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(Call for help)




Calla’s POV


A hard knick came on the door, I glanced at Xega, then back at the door with a questioning comprehension.


Living here for five months I haven’t for once hear anyone knock on this door, only few people live in this village and I guess they practice social distancing.


Xega looked at the door and an horrified look was clearly on her face.


“What is going on? Who is knocking?” I asked tiredly, all I want to do is eat strawberry shortcake and lay my back down on the bed.


“The Earth coven, they are here.” She said. I remember when I just came her months ago, she told me that the Earth coven witches are after me.


But why? Why will they be after their kind?


The knock came again, and again.


“What…..what do I do now?” I asked her, I seems to have ran out of ideas. I


couldn’t think of anything.


The only solution i had was to go out there and fight if they want to.



“I’ll go and keep them distracted, don’t move. I think they saw you here.” She said and stood up. Even though she tried to kill my baby, this witch have tried a lot for me.


She bundled her old self to the door and slightly open I, while I secretly pray for my safety.


Mom is dead, what about father? And Vanessa too?


Why will Lucifer be heartless enough yo kill the mother of his child?


Yes she have tormented me in the past, but the news of her death strike me hard.


It makes me feel as if I lost someone so close to my heart.


She and Lucifer made a good match, she is beautiful, tall curvy and matured since she is older. But I…..I don’t see myself as matured.


The door was violently pushed open and up to twenty witches walk in.


I pushed myself up from my seat while trying to control my breath.


The witches were led by a man, he has a long bear. An evil eyes. A demeaning smirk.


He look so evil, his eyes were fixed on my stomach, I placed my palm on my stomach protectively.


“Who are you? Don’t step further.” I warned. They stopped and look me up and down.


“We are the evil witches of the Earth coven from the south south.” The man introduced. Anger laced in his voice. “Too bad that your mother and sister already die now we can kill you and end your regime.”


Sister? I….I don’t have any sister.


“Sister?” I asked and he chuckled.



“Vanessa is your sister bit then who cares, her job is to push you out of the house and make Lucifer know that you’re a witch then I’ll kill you both. But Lucifer already did the job.” He explained and I gasped loudly, hot tears spilling out of my eyes.


Vanessa is my sister, I can’t believe this.


“You want to kill me? Do you think I’ll just let you kill me?” I asked him and he shook his head.


“I expect you to show your inner magic, lose yourself to magic and get destroy in it then the witch community will be at peace.” He said while I gape at him.


Things are just getting more and more complicated for me. Me facing twenty witches. This is sick.


“Challenge accepted.” I said and they soon surrounded me.


I really was feeling over confidence because within twenty minutes of fighting with magic, I found myself on my knees, my head hug low in submission.


I saw Xega in pain, they must have done something to her. I killed fifteen of the witches, why the remaining five got me in my knees.


I was taken away from Xega’s home. They took me to a cave where a big fire was burning. My body became hot.


Witches were surrounding the fire, there eyes closed as the call on magics. The fire keep increasing.


“Let me introduce myself to you Lucifer’s mate, I am the evil wizard of the south south. The only kind of my generation.” He said and sat down on a throne like chair. “To kill a witch, you have to summon the witches of the past and with the fire, the witch end up dying I pain. After the magic completes you will be as good as dead.”


I close my eyes not knowing what to do. They want to kill me. That is the reason for the fire.



The fire keep increasing while my heart beats faster than normal. My hand gripped on the wall tightly, my eyes fixed on my stomach.


I don’t have a chance against this army of powerful witches.


The witches stood up and back away from the fire, the evil wizard stood up and walk towards me.


It is time, what do I do?


What do I do?


“Call for help.” My subconscious mind told me.


Whom do I call? I know no one.


Then my mind only went back yo Lucifer, he is my only hope now. At least if not for me, for our child.


I don’t care if he kills me after seeing me, all I know is that I want my child alive.


He tugged on the rope tied around my hand and started dragging me to the fire.


“Why do you hate the true witches? Why do you want me dead? I haven’t done anything bad to you!” I shouts on top of my voice.


“Your generation made the witches live in fear of Lucifer, it is better to end your multiplication than to let you rule the witch world.” He snapped then pushed me towards the fire.


“Lucifer! Help me!” Those three words were what escaped my lip when I was about to fall inside the fire.




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