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(The old witch)


Lucienne POV


It is confusing how Theo thinks that Calla and Nessa might somehow be connected.


I doubt it, I mean Calla is a witch.


I sat down on my bed, my eyes fixed on the ceiling.


I feel his presence and I quickly stood up from the bed. I bowed my head lowly while he sat down in front of my dressing mirror.


“Where is Karla?” He asked,


“She went to visit her friend.” I replies and look up to face him.


“I want you and Theo to be in the other side tomorrow, I’m going to pass my judgment.” He said and I furrowed my eyebrow.




Calla’s POV


After a very long two hours, it was late. Everywhere was dark. The uber driver told me that we are there.





I stepped down from the uber, looking around while the driver walk to the hood and pulled out my box.


“How much?” I asked him.


“$50.” He told me, I put my hand inside my purse and brought out a $1,000 note then handed it over to him.


“You can keep the change.” I told him then grab my box and starts walking off to an unknown lane.


I didn’t know where I was going, I just keep looking left and right. My phone light helping me find my way.


It is scary, I am scared because the place was calm. Almost like it has no soul living in it.


I got to a particular area and saw lights coming from a house nearby. Maybe they can help me.


I smiled to myself and walk towards the house. When I got there I knocked on the door and wait for it to be open.


The door was pushed open and a woman with hoodie came out, scaring the sh*t out of me.


“Oh my Gosh, you scared me.” I accused but she said nothing. I stared at the figure in front of me and rose my eyebrow in confusion.


Won’t she speak up?


“Hello, I am new in this village. I just want to know if I can pass the night here. I’ll be gone by sunrise.” I told her in all honesty. She laughed and the pulled off her hoodie.


Standing in front of me was the old witch I used to see in my dreams.



“I have been waiting for you, Lucifer’s mate.” She said coldly. The way she emphasis more on the word ‘mate’ makes me cringe.


“You have been waiting for me? How?” I asked, she opened the door widely, inviting me in.


I took a deep breath and stepped inside the house..


Does that mean, this village is run by witches?


“You can call me Xega.” She said standing in front of me.


“How did you know my name? Why do you keep appearing to me?” I asked angrily. My frustration was getting the best of me.


She chuckled and sat down on the ground.


“I can feel it, I know who you are. And what you are doing. It is a huge surprise that you’re still carrying his child.” She said and motioned for me to sit down.


“I was the leader of a powerful coven decades ago before Lucifer ruined our home, let’s just say your kind ruined our home.” She stated and look off. “You are a true witch, a rare true witch. There are two of you.”


“Two of us?” I asked, what does she mean by two of us?


“The earth coven are looking for you, it will take a lot if intervention for them not to kill you.” She said and look down at my stomach.” Especially that mini devil.”


“My child is not a devil.” I hissed at her angrily. She laughed at my outburst and stares at me like i have finally lost it.


“When you were sleeping with the devil, and get pregnant for him. That means you’re carrying the mini devil Carlota.” She explains.


“Why are you telling me this? If some witches want to kill me then why do you still have me?” I asked curiously. She shrugged and picked up a book from the ground. It was a magic book. Similar to mine.



“Because I am here to stop you from giving birth to that thing.” She said and I laughed out loud. It is hilarious. So hilarious if she thinks that she thinks that she can harm my child.


“You are delusional if you think I’ll let you harm my child.” I told her blankly. “You will have to go through me first.”


She nodded and took a glance at her book then back at my stomach.


“There is one way in which you can save your so called child.” She said. One way?


“Which way, what way?” I asked, she glanced down at her book then look back at me.


“Fight me, if you win. If your magic is strong enough to defeat me then I’ll let you bear this child but if it doesn’t…..” I cut her off before she could finish her




“You will kill my child.”


So f**king hilarious!












(Loving the devil)



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