


“Such a good girl.” He cooed.


I pushed down his sweatpants and his his d**k sprung out.


“Ooh wow! Lil mate is hungry for me.” I mumbled. I don’t really care if he slept in the same room, on the same bed with Vanessa.


He is here with me, caring for me, satisfying me.


That’s what matters.


He slipped inside me, my mouth wide open and he slammed in and out of me.


“It’s gonna be a little rough baby, are you in?’ He asked and I nodded, I want to try everything with him.


He keep pounding inside me, he pulled out of me them slammed in roughly.


He turns me around, positioning me in all four.


He slipped inside me and groan.


“You’re so f**king tight.” He groaned.


“This p**sy is mine right?” He asked, still pounding inside me. “Answer me.” He growl and smacked my a*s.


“Yes, it’s yours. So f**king yours baby.” I moaned loudly. I clenched around him, fighting for my orgasm.


“I’m going to cum.” I told him. He slowed down a bit then increased his pace.


“Cum for me.” He whispered. I let it all out screaming as I does.


He shoot his cum inside me and kissed my lip before pulling out of me.


He lay down and pulled me to his chest.


“Happy birthday my love.”


He knows my birthday.


He called me his love.


“Your love?” I asked, turning to stare into his eyes.


“I just realize how much you mean to me sweetheart, I’m in love with you.”










(Loving the devil)



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