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#Season_two_episode_Nineteen #


(Running or staying)


Calla’s POV


I stood there transfixed, not knowing what to do. Hot tears rolls down my cheek.


I don’t know if it’s because I’m sad or happy.


Yes I’m happy to have a child, to have this child. To carry his child bit just not like this. I want it to happen when we are both swimming in love not in hatred.


I bend down on the ground and shook tiredly. When it is only myself it was hard, now I have a child inside me how am I going to do this?


I unlocked the bathroom door and walk out of it, Lexi was still sitting down on my bed, immediately she saw me, she stood up from the bed.



“What’s wrong?” She asked, I allowed a ball of tear to roll down my cheek. This is hard for me, I love this baby, I love my child but…..but the thought of


Lucifer…..what he will do when he finds me.


“I am pregnant Lexi, I am pregnant for him.” I said calmly. Sniffing back my tears.


She wrapped her hands around me in a hug.


“It’s okay girl, I’m here for you.”She said and I tightened my hand around her.


I hope so Lexi, I just hope that I’m not endangering your life.


I break away from the hug and sat down on my bed.


“So you will go to the hospital, today?” She asked and I shook my head. I won’t go to the hospital now, maybe tomorrow.


“I’ll book an appointment with our family doctor tomorrow, let me call her.” I told her, scrolling through my phone speed dial.


“Okay girl, what do you want for dinner?” She asked. Ever since I started staying with her she has been so extra possessive of me.


Now that she knows that I’m pregnant, she will definitely spoil me.


“Bacon, egg, muffins.” I said and giggled, I eat a lot this days. It is not my fault, I have a tiny mini me eating inside me.


“Okay, you come and watch TV while I prepare your dinner.” She kissed my forehead and walk out of the room.


I straightened my dress and followed her out, dialing my family doctor number.


She wasn’t picking up, do I dropped the phone beside the couch and picked the TV remote from the center table.


I put on Wendy Williams show, middle into the show a reporter showed up with an important news.



Lucifer Xavier Carter, the world biggest business Mogul and a tyrant criminal is at his own hotel, XC hotels guess he is in a very bad mood. Blood is flowing…….


I saw Lucifer grabbed the guy by his collar and throw him across the hall, collecting the microphone from him.


His eyes were bloodshot, sending shivers, unwanted shivers down my spine.



If you’re watching this Carlota Blackwell, I’ll find you, and when I do….you


will wish you never know me. And your witch mother and your human father are


both in my custody. Good luck running he said and break the camera.


“Lexi….Lexi.….” I stood up from the couch and run to the kitchen.


“What’s going on? Why are you sweating too much.” She asked, dropping the spatula in her hand.


I was shaking, I couldn’t say a word. My breath itched, I couldn’t breath, I try to breath but couldn’t.


“Calla….Calla breath….breath girl…breath you’re having a panic attack.” Was


what I heard her saying but I couldn’t do so.


“Please breath…..” She grabbed me and help me sit down on the couch. She


quickly placed her lip on mine, transferring breath inside my mouth.


After trying for awhile I could breath again. She break away from me and stared blankly at me.


“Are you dumb? Do you want to kill yourself or your child? What is it that got you panicking?” She lambasted me with questions.


“Lucifer have my parents Lexi, he is really going too far!”


Lucienne POV



I keep pacing around while watching Lucifer destroy the city, kill thousands of people in search of Calla.


Where could she be?


He haven’t released his wit from the dungeon, he already captured Calla’s parents. I just hope he doesn’t kill her when he finds her.


This should just stop already damn, a lot of life’s has been wasted because of this dumb matter.


“Can you just stop pacing around? I’m trying to think.” Theo snapped at me. I sat down on a couch, my face in my palm.


“Did you remember anything about Nessa when Lucifer brought her into our world?” He asked, I tried to remember but I just couldn’t.


“Oh yes, I only remember the part when she told the priest to wipe her past memories.” I replied, raising an eyebrow at why that is even associated to what’s on ground.


“Why did she insisted for Karla to be named ‘Karla’ even on her death bed?” He asked. I stared at him in confusion, then something ticked in my head.


Of f**king course not!












(Loving the devil)




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