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(Magic connection)


Calla’s POV


I keep pacing around not knowing what to do. How can he do that?


“What are you going to do now? I mean he have your parents, he might come for me too.” She said, she have a point. After capturing my parents the next person he will find is Lexi.


“I seriously don’t know what to do Lexi, I’ll think of something…..I have to think


of something really quick.” I replied and sat down on the couch.


“Can’t you connect to your mother somehow? Maybe through magic?” She suggested, I looked up at her and smiled. I should go and check the magic book.


I’ll definitely find something.


“After dinner, I’ll go and check.” I told her and she nods then walk back to the kitchen.


I sigh and lay back on the couch, closing my eyes.


Thirty minutes later Lexi already made all the things I demanded for dinner.


“Wow! Lexi you’re the best.” I told her as I stuff my mouth with bacon. She laughed and put in more bacon on my plate.


“Eat as many as you can sweet cheek.” She said and start eating hers.


I was smiling and eating like a toddler. Oh what this pregnancy is doing to me.


I took a bite of my eat and the muffin at the same time.


“Tomorrow morning, I’ll make steak for you.” She promised, causing me to smile.


She is so beautiful hearted.


“Thank you Lexi, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” I told her.


She dropped her bacon and shook her head.


“You would have done the same for me, now eat up it’s time for bed.” She commands and I nodded.


After finishing my dinner I went back to the guest room and find the magic book.


I placed it at the center of the room and off all the night in the room then lit the candles I always use in a circular form then sat in the middle of it.


I opened the book, searching for the connection spell.


“Nasura, maganda mogana.” I called, closing my eyes. I waited for some minutes before hearing mom’s voice.




“Can you hear me mom? I can’t hold on longer.” I told her. I really am getting tired.


“Go on.”


“Are you and dad okay?, did he do anything to you?” I asked, if my parents are okay then I am.


“Where are you Calla? I hope you’re fine.” She asked and I involuntarily nodded.


“Yes mom, how are you doing?” I repeated my former question.


“I am fine Calla, don’t worry just stay safe and don’t try to show up.” She told me and just like that she was off.


“Okbumradamaglamodateo!!!!” I shouted, the fire around increased. I was losing control of myself.


I quickly stood up from the ground and look around me.


“Sinota.” I said and the fire died down. I exhaled and sigh. At least they are save.



I cleared the candles and picked up the magic book, I placed it on the drawer and lay back down on the bed, tomorrow will be a great day.


I closed my eyes and soon I was in my dream land.


I found myself in an unknown land, wondering around I couldn’t figure out where I was.


It was a deserted village, or a lonely village.


I got to a square and keep looking around.


The village look like it has been haunted in the past.


It wasn’t an ordinary village and I was proven right by what I heard next.


“Why do you keep running Calla? You can’t outrun Lucifer.” An old woman told me, I turned around and found an old woman sitting down on a rock. How did she know my name?


Oh I saw her performing magic at that cave, that means she is a witch.


The same old woman I saw in my dream the day I collected the magic book from my mom.


“Who….who are you?” I asked her, she glared at me and then my stomach before


she furrowed her eyebrow.


“You are carrying the devil’s child, you are exposed to more danger.” She said ignoring my previous question.


More danger?




“What do you mean? And how did you know that I’m a witch?’ I asked her. She glanced back at my stomach and then my face.


“Be careful with yourself child, if I were you I’ll not try to bear the devil’s child.” She said and I woke up, sweating profusely.


Oh goodness, what is the meaning of this dream?


I shouldn’t bear his child?


Does that mean this child will put me in more danger?


*if I were you I’ll not try to bear the devil’s child.* The world keep ringing in my head.


I should abort my child?









(Loving the devil)





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