Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 34



Calla’s POV




His words echoed in the room as he took slow strides towards me.


What does he think?


Even though there is a huge pull begging me to obey him but my mind reprimanded it.


I won’t give him the joy of seeing me submit to him.


I shook my head and back away from him, he abruptly stopped and furrowed his eyebrow.


“Don’t you want me?” He asked, his voice suddenly low and his eye color changed to normal.


Seems like he doesn’t like being reject.


Before I could answer his question. Before I could say a word, he leaned down, sealing his lips across my cheek to my ear, using his lip and teeth to graze my earlobe.


my breathing became heavy. my heart began pumping against my chest at an erratic pace,my body weakening from his touch.


He grip my wrist, pinning them above my head and against the wall as l freed a heavy sigh.



His warm breath blew on my neck sending my body into complete shock.


He began to touch me.


He caress part of my body,showing attention to parts he never care for before. His hand latched onto the back of my thigh, lifting me from my feet,i wrapped my legs around his torso.


He whisked me over the bed,sitting me down onto the sheeting as he positioned his body between my thighs.


He glanced down at me,a look I have never seen before, was that just desire? or lust? my stomach began to churn from all my excitement he leaned down,clasping my lip between his teeth before he kissed them that scent,watermelon,the one I’ve gotten so used to.


I pushed forward,drowning in the kiss I sought to deepen,denying my quest,our lip parted,leaving me longing for his lips on mine again.


As his hands roamed across the surface of my body,his hand came to the back of my neck and zip down my dress.


His lips caressed the surface of my neck,and warm cheek my arms around his neck,i tugged him closer than ever before.


I don’t care if he want me or not, I just have to grab hold of any opportunity u have with him. His hand like warm desires began to explore my body.


My stomach tightened, my thighs began to tremble. He push down my dress leaving me only in my matching black thong and bra.


My heart began to thumb as his hands gripped and squeeze my br**st through the fabric of my bra.



He uncapped my bra without a moment to spare,revealing my full br**st that scream for his attention he looked at them darkness blanketed his orbs just as my nipple hardened.


A lustful growl slipped from my throat just as he engulfed one into his mouth.


Throughout the time he never said a single word to me.


Electricity ignited and so do my needs to have him. My body need him,my body arched up for him,accepting the pleasure of his tongue and lips that toyed with my pearls.


“Lucifer”it left my lip inform of a moan,why does he have so much power over me?


My body bow down to him. My eyes sealed, my finger entangle his thick locks, I hated to admit that what he was doing to me was driving me insane.


He placed his fingers around my waistband and pull off My thong in a goal.


I suddenly felt self-conscious of my body.


He pushed me back on the bed, and prey my legs apart.


Soft moist flesh calling for his attention.


I unconsciously covered my p**sy with my hand.


His eyes darkened at me action and he growl lowly.


“Don’t hide away from me, Calla.” He said and yanked my hand away from my covered pu**y.


His eyes raked up my naked body, I felt hot and needy.


He sealed his mouth on mine and kissed me aggressively, a kiss I didn’t know that I need so much.


I held unto him as our tongue battled with each other I an aggressive kiss.


He broke the kiss and leave small little kisses on my neck.


He sucked on it and graze his teeth on my neck.


Such a tease huh?


He licked his lip and glanced up at me, his finger rubbed on my clit and his eyes fixated on me.


“So f**king wet, so naughty, so mine!” He growled and lean on.


Finally, his tongue flicked across my swollen nub, sending jolt of positive stimulus through my body.


Reacting , I jumped, releasing an earsplitting moan throughout the room.


He licked again until he sucked me up between his slightly parted lips, entangling me in a web of unforeseen pleasures I could not seems to escape.


He latched on my cunt causing me to flinch.


Holy f**k!


I tugged my hand on his thick locks and pull on it.


My legs unconsciously wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer than ever.


I shamelessly moan as he keep using his tongue on me, flicking and licking on my swollen nub.


I grind on him as my orgasm keep getting closer.


He grabbed my waist and pin me down.


“Please,” I begged, trying to release.


“You will not cum until I tell you to.” The command on his voice caused me to nod my head obediently.


I can’t get enough of him.









(His wild desires)








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