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Episode 9


I know I promised to post thrice yesterday but we didn’t have light.



Calla’s POV



Walking around in a big shirt without any underwear wasn’t really awkward for me.


Though many people looks at me like I was crazy but I didn’t mind.


After picking out some clothes that I need, Raymond and I left the mall.


When we got back to the mansion I started checking out the clothes that I got.


I wore the first one which is a black sweatpants and hoodie, I don’t really know why I picked that out when it’s the damn summer time.


I wore the last one which is a sky blue dress with a touch of white, it’s a kneel length and have a long sleeve hand.


Among all the clothes I got from the mall this particular one is only fit for occasions which I rarely go.


The last time I went on a big gathering is at my formal work place.


It was late already and my stomach needs some food.


After taking my bath I wore the nightwear that I picked from the mall.


A light blue strapless gown and a lacy jacket.


I walk outside my room and made my way towards the kitchen.


Upon getting to the kitchen I pondered on what to cook.



I opened the fridge and find it full with with beefs and vegetables, potatoes and other items present.


Those weren’t there when I cooked in the morning.


I brought out the potato and placed it on the kitchen counter then pick out four piece of tomatoes and vegetables then close the fridge.


I decided to fry potato chips and sauce, maybe I should make some for the guards too.


My leg on it’s own accord walk out of the kitchen and headed towards the front door.


I opened the door and saw a man sitting on a chair, a glass cup of wine on his left hand.


I doubt if he is a guard, a guard that drinks on duty?


“Do you want anything miss?” He asked and I shook my head.


“I came to know if you guys are hungry, I’m making some potato chips and sauce,” I replies politely.


“It’s just the two of us,” he said, pointing at the other guy,”so we will be glad.” He retorted and I nodded.


“What’s your name?” I asked and he flashed me a boyish grin, he looks my age though.


“I’m Cole, what’s yours?”


“Call me Calla,” I replies.


“Nice to meet you Calla,” I nodded before going back inside.


Maybe, just maybe I can make friends with them.


I brought out more potatoes from the fridge and started peeling off the back.


I placed the frying pan on fire and added some oil.


Some minutes later I was don’t with the cooking, I dished out some for Cole and the other guy then dish out mine as well.


I placed the plates of potato chips and sauce on the dinning table before walking outside to call them in.


“Hey, come inside let’s eat.” I told him and he nodded.


We sat down around the dinning table and started eating.


No doubt that both Cole and the other guy with the name Lucas are hot, but thinking about Lucifer…. I don’t really know why he is the only thing in my mind since yesterday.


“Do you both live here?” I curiously asked.


“We both have rooms here and stay in whenever we feels like,” Lucas replies and I mouthed an ‘O’.


“About Lucifer….” I began, they stop eating and focused their concentration on me.


“Is he always heartless?” I queried cautiously.


“Your question can only be answered when you see him angry,” Cole replies and Lucas chuckled softly.


“He doesn’t have a heart, he kills like an animal, by the way what’s your story?” Lucas asked and I furrowed my eyebrows.




“Why are you here?” They both asked in unison.


“I looked him in the eyes,” I said and they gasped.




“And you’re still alive?” Cole asked and I shrugged casually.


“Maybe he have a better punishment for you, like fulfilling…….” Lucas trailed off without finishing his sentence.




“I don’t know, I doubt if he kept you alive just to be his cook, Lucifer is a corny and dangerous man.” He stated. ” You see I think I like you already and that’s why I will advice you to be careful,” he added.


Okay, now I’m so scared.


How dangerous exactly is he?


After eating dinner Cole and Lucas retired to their rooms while I decided to watch a movie.


I sat down on the three seater couch with a glass cup of orange juice in my hand.


After watching the originals season one for a while I turn off the TV and retire back to my room.


I lay down on the soft giant bed and smile to myself.


It feels great, so soft and relax.


I can stop thinking about Lucifer for a while.











After taking my bath the next day, I wore a black ripped short jeans and a white crop top.


I walk out of my room and grab the sweeper, I started sweeping the place after which I cleaned them except for upstairs.


I remembered Lucifer warned me never to go up there without his permission, even though he is not around I can’t risk my safety.


I decided to take a walk to the park.


I wore the flat sandal that I wore the other day and walk out of the house.


Lucas and Cole were nowhere to be seen and the gateman wasn’t that tough to convince.


I walk along the park area which wasn’t far away, I took a cab here and sat down beside the waterfalls.


I felt eyes on me, like someone was watching me but I didn’t want to jump into conclusions.


After relaxing for thirty minutes I decided to go back to Lucifer’s mansion.


I stood up and turn around but was met with a masked man, I became scared.


I quickly turn right but there goes another man.


Oh crap, what’s going on?










(His wild desires)





(What’s up, Lucifer?)



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