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(Lucifer’s return)



Calla’s POV


Three days passed away and Lucifer is yet to come back.


I was getting more bored and bored in the house, Vanessa has not spoken to me ever since she wounded my arm.


Ever since mom gave me the magic book I restrained myself from opening it.


I don’t just want to know, what will happen when he finds out my big secret.


He won’t show any mercy.


I sigh, gazing at the beauty of the pool.


I stepped out of my coat and allowed it to pull down my leg.


My bikini hugging tightly on my body.


I stared back at the swimming pool and stepped in.


The cold water welcomed me with it’s coldness.


“You’re not coming?” I asked Lucienne who was busy sipping on her juice.


She dropped her juice and stepped inside the pool.


“The water is hella cold.” She mumbled, Lucienne paid a visit to the house this morning.


We prepared breakfast together including Vanessa. I guess she’s being


exceptionally kind today.


Maybe it’s because of Lucienne.


She went out while Lucienne and I decided to swim.


I swim to the other end of the pool and allow myself get very free in the water.


I feel really happy today, maybe it’s because I have Lucienne here with me.


I looked up and found Lucienne swimming towards me.


“Do you wanna race?” I asked, smiling mischievously. I want to have fun.


“I’m ready whenever you are.” She replies and winked at me.


Challenge accepted!




We started swimming, I was leading but then I know that she might be letting me, or she just don’t like swimming.


She soon overtake me and I increased my pace.


We got to the other end and I quickly clean my eyes.


“Wow! You’re so fast.” I said and she shrugged with a smile.


“I can’t help it.”


We got out of the pool, I picked my towel and dried my body with it before tying it around my body.


“When will Lucifer be back?” I asked her, she turns to face me with a frown.


“Soon, you miss him?” She asked and I nods.


I miss him so much.


“So much it hurts.” I mumbled. Why isn’t he here? I want him here.



A guard opened the gate and a car drove in, the same car Vanessa drove out this morning.


Vanessa stepped out of the car and the other door opens as well.




I was happy, I started smiling sheepishly.


I ran towards him and wrapped my hand around him.


His hand came down to my lower back, he rubbed circles on it causing me to smile.


I totally ignored Vanessa whose eyes were boring holes in my body.


“I missed you.” I told him, when I released him from the hug.


He smirked and pull on my cheek, am I now his child?


“Guess Lucienne is keeping you company.” He said with a smug smile on his face.


I suddenly tensed, something is wrong somewhere.


“Are you okay?”Lucifer asked, I nodded and stepped back.


“Shall we go in now after playing with your chef?” Vanessa asked him, shooting me a demeaning glance. I took a deep breath and look away as she grabbed his hand and lead him inside the house.


Lucienne look at me and shook her head


“He still love her Calla, if you want this Lucifer then make him want you.” And just like that, she disappeared.


Make him want you!


Make him want you!!


Make him want you!!!


I walk inside and found Lucifer eating. His eyes were fixed on her.


My main problem.


“Do you want me to bake a shortcake for you?” I asked, grabbing his attention.


He nods with a smile.


“I’ll go run a bath for you, be back soon.” Vanessa climb upstairs while I went closer to Lucifer.


“Are you okay?” I asked.


“I am okay Calla, you don’t have to worry.” He said, I nodded and took his hand in mine.


“Why did you leave the other day? We were talking and then you left.”


He sigh and dropped his spoon.


“It felt weird so I left, by the way let me see your arm.” He grabbed my hand and stares at the almost faded mark on my arm.


“How did you got this?” He asked. What do I answer?


I completely forgot what I told him the other day.


“Well, I….yes I injured myself in my bathroom.” I replies biting the inside of my




I search his face for any expression but I saw none, he is so good in hiding it.


“Go and change, I’ll be with you shortly.” He said, my heart erupt with joy.


He said he will come to my room shortly.


He want to spend some time with me.


I ran off to my room and put on a bum short and his shirt.


I want to wear it and feel him on my skin.


I lay down on the bed, my hand placed I my heart and my eyes closed.


I want to grab this opportunity and make things happen between us. I don’t know when next I’ll have such opportunity again.



“Is she giving you a hard time?” I heard his voice besides me. He is already in my room and laying beside me.


He sneaked his hand around my waist and pulled me closer to himself. I could feel his boner against my a*s.


“If I said yes, will you do something about it?” I asked, before turning around and placed my lip on his in a passionate kiss.


I miss this so much, both of us alone away from all the distraction in the world.


Even if it’s my last with him, I want to savor this moment.












(Loving the devil)




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