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(Loving the devil)






(Time to leave)



Lucifer’s POV



After staying with Calla last night, I went back inside my room but things seems unusual.


A familiar scent was lingering around the room but I pushed the thought away and decided to get some sleep since the ritual is tomorrow.


I woke up quite late the next morning and this time, the scent was even stronger.


That was when I slipped my leg inside my flip flop and climb downstairs.


I heard chattering inside the kitchen so I followed the voice.


Standing beside the kitchen door I heard Calla asked a question.


“Who are you?” She asked, anger and fear evidence in her voice.


I glanced at the person and froze when I saw her back.




“Vanessa Lucifer Xavier Carter.” She replied.


“Who the f**k is that.” Calla thought to herself.


She is alive? How?


Seventeen years ago I’m sure she died.


“Nessa?” I whispered, she froze and slowly turn around to face me.


She is just like I remember, her plump lips, her hazel brownish eyes.


She look so beautiful. A tear roll down her cheek and I quickly clean it away.


“I miss you, I missed you so much.” She whispered and engulfed me in a hug. I hugged her back, my hand wrapping around her tiny waist, that was when my eyes caught Calla looking at us.


She was crying, crying really hard. My shirt sure does fit her but that wasn’t even the case.


I decided to hear her thoughts.


*his wife is here, he will send me out*


*I just want to be happy*


*please just stop hugging her, you’re hurting me*


I broke away from the hug as her eyes caught mine.


When I saw Nessa I was carried away, I just, just felt so good to see her here in our human house.


Calla cleared her throat and glanced at Nessa who was busy staring at me.


“I am making bean soup,” she said and turned back to face the cooker.


I grabbed Nessa hand and dragged her out of the kitchen.


I teleport back to our room and released her hand.


Suddenly anger is all I felt, where was she all this while.


“Where were you for the past seventeen years Vanessa? I thought you died.” I asked, anger blurring my vision.


I always call her by her full name when I’m angry.


She gulped loudly as she stare into my eyes.


“I died Lucifer, this you know. I know that you tried to wake me up but couldn’t. After I was taken to the volcano and I was dead even to you. Last week a powerful thing occur to me, my blood became hot, my eyes pure red. I felt your power inside me baby.” She placed her hand on my cheek and caress it.


“Your blood saved me, I recuperate for awhile before coming back here.” She explained.


I grabbed her neck and closed my eyes to look back into her memory.


She didn’t lie, that was exactly what happened.


She broke down crying as I hugged her.


She captured my lips on hers in a passionate kiss.


Something was missing, something I used to feel when she kisses me. The spark was missing.


Then my mind wander off to Calla, my eyes darkened at the thought of her wearing my shirt.


I wonder why Nessa haven’t ask about her yet, I know Nessa she will surely ask about her when she felt like.


“I want to see my baby, call my baby, where is she?” She asked when I broke the kiss.


“She is with Lucienne.” I replied and sat down on my bed.


Wasn’t feeling like I should.


“You missed me so much, you still have my portrait in our room.” She gushed out.


Yes, this room is special to me that’s why I never allowed Calla inside it.






Calla’s POV


I was sad, angry and disgusted at myself.


His precious wife is back, he won’t even look at me again.


I took a deep breath and continue serving the soup on the dinning table.


What will she think of me? If Karla knows about this she will be mad at me.


But I don’t understand, his wife is alive and he have a second mate? I let out a frustrating grunt and slowly climb upstairs.


I got in front of Lucifer’s room and suddenly regret my decision of coming here.


Earsplitting moan was coming out of the room.


I gasped and covered mouth to muffled my sound.


I was broken, betrayed, shattered.


The man I love is already with the woman he love.


Tears roll down my cheek as realization hits me hard.


I’m not welcome here anymore.


I rushed back to the stairs and started climbing down as hot tears make their ways out of my eyes.


I love him, I just love him too much to lose him.


I sat down on a couch, my mind drifting off to when we first met.


I was scared of him and admire him at the same time.


Even he has proven to be a jerk for sometimes I still saw good in him.



Last night is the best night of my life, I enjoyed every second of it. I thought we shared something intimate last night, I didn’t know it wasn’t the way I think.


Vanessa is here and I have absolutely no claim on him.


He isn’t my husband. He doesn’t love me as well.


My hope with him is gone!


“Hello Calla,” her voice echoed throughout the living room.


She is always creepy, is she a demon as well? She look like s*x.


I felt anger rushed through me, I was angry at her. Why is she here now?


“Thanks for keeping Lucifer’s company, its your queue to leave now.” She said, walking towards the bar.


I didn’t expect the next sentence that roll out of my mouth.


“I don’t think so,”


T.b c










(Loving the devil)




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