Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 16



Lucifer’s POV



After the kiss with Calla, I walk towards the swimming pool and sat down beside it, my leg inside the water.


I brought out a stick of cigarette and lit it up before taking a drag.


I can feel her presence behind me, I guess she doesn’t understand the word ‘just a wild desire’.


“I told you Calla, the kiss meant nothing.” I said as calm as possible.


I hate it when people acts so clingy.


“I….I…..I….” She began stuttering, I turned to face her and release a puff of the


smoke in my mouth.


“Stop stuttering and speak,” I seethed out.


Why is she nervous?


Of course I know that I make her nervous but she always have something to say though.


“I came to ask if I can take a walk outside,” she replies, rubbing her hands against each other.


“Yes, you can go.” I told her before throwing the cigarette down and walking out.


I just want to get her out of my way.


Where the hell is Theodore?


I sat down on a couch and scroll through my phone.


I dial his number and placed it on my ear.



Where the hell are you? I asked.



Chill man, I sent your sister.” he replies, what the hell? This f**ker is probably going gaga.


Why Lucienne?



She wanted to come and see you so I let her, he retorted.


I wanted to say something but I kept my calm and hang up.


I don’t have the time now.


I lay back on the couch, my head held up by my hand.


I closed my eyes trying to get some nap but her image keep showing.


I quickly open my eyes and sigh.


I can never get over this.


I call a maid and ask her for a cup of pineapple juice.


“Lucifer,” the maid came back and gave me the glass of juice.


I waved my hand and she walk away, I didn’t let her drink it because every body under my command are already under a oath to serve me truthfully.


I heard the maid speak into the intercom system and I knew that Lucienne is here.


“Lucifer,” she bowed her head lowly.


This isn’t the first time I’ll be telling her to stop bowing down when we’re alone, but no she won’t hear me out.


“What took you so long?” I asked as she sat down on the opposite couch.



“I saw a girl on my way here, she look somewhat familiar.” She replies and exhale.


“How is Karla?” I asked taking a sip of my drink.


“She was so excited to come over, I had to tell her that you’ll visit her soon.” She said and chuckled which caused me to smile.


Karla, my favorite.


“I just, I can’t bear to face her after staying away for so long.” I retorted frustratedly.


I took a deep breath and exhale.


It’s becoming too difficult for me.


I heard footsteps coming towards the living room and tilt my head aside to know whom it is.




Her scent became too intoxicating that I found it too hard to concentrate.


Why is her scent so powerful for a human?


She stood transfixed as she saw us.


I could hear her thought as she whispered her name.




I could feel her heart beating erratically.


“Calla,” Lucienne called coldly.


They know each other?


Our eyes met and she looked away, her cheek slightly red.



Calla’s POV


I composed myself and smiled a little bit.


“Hi Lucienne,” I greeted, walking closer towards them.


She looked at Lucifer and back at me.


“You stay here?” She asked and I nodded.


She furrowed her brow and stare back at her brother.


“Why is she here?” She asked Lucifer who acted just as if I wasn’t there. “She is my cook.” He simply replies, his voice holding no emotions at all. Is this not the guy that kissed me an hour ago?


Not that I expect him to treat me differently but still.


His upper lip twitched as if he could hear my thought, his eyes piercing into mine.


I quickly look away, my heart beating erratically.


Can he hear my thought?


“Do you want to eat something? I made steak,” I said to her and she shook her head.


“Maybe later,” she retorted .


“I’ll be in my room now.” I told her and she nodded.


I walk down the hallway and opened my door before walking inside and close the door behind me.


backed against the door and placed my hand on my chest. Why am I feeling so nervous?



This is crazy,absolutely crazy because i can clearly not think of anything else but him ever since we kissed.


“Do I make you nervous?” A voice asked in my head.


I flinched and glanced around me but couldn’t find anyone or anything.


What was that?


I’m sure, I’m sure I just….I just heard his voice or am I hallucinating?


“Open the door,” the voice said again and i gasped loudly.


Am I possesed or something? How can I be hearing his voice in my head?


Is he really Lucifer? The devil?










(His wild desires)







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