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Episode 13



Calla’s POV



I opened my eyes slowly and everywhere was blurry at first, but slowly I got accustomed with the light and could see clearly.



Standing beside me was an unknown man, whom from his appearance looks like a doctor.


I winched when I felt pain jolt through me.


My head was hurting badly.


“Relax young lady, don’t move.” The man said and I nodded.


I glance around the room and found out that I’m in my room.


I relaxed and closed my eyes before reopening it again.


“What happened to me?” I asked the doctor.


“You passed out die to excess stresses, which made you weak.” He explained and I nodded again.


“Where is Lucifer?” I asked calmly.


“I can’t answer that, Cole called me here.” He replies and touched my forehead.


“I sent Cole to get some prescribed medicines for you, after eating you’ll drink the medicine and get a nice rest,” he said and smiled.


“You’ll be yourself again by tomorrow morning.” He added.


The door opened and Cole walked in with a MacDonald polythene bag in his right hand.


He walk to my side and dropped the bag on the dressing table.


“Hey,” he greeted before signaling the doctor to leave.


“Take the drugs after eating,” he said to me before facing Cole.


“Tell Lucifer to give me a call.”


He closed the door behind him.



Cole help me sit down on the bed, my back against the wall.


“How did you find me?” I asked him as he pulled out a packaged fried rice from the polythene bag.


“I was on my way to check up on you when I heard a loud thud, I came rushing but found you motionless on the floor,” he explained.


I sigh and scooped the rice inside my mouth.


“Thanks for saving me Cole,” I appreciated his effort, maybe by now I might be dead.


“I’ll go and bring water for you,” he walk out of the room and I glanced around for my phone.


I saw it laying randomly beside the bed and picked it.


I unlocked it and went to my contacts.


10 missed calls from mom.


7 missed calls from Arles.


I exhaled deeply before dropping the phone, I can’t make a call right now.


Maybe in the morning, I’ll call mom.


Cole reenter the room and passed me a glass of water.


I thanked him after collecting the water and gulp it down.


“I’m full already,” I told him, pushing the food away.


He brought out the medicine and hand it over to me.


I drank it and lay back on the bed.



“Why are you so nice to me?” I asked him as he was busy packing the food back to trash out.


“I personally found you interesting last night, and I also think you’re daring which attracts me more towards you.” He said causing me to smile.


“By that you meant?” I playfully asked.


“You’re stubborn and also smart, how you managed to escape Vandermir boys baffles me,” he retorted and smirk.


“You’re a nice guy Cole, i wish Lucifer is like this too,” I said and he scoffed.


“Lucifer? Nice? Come on Calla we’re in the twenty first century and you still bring the word ‘nice’ together with ‘Lucifer’?” He asked between laughter.


“He doesn’t give a f**k,” he added.


“Can you just go? I need to sleep.” I told him when he keep tauting me nonstop.


He walk out of the room and I fell into a deep thinking.



Lucifer’s POV



Three days after the container arrived to California, I walk inside the living room and saw her watching TV.


I sat down on a lone couch bring out a stick of cigarette, I lit it up and took a drag.


She glanced at me and quickly removed her eyes.


I smirked and continued smoking.


I actually noticed something interesting about her.


She have developed feelings for me which is quite amusing because I still find it hard to believe.



For the past three days even though I spend most of my time working I still notice her calm attitude whenever I talk to her.


Or yell at her, she doesn’t reply back like she used to.


“I…I….I made bacon and egg, do you…maybe wants some?” She stuttered.


“I think that’s your only job here Ms Blackwell, to serve me food.” I taunts.


She stood up from the couch and I glanced up and down her body.


She was wearing a pink zip up summer dress, which was slightly rough at the hem due to her sitting position.


I shook my head away from her appearance and took another drag on my cigarette.


She walk out on me and i used the opportunity to bring out my phone.


I typed a quick message to Theo.



Deliver this message to a Vandermir, I’ll f**k you up really bad if you ever try to bargain with me


She reenter the living room with a platter and a covered plate on top of it with a bottle water.


She dropped it in front of me and opened it before taking a bite of the bacon.


I motioned towards the egg and she did the same.


“Not everybody is trying to kill you Lucifer, at leas not me.” She seethed out causing me to smirk.


“I don’t do trust sweetheart, the day I’ll find you plotting against me will be the end of you,” I sneered.


I meant it.


The last three words I meant it so damn much.


There is nothing I hate more than disloyalty.


And I don’t care whom it is, I murder in cold blood.


She gulped and shot me a glare before walking back to her seat.


I dropped the cigarette on the plate after putting out the light and started eating. T.b.c








(His wild desires)




(Just a wild desire)





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