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(Half witch!)


Lucifer’s POV


“Somebody tell me what is going on here before I lose my sh*t!” I yelled banging my hand on the armrest of my throne.


The priest stood in front of me and bowed down.


“Lucifer, may I?” He asked.


“Tell me what you want to tell me.” I snapped. Fear was written all over Nessa and I just can’t place my hand on what is wrong.


“When Nessa was brought here by you two decades ago, she begged me to wipe off her past memories. She is your mate and your queen. I couldn’t disobey her so I did what she asked me to do……I wiped off her memory which consist of that of


her parents.” He said and I nodded attentively. Where is this heading to?


“Turns out that Calla is Nessa step sister, and this witch is her mother.” He said and I rose an eyebrow.



What the f**k? Please tell me this is not true.


I lived with two witches and didn’t know, I lived with Nessa for years but didn’t had a glimpse of her inner witch. My eyes darkened, my fingers turned to claws, all I see is blood.


I want to kill a witch, I feel like killing a witch.


I stood up from my throne and took slow steps towards her, she was shaken furiously.


“Lucifer……..listen you….you can’t kill me, you love me right? You live me


so much. You will regret this baby retreat.” She cajoled but I wasn’t in for such dialogue.


All I want to do is kill.


I opened my hand and a ball of fire showed up, her eyes widened and she kept moving back.


“Daddy!” A voice called from among the demons, the voice I’ve learnt to cherish.


My own Karla.


I ignored her call and throw the fire at Nessa, her body began to burn as she Cris out for help.


“You can’t do this to me Lucifer, I am your wife.” She cried out. I really wish that that word is good to my ear but no. It isn’t.


Wife, mate, child.


None of them will stop me from putting an end to the witch reign.


I did the same thing to her mother, both of them were burning while I watch with pleasure. I don’t care!


“Lucifer…..” Nessa whispered my name before giving up the ghost, her body


disappearing with the flames.


I turned to her mother and she gave up the ghost as well.


“Let the witch community know, I won’t spare anyone of them. Be it my wife or mate!” I shouted before going back to my throne.


“Karla is half witch, won’t she be killed as well?” A demon asked, I recognize that demon as Arles, Calla’s friend.


“Karla have a witch blood in her, but her mother is half demon and her father is Lucifer, she can’t practice magic.” I replied and stood up from my throne.


“I won’t think twice in killing anyone who practice magic.” I finally said before disappearing.




Calla POV


It has been five months now, I managed or rather Xega managed to hide me well from the witches.


I remember the day I fought her, it was a big fight, a fight for life. For my child’s life.


I won, according to Xega, my child is already helping me.


Here I am, sitting down on a couch. My back rest against the cotton material.


My stomach is now very big that it actually scares me if I’m actually six months pregnant.


“Hi.” I greeted Xega as she walk inside the loving room.


“How is mini devil? Kicking?” She asked and I nodded, smiling faintly.



She sat down on a couch and kept her head down. Something must be wrong.


“What is it? Are you okay?” I asked concerned.


“Yes, I’m just worried for you Calla. This journey is very dangerous for a heavily pregnant woman like you. ” She said and I furrowed my eyebrow.


What is she talking about? Why acting weird all of a sudden?


“Why are you speaking like this?” I asked,she sigh and look off.


“Repot came that Lucifer burned his wife and your mother to death.” She replied, I gasped in shock.


“What…..what? Mom?” I asked as tears furiously roll down my cheek.


“Why will he kill my mom? I…..I…..”


“If he sees you yourself he will kill you, he killed his wife remember? Just keep hiding.” Xega said angrily. I can’t believe that he kill my mother.


His mate’s mother.


A hard knock came on the door and I look at Xega before looking at the door. Who is it? Living here for five months I’ve never heard anyone knock on the door.


She stared at me with horror in her eyes.


“The earth coven are here!”





Rest in hell Nessa









(Loving the devil)





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