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#Season_two_episode_fifteen #


(Using magic)


Calla’s POV


I ran after her and grabbed her hand. She raise an eyebrow and I sigh.


“Don’t.” I begged, I’m not ready to tell him yet, neither will I let him know from someone else.


“I’ll tell him myself, just don’t utter it to him.” I said and she nods.


“You have my word.” Nessa replies, I left her there and walk along the hallway to my room.


I pushed my door open and walk in, I sat down on the bed and bend down to remove my heels.


I removed my heels and walk inside my closet to change, after changing into my nightwear, I walk back inside my room.


Bring out my phone from my bag and searched for Lexi number.


I found her number and dial it. After the second ring she picked up.



You really are dating Lucifer? How is that even possible?” She asked immediately she picked the phone. I guess she have been thinking about it since we met.


It just happened, we fell in love.” I replies, gushing over his confession.


I love him, and he love me back. Just a little secret in my side is enough to destroy our relationship which am not ready for yet.


I still want to be by his side.


I want to stay with him.



Congratulations then, you want to meet up for lunch tomorrow? She asked, of course I want to meet up and let out my pend up frustration.



Okay girl, 1:00pm at our favorite place.” I replies and hanged up.



I covered my body with the duvet and dropped my phone beside me then close my eyes.


Sleep time after a wonderful birthday celebration.








I woke up from sleep, tired and worried. I brushed my teeth and then took my bath.


I wore a short dress that stopped on my mid thigh and walk out of the room.


I got downstairs and found Vanessa talking to Lucifer.


What are you talking about?


Have she broken her promise and told him.


“Good morning.” I greeted and walk inside the kitchen.


I pour myself a cup of water and gulped it down, then rest my back against the kitchen island.


I felt weird since I woke up and scared as well.


“Hey sweetheart.” Lucifer came in front of me with a smile on his lip. I smiled and stare at him, his hair was a mess but he is still very hot. He is Lucifer anyway.


“You didn’t come to my room last night.” I pointed out, feigning angry.


“I must say it’s quite unfortunately that I couldn’t and won’t for another one month.” He said. What does that mean?


“What do you mean by that?” I asked,raising an eyebrows. He pulled me closer to himself and buried his nose inside my hair.


“Business ventures, for a month.” He replied , so he won’t be around for a month?


“But…but I thought….I thought you will be in town now.” I stuttered sadly. I


really thought the traveling stuff is done but then, he is a business man and I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t use his power when dealing with business.


“Well it was an emergency, so I’ll be leaving before 10:00am.” He replied. I turned around sadly.


Now I’ll be left alone with Vanessa.


“She won’t try anything funny with you, okay?” He assured me, I stared at him with smile. He decided to read my thoughts now.


I wrapped my hands around his waist and hugged him.


This is why I was worried, and scared.


“Be a good girl and wait for me, Si?” He asked and I nodded, I might not be good with Italian but I sure know what that means.{Si_ Yes}


He brought out his phone and dial a number on I, placing it on his ear while kissing my neck.



Prepare the jet, we’re leaving in two hours.”



“When I come back, I’ll take you somewhere. Just the both of us, you will love it.” He said and pecked my lips.


I can’t wait for him to come back.


“Where is that?” I asked curiously. He chuckled and roughed up my hair.


“It is a secret, now Ray will drive you to wherever you want to go. And don’t forget to get your hair done.” He said and winked at me before leaving.


I opened my hand and a car key was in my hand.


Which car does this belong to.


I walk back to my room and cringed when I saw the bundles of money on my bed.


What the f**k?


Why will he leave all this money behind?


That’s why he want me to shop and make my hair.


Two hours later after seeing him off with a kiss, I prepared to go to the mall.


Lucifer assigned four guards to me. Including Lucas and Cole.


It is crazy because i don’t know what I needed them for.


After shopping I went to the restaurant near my parent’s apartment, the place where Lexi and I used to go.


I spotted her at the window side and walk towards her, my guards following me closely while the people look on.


“Hi, girl.” She stood up and hug me, then we sat down. Her eyes glued on my guards.


“You now go around with guards?” She asked,furrowing her eyebrow.


“Well, Lucifer assigned them to me. He traveled out.” I explained.




I spent two hours with Lexi, talking about families and all.


I’m yet to know how mom and dad find the money to go to Florida. Why Florida? And for what?


I was cooking dinner and Nessa was sipping on the coffee she made.


“You didn’t tell him.” She said and I hummed. I just pray that I’m not making a mistake of my life.


“You are a good girl,but you’re making a terrible mistake. One thing he hates is liars.” She said and walk out of the kitchen.


After eating dinner with Nessa who insisted that I take a bite of hers first. I walk back to my room as I sat down on my bed I saw the magic book beside me.



Something was drawing me to open the book.


I took the book and placed it on my lap then open it.


I pronounced the first word that I saw.


“Secusbarilam.” The might thing I saw is my surrounding darkened.


I read magic, what have I done?












(Loving the devil)



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