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(Ownership of you!)



Calla’s POV


Lucifer confessed his feelings for me, which was surprising.


I didn’t know that he would say that.


Now I was sitting with Arles in a restaurant to celebrate my birthday because Lucifer got busy with Vanessa.



“I have something for you.” He said and bring out a small box from his suit pocket.


“What is that?” I asked, he smirk and urged me to open it.


I opened the box and staring right at me is a diamond necklace. With my initial craft as a pendant on it.


The ‘C’ was dangling loosely around the necklace.


“Wow… Arles, you don’t have to do this.” I mumbled, my hand clutched on the pendant.


“You deserve more sweetheart.” He said and I smile, this necklace must have cost him a fortune.


The diamonds are so beautiful.


He stood up and collect the necklace from me, I brushed my hair to one side leaving my bare neck visible to him.


He crossed the necklace on my neck and hock it up. His finger brushed the scar on my neck causing me to jump slightly.


“Calla?” Arles called as he sat down on his seat. Straightening his ash color suit that compliments his fine self.


“The mark…..” Oh goodness! He saw that.


“I….hum….it’s just a mark, yes a mark.” I whispered. I blamed myself for not


wearing a turtle neck wear that will cover the mark.


What is the essence of the mark anyway? It is useless.


My neck started tingling me, the mark actually.


“What…..what the f**k is going on?” I asked myself, rubbing on the mark. But it


didn’t quench the fire I felt from it.



“Are you with Lucifer?” Arles asked. I stared at him in surprise. How did he know?


“How…how did you know?” I stuttered, he furrowed his eyebrows and his eyes landed on my neck again.


“His name is imprinted on your neck, he planted his tattoo on you, he owns you now Calla.” He said. His name?


“What do you mean Arles? And how did you know Lucifer?” I asked suspiciously.


He chuckled and raise his hand up.


“Like seriously Calla? Every single soul in new York knows the name ‘Lucifer’.” He said inbetwee laughter.


I sigh and continue eating my food. Lucifer’s name? What a joke Arles.


After having dinner at the restaurant, Arles and I went to the Children’s amusement Park then after our little fun at the park he took me to the club.


Something I ended up regretting, it was dark and I wanted to go home early.


“Come one, I’ll get us a drink.” He shouted over the high music. I nodded and followed him to the bar.


“Whiskey.” I told the barman. He nodded and pour me my drink.


I gulped it down in a go and dropped the shot on the counter.


“Do you want another shot, beautiful?” He asked, I smirk and nodded.


He pour me another shot.


“Are you sure you can handle two shots sweetheart?” Arles asked. Sometimes he acts like an overprotective brother.


“Come on Arles, I’m not that little girl in college anymore.” I said and grinned. I took the second shot and gulped it down.


I pulled Arles to the dance floor and we started dancing.



“Happy f**king birthday to me.” I shouted at the top of my voice. I pushed my back against him, grinding on him.


He grabbed my waist and held me in a place.


“Stop doing that, sweetheart.” He whispered to my ear.


Like I was jolt out of my drunkenness,I stepped away from him and sigh.


I want him, i need his company.


Where the hell are you Lucifer?


I felt a gaze on me, I tossed and turned trying to find the person looking at me.


I look up and my eyes caught that of a red basing eyes glaring at me.


My heart sank in my stomach as the only word that left my mouth was ‘Lucifer’.


“Arles? I….I need the restroom.” I told him, he nods without looking at me. He


was dancing with some brunette hair girl.


I pushed myself among the crowd trying to get out but a pair of muscular hand draw me back.


“What the f**k!” I yelped,trying to free myself from the intruder.


His scent started confusing me, he smells like Lucifer.


I looked up at the VIP section where I felt his eyes earlier but couldn’t find him.


“Lucifer…..I….” I tried making up some words but couldn’t. I don’t know what to




“I was waiting for you, to make your birthday beautiful. But you’re here? With my subject?” He asked. He was angry. But subject?


Like English and maths?


“I…I’m sorry.”I mumbled, but I was sure that he heard me. I pulled me against himself and sniffed in my hair.


“Let’s go.” He said and grabbed my hand, pulling me out of the club.


Is he jealous?


He opened the car door and I quietly got in. I don’t want to piss him off when all he wanted is a special birthday for me.


He got inside the car and started driving.


This is quite a surprise, Ray isn’t driving.


Where is he?


“Where is Ray?” I asked him, he glanced at me and shrugged.


“Took a day off.’ He replied. Off?


He divert the car, driving in another lane.


I look at him and sigh.


What is he planning now?


“Where are we going?” I asked him.


“We’re going to have dinner.” He replies, dinner?


He still want to take me out after he saw me at the club with someone else?


I smiled and quickly peck his cheek.


“Thank you.” I whispered.












(Loving the devil)






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