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Episode 29



Calla’s POV


After making breakfast I started picking out what to wear to my date with Lucifer.


I don’t really know if its a lunch date or dinner date.


I picked a blue knee length dress and placed it on my bed, then pick up the only stiletto heel that I have.


It looks old but then, that’s the only expensive shoe I’ve got.


I bought it with my 2,000$.


I decided to facetime Arles since it has been long we last talk.


Like three days ago.


“Hey Arles,” I greeted as he pull on his hair and groaned.


“Calla, damn why didn’t you call me?” He asked, pulling on his bottom lip.


That looks s£xy.


“Sorry about that, just kinda busy here.” I replies and stood up and picked my bottle water from my dressing table.


“What are you doing now?” He asked as I placed the rim of the bottle on my lips.


“Just chilling and all that,” I retorted casually. “You ain’t busy? If you’re I’ll call you later,”


“No am not, just tired.” He groaned and sigh.


Lucifer left early in the morning, he didn’t have his breakfast.


He looked damn edible that I had to control my f**king arousal.


“I’m sorry for everything,” I said and sigh, truthfully I don’t even know why or what I am apologizing for.


I just felt like apologizing.


“Why are you sorry baby doll?” He asked, his eyes piercing into mine through the screen.


I was tongue tied again, not knowing what to say.


Maybe that was a bad choice if word.


I shouldn’t have apologized without thinking it through.


“Calla?” He called and I looked at him.


“I am alright, I’m not angry or mad at you baby doll.” He mumbled and chuckled softly.


“I’ll call you later baby doll, got to work.” He said and I nods my head slightly.


I waved him buy and end our facetime.


Speaking with Arles release a lot of stress from my shoulder.


I felt like my burdens have been lifted.


I decided to take a nap and when I woke up it’s lunch time.


I had my lunch of toast bread and omelet with tea.


Not having many things to do I decided to take a walk.


I walk out of the house, along the street glancing left and right.


I walk a little distance before seeing Trisha.


“Hey Calla,” she greeted, smiling at me.


She look so cute I her blue bump short and a crop top.


“Just taking a walk,” I told her with a smile.


“That’s so nice of you, actually I’m waiting for my friend.” She said excitedly looking around.


“Oh, do you mind me joining you and your friend? I’m bored as f**k!”


“Yes!” She yelled and quickly composed herself.


“It will be a pleasure to have you with us…..” He sentence was cut off by the


arrival of her friend.


I look on in surprise.


“Karla?” I called and she glanced at me, her face drained of emotions like they used to.


She is just like her father.


“What are you doing here?”


“Trisha is my friend, I came to visit.” She replies and started walking towards the house.


I stood there gaping at her.



Lucifer’s POV


I sat back on my chair, my hands placed on the chair’s armrest.


With my reading glasses on my eyes I stare down at my laptop once more replying the important mails and deleting the irrelevant ones.


My phone dinged and I took a glance at it.


There was a voicemail from an unknown number.


Who could it be?



I tapped on it and it started playing.


Hey, it’s me hum Calla. I just hum want to ask if….if it is I should start preparing for…..our….our…hum date.”


I chuckled at her naive and nervousness.


Gosh I have a lot of work to do on her.


If she become adamant and keep staying by my side, I’ll corrupt and ruin her beyond repair.


She can’t handle the kind of energy I might give her.


I sigh and throw my head back lightly, releasing a muffled groan.


If only it is simple, if only she know that I cherish and wish her well.


She is my other half, my second chance and I can’t f**k it up because of my needs or my possessiveness.


She will be more saver without me.


To say that I’m happy about this date is an understatement, i am so excited about it even if I don’t show it.


I am not the type of guy that show emotions or let’s his emotions get the best of him.


I am Lucifer!


She is interesting, the way she keep challenging me after knowing who I am.


The fact that she didn’t run when I told her the truth.


It draw me more closer to her, I found her so very interesting and cool.


A knock came on my door and I let out a growl.


“You have a visitor Sir,”Megan my assistant said.


“Who is it?” I asked, removing my glasses from my eyes.


One Miss Calla Blackwell.” She replies and I ordered for her to let her in.


What is she doing here?


How did she know that I’ll be in this particular building Today?


She walk in, her hand clamped together.


Her eyes fixed on the ground as she bite her bottom lip.


“Why are you here?” I asked.


“Came to…know….know…if I should hum , start preparing,” she said the same


thing said Earlie on, on her voicemail.


I looked at her, amused and interested at my mate Calla Blackwell.












(His wild desires)




(You’re mine)




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