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(I read magic)


Calla’s POV


I felt darkness surround me, my body became pale. The magic keep forcing me to read it.


I keep pronouncing the magic one after the other until it took full control of me. I became spitting them like I’ve been learning it my whole life.


It suddenly abruptly stopped,everywhere became calm.


What have I done?


I became scared, what if he finds out?


I quickly threw the book under the bed before it compels me to say more.


I have to call mom.


I picked my phone from the bed and dial mom’s number but she wasn’t picking up.


What do I do now?


Oh my goodness, I’m really in for it.


I stood up from the bed and walk out of my room.


I walk down the hallway and went inside the kitchen, I pour myself some water and drank it then walk inside the living room where I sat down with my face pressed against the pillowcase.


This is getting crazy, I couldn’t even control myself earlier while saying the spells.


Each and everyone of them have been engraved in my head. It felts like I’ve been learning magic for months.


My phone started ringing and it was Lucifer. Have he felt it? The magic?


I swipe the answer icon and placed the phone against my ear.



Hey sweetheart.” He said, my heartbeat increased as I trued to breath, I struggled to breath properly.


I…I….I’m fine I said, he didn’t even ask me if I’m fine or not. I just felt like


letting it out.



Can’t sleep?” He asked and I unconsciously nodded. I couldn’t sleep because I am in deep trouble.


Yes, just stressed.” I replied. He hummed and walk silent for awhile.



I will be back in the next three weeks okay?



Okay, I’ll be here.” I replies.


Baby.” I called and took a deep breath.



You know that I love you, right? I asked him. That must have been a stupid question to him since I practically confess my feeling at every little chance I’ve got. Bur then it was very important to me.


I have to let him know that I love him too much to hurt him.



I know Calla, now lay down on your bed and sleep like a good Bambi.” He ordered which caused me to smile. I’ll die if this man ever leave me.


He wont just leave me, he will kill me.



Is everything okay there?” He suddenly asked, causing me to return to my senses.



Yes, why?


I consciously asked.




I will speak with you tomorrow Bambi, sleep well.” He said and hanged up on me.


Something ain’t right.


I stood up from the couch and found my way back to my room. Something is seriously not right.


He didn’t even answer my question. Have he felt it?


I lay down on my bed and covered myself with the duvet then close my eyes, but all I we is fire around me, Lucifer’s eyes blazing with fire.


I was scared to death when I reopened my eyes.


He have definitely sensed magic, I’m done for.



Lucifer’s POV


After making that call with her, I felt a strange kind of darkness.


Why am I feeling that while speaking to her?


“Are you alright?” Theo asked, sitting down opposite me.



“Things is not right in my house Theo, something strange is going on.” I replied and stood up from my seat.


“Something strange? Like what?” He asked, I stopped on my track when it hits me.


I know what that us, I’ve felt it countless times in decades ago.


“A darkness, a witch!” I said angrily. I invoked the spirit of the priest.


“What do you need now, Lucifer?” He asked calmly. I was hot with rage.


Whomever it is will be wash in his or her blood.


I can’t wait to get my hold on the witch.


“A witch is in my house, tell me whom it is.” I commanded. He closed his eyes and suddenly reopened it. Then look from Theo to me.


“A spell was practiced in your house, definitely by a witch.” He replies. I know it is a witch, i just want to know who it is.


“Who is this person? Tell me before I remove your head from your body!” I yelled, he gulped and closed his eyes lightly.


“It is your new mate, Carlota Blackwell.” He said. I stood transfixed staring at him.


It can’t be, it f**king can’t be.


I glanced at Theo and he wasn’t really shocked, just surprise.


“I felt dark energy whenever I see her, it’s not a surprise.” He said.


Oh f**k great!


If she is a witch and dare deceived me, lie to me and above all make me sleep with her.


She is going to pay!





As e dey hot!


Romantic part don end oo


Na real hot geng we dey so.








(Loving the devil)




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