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(You’re a witch!)



Calla’s POV


After my stay with Lucienne I went back home. Lucifer’s house.


My conversation with Lucienne still very fresh in my memory.


“Make him love you than he love her.” Her voice echoed in my head. How can I do that?


How will I succeed?


I got down from the car and walk inside the house,luckily I didn’t find her in the living room.


I walk inside my room and closed the door behind me, I sat down behind the closed down and broke down in tears.


How can I compete?


She….she will rip me off without a second thought.


She is a demon for goodness sake!


Just in a matter of two months I’ve already complicated my life.


Mate. Lucifer. Demons.


My life couldn’t get less annoying.


All I’ve ever wanted is to achieve my dream of being a chef which I already had in the hotel, then find love with a simple human not the devil!


Fall in love, get married.


That is every human wish and not to get tie with Lucifer.


A sigh escaped my lip, my lips quivering while I stood up and made my way to my bathroom.


I removed my clothes and turned on the faucet, filling the bathtub with cold water I squeezed in my body wash and my vanilla scent oil before stepping inside the bathtub.


Allowing the cold water to treat my skin I relax back under the water.


Arles haven’t call me in a long time now, I wonder if he still remember me.








After taking my bath, I tied up a towel around my body and walk out of the bathroom. Another small towel in my hand which I used to clean my face.


I got inside my room and sat down in front of my dressing mirror, my hand found my body lotion on the dresser and squeezed it inside my palm.


I caress it down my hand to my neck, I keep doing it until my whole body was filled with my lotion.


My eyes darted to the digital clock on the nightstand and my stomach growl.


Not for food but anger, frustration.


I just don’t understand the essence of me living.


I tied my hair in a ponytail and dress it into a bun before pushing my closet door open.


I picked my nightwear lingerie and wore it, it gives me a sense of relieve.


I wore it and soon found my way to my bed.


Laying down on the bed I pushed my pillow on my chest.


It smells of him, his scent was still lingering at the part if the bed where he lay down this morning.


I sniffed in his scent, closing my eyes at the intoxicating scent.


I can’t get enough of it, it smalls like strawberries then it isn’t strawberry.


The scent is rich, of course I couldn’t guess the cologne he uses.


I buried my nose on the pillow. Inhaling his scent.


It gives me some kind of hope, safety, love.


Few minutes later I fell into slumber with the pillow still in my tight grip like my live depends on it.


I woke up the next morning with a bright smile on my face.


This morning looks nice, the sun coming inside my room adding to the reflection of it’s natural beauty.


My free mood, I was almost sure that something great is going to happen.


I wore my joggers and walk out of the room, I walk inside the kitchen and met Vanessa sipping a tea or coffee. I can’t guess.


“Good morning.” I greeted awkwardly. She glanced at me but was quite.


I should just get use to seeing her everyday.


She took her mug and walk out of the kitchen without sparing me a glass.


She is really pretty, tall, hour glass shape.


Big butt, big br**st.


She is perfect.


And she’s older.


That’s right! He fancy older women than younger women.



That’s why he doesn’t want me, he doesn’t want a young girl that doesn’t even know what live us all about.


He doesn’t want a young girl that only want to love and be loved back.


But who could blame me? It is what I want.


I want to love and be loved back, just like every young woman of my age.


I prepared steak and omelet with cheeseburger for breakfast.


I actually made for her as well.


How do I call her?


I sigh and started climbing up the stairs slowly, my hand trail along the rally.


I got to the last step and enter the corridor.


“Vanessa?” I called as I approached Lucifer’s room.


The door opened and she walk out.


“What do you want?” She asked and I nearly cower away in fear. Maybe it’s because she is a demon.


She sounded so commanding.


“Hum…..I made breakfast, I already placed yours on the dinning table.” I explain,


stuttering a bit at the beginning.


She looked me up and down and the air on her skin quickly stands up.


Her eyes started loosing it’s color.


She now look terrifying.


Her fingers became long and sharp.


“What…..what is wrong?” I asked, backing away from her. She started stalking


towards me.


Her eyes darkened and she grabbed hold of my hand, her finger piercing on my skin.


I let out a low screeching cry.


My hand was bleeding.


She leave my hand immediately and stepped away from me.


“You aren’t human,” she stated as her eye color returned. “You’re a witch!”










(Loving the devil)




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