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(I won’t leave until he tells me to)



Nessa’s POV



A week ago when I woke up, the fire inside the volcano has begin to die down, my power became multiply than it was ever.


After seventeen years I found myself awake, how did it happen?


I guess it is Lucifer’s blood taking its turn.


I walk out of the volcano and keep walking to the forest, the atmosphere became thick.


A witch was controlling the weather, I can feel it.


“Don’t be a coward, I command you to show yourself.” I said and glanced around.


And there, a wizard stopped in front of me.


I don’t know much about witches because I have no business with them.


“You no longer command bride of Lucifer,” he said and laughed. “You are dead anyway.”


“Who are you?” I asked staring at him.


“I am Ramail the evil wizard of the South side.” He introduced. Of course he is evil, I can feel it.


“What do you want?” I asked, my eyes still on him.


He chuckled and stared down at me.


“A lot your majesty, I want a lot from you.” He said and took a step closer. “Do you know that your husband have a new mate?”


New mate?


My husband?


Not possible, that’s not possible.


Anger consumed me as I looked at the wizard.



“You lie!” I yelled angrily.


“Channel out your anger when you go to the human world, but then you need to remember that you both are almost the same.” He added.


Almost the same?


“What do you need me for? Why are you telling me all this?” I asked, I know those witches, they don’t just come for free without wanting something.


“Just a little bit help Lucifer’s bride, just a little help.”


I was curious to know this new mate my husband have.


Does he love her now? Have he forgotten about me?


Soon I found myself in my house, the house I lived in with my husband.


I trace a new scent and then teleport to her room.


There she was sitting before the giant mirror.


She flinched when she saw me, but this is not the time to show myself.


When I finally did, she was surprised when I showed my face to her.


Then I could smell him on her, she was even wearing his shirt.


A lot has happened between them and it’s no surprise.


“Nessa?” I heard him call my name, the voice I’ve been dying to hear all this years.


I turned back to face him.


His eyes were staring into my soul like they used to, with love and care.




“What do you mean?” My eyes darkened at her response.


She turned to look at me and smiled.



“I know that you’re his wife that came back from the dead, but then I’m also his new mate. I can’t leave just because you asked me to.” She explained,what the f**k is wrong with this human? “I won’t leave until he tells me to.”


This silly human.


I stood up from the couch and glared at her before walking away, right now I need to see my baby and not listen to some human trying to drag my husband with me.


Calla’s POV


Even though I replied her with so much courage I still couldn’t stop the fear.


She is a demon or probably another creature.


When she left for where ever, I eat my breakfast and walk back to my room.


I meant what I said to her, Lucifer is my mate and I have a right to him too.


Getting to my room I saw Lucifer looking out of the window.


“What are you doing here?” I asked, sitting down in front of my mirror.


I heard his footsteps coming closer, he grabbed me and turned me around to face him.


He look into my eyes and furrowed his eyebrow.


“You still haven’t answer me, why are you here?” I repeated my previous question.


He stepped away from me and deep his hands inside his pants pocket.


“Are you okay?” He asked and i scoffed.


What answer does he want? Yes I am, because your wife is back or yes I am happy for you leaving me after taking my f**king virginity last night.


He raised his eyebrow and I sigh deeply, he already read my thought.


“Just leave me alone, Lucifer.” I said and walk to my bed. I lay down on my bed and he lay down beside me.



“She is my wife.” He whispered.


“I know.”


“I’ll be leaving today, I might not come back soon.” Then I remember him telling me that he’ll be leaving soon.


I became scared, what if….what if she did something to me before he comes back?


“I….I can’t stay alone in this house with her.” I told him, looking into his eyes in a


pleading form.


“Karla will be here, you don’t have to worry?” He said and I nodded.


“And Lucienne?”


“She is coming with me, stop asking questions it’s getting annoying.” He said, a trace of anger in his voice. He stood up from the bed and walk out of the room.


So it’s now Vanessa and Karla.


I can’t really picture Karla if she’s good or not,but one thing I know is that she can kill me in a second.


I have to go home!








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