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#Season_two_episode_eighteen #


(Getting sick!)


Lucifer’s POV


When I saw Lucienne, all I could see is both of them together.


My eyes were blazing red, where the hell is she?


Lucienne keep moving back, fear boldly written on her face.


She keep moving back while I moved towards her.


I allowed my fingers to grow into claws and l smirk.


“Where the f**k is she?” I asked coldly. She shook her head and moved back.


“I….I don’t know Lucifer, I swear….I don’t.” She stutters, heat coated her





I speed moved towards her and circled my hand around her neck. I tilt her neck to one sigh and smell her.


“What are you doing, Lucifer?” Theodore asked, coming behind me.


“F**king stat out of this Theo, i won’t give a damn for what happens next if you don’t.” I seethed out.


He moved back and I turned my gaze on Lucienne.


“Tell me, damn it!” I shouted slowly tightening my hand around her neck.


“I don’t know Lucifer, i swear…..you know me…..I can never betray you. Please


believe me.” She begged. I grabbed her head and closed my eyes, trying to enter her head and review her memories.


I grunted when I saw the memory of her discussing my issues with the witches to that witch.


I released her neck and moved backwards.


I sigh and brushed on my hair. This is crazy!


I swear I’ll turn the whole city down to find her, if not the whole world will pay for it.


“Calm down man, we will find her.” Theo assured me.


I sure will, and if I don’t.


“Where is Ray?” I asked Theo, he pointed outside and starts walking towards the door.


I actually forgot that my little witch mate have a witch parents.


This will be fun!


Run all you want Calla, you won’t be running for long.


Calla’s POV


It has been two weeks now, luckily for me Lucifer haven’t ask of me from Lexi.



I have been trying to call my parents but their phones weren’t connecting.


I am scared that something must have happened to them but Lexi keep reassuring me that they’re fine.


I told Lexi not to tell anybody my whereabouts, not even Arles. After that day at the club when Lucifer referred to him as his subject.


For days now I have been sick.


So sick that my body became pale, my eyes dull. Lexi have tried to take me to the hospital but I refused her persuasion, I can’t get out of this apartment because I’m sure Lucifer will surely see me.


I walk inside her kitchen and make myself a cup of cappuccino.


I took a sip and sigh, I have nothing to lose now so I have been learning magic for the past two weeks and I’m practically good at it.


It is actually exciting to learn, sometimes i just have to sit down and cast a spell then get myself what I need.


I walk back to the living room and sat down on a couch.


I wonder how he is doing. He hates me now, I can feel it.


After sipping my coffee, I dropped it on the coffee table and picked up my phone.


Something in me pushed me into goggling his name.


His pictures pop up in front of my phone, mostly the headlines where people questioned his identity, and why the cops couldn’t apprehend him even after all the animalistic killing he always involve in.


If only they know whom he is, they would have keep there cameras and eyes off him.


Lexi left for work in the morning and here I am, all alone in this apartment.


A knock came on the door and I took slow quiet steps towards it.


I peep on the keyhole and found out that it is actually Lexi.


I opened the door and smiled.


“Was checking if it is someone else.” I told her and walk back lazily to the living room.


“How are you feeling?” She asked and I sigh. My body is still hot and I’ve been purging out everything in my stomach throughout the day.


“I feel like I’m crippled.” I snapped, I closed my eyes and lift my face with my hand.


“Here, I bought drugs for you.” She keep the drugs on the table and another thing fold up with a polythene bag.


“What is that?” I asked her, she shrugged and started removing her shoe.


“A pregnant test.” She replied, I looked at her with wide eyes.


What the f**k!


“You think that I’m pregnant?” I asked her, she looked at me and nodded.


“You have been very sick and acting really strange, you eat a lot and sleeps a lot like a typical pregnant lady.” She replies.


“I’m not pregnant, that is not possible.” I seethed out. I’m not going to carry out this test. I’m sure that I am not pregnant.


“Take the test, let’s know if you are or not ” she said, trying to convince me. I nodded and we both stood up from the couch and started climbing up the stairs towards the guest room.


I pushed the door open and walk inside with Lexi following me closely.


I took the pregnant test and walk inside the bathroom. I peed on a bowl inside the bathroom and wait for the time to start ticking. I gaze at the bowl and was dumbstruck.


Oh my Goodness, this is not true!





What is going on with Calla?


What is Lucifer planning to do next?




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