Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode six



Calla’s POV


I took a another slow step and exhaled.


What is going on with me?


I can’t really figure out how my live changed in a twinkle of an eye.


I mustered up the courage and climb up but stuck with finding which room is his.


Should I knock in every single door up here?


Or just call his name?


The door frame are the same so I couldn’t figure out which one is his.


I touch the first door and shook my head, I keep touching the door till the door of the middle room was throw a jar.



A furious Lucifer came into view and I gulp loudly.


Have I done something to offend him.


I felt so scared and weak at the moment, my head was spinning around.


“I….I….I came to drop your breakfast,” I said, not trying to make any eye contact


with him.


He was quiet but I couldn’t dare to look up and find out what he was doing.


He walk closer to me and there go the heat and nervousness again.


Suddenly the heat became unbearable, I felt hot at the moment.


“Open it,” he said coldly, two simple words but carried a lot of weight and scares me to death.


With a shaky hand I opened the cover and keep my head low for his next command.




I guess he doesn’t trust me, bit how can he let me live under his roof if he doesn’t trust me.


Well I don’t trust him too.


I pick up the fork and took a scooped up the pasta, after taking a bite I covered it up.


He took it from me, his hand slightly brushing my bare hand.


I sucked in a breath but quickly recovered from it.



“Take a right turn, the passage leading the the backyard. The room at the far end is yours,” he said before walking out.


At the far end?


Can I even remember what he just said?


I nodded and turned around to leave.


“Calla,” he called, I stood rooted on my track my head spinning around thinking of what to do.


“Try harder if you want to seduce me, that thing you’re putting on doesn’t faze me.” He sneered.


My body stiffened at his word and I glanced at my body.


I never thought of it as seducing him.


I was just trying to gain some air.


“The heat…..the…” He cut me off before I could make a sentence.


“Call one of my guards to turn on the air conditioner in your room.” He said and I nodded.


I forced my leg into moving and hurried downstairs.


I picked up my bag from the kitchen counter and started walking towards my supposed room.


I saw the room after minutes of wandering around and turned around the door knob.


I opened it and walk inside, the room is half my apartment.


The queen size bed laying proudly in the middle of the room.


The wall was painted black and brown as well, the same with the whole house.



I guess Lucifer is a lover of black color.


I walk inside the room and look around me, he really allowed me to stay in this room?


I dropped my hand bag on the bed and lay down beside it.


I have to enjoy it while it lasts, who knows when he will kill me.


The heat on my body was already drying up.


I need to take a bath, I stinks but which cloth am I gonna wear.


That beast won’t even give a damn about me.


I will just tie the towel all day.


I started stripping out of my cloth and walk inside the bathroom.


I started giggling crazily to myself at the sight in front of me.


The bathroom is pure gold, I felt so important at that time before remembering that this is just a preparation gift.


I’m sure he have something in store for me.


I filled in the bathtub with water and glance at the table, there are lots of body washer and hair conditioner on the table.


I guess this will be just fun.


After taking my bath and not wanting to leave the bathtub, I step out of the bathtub and searched for a towel.


I saw one and quickly grab it, I tied up a towel around my body and started walking towards the door.



I walk inside the room and found Lucifer’s back on me.


My heart skipped a bit.


What us he doing here?


Did I do something wrong?


“Let’s talk,” he said coldly, turning to look at me.


I felt his eyes on my body, still couldn’t look him in the eyes.


I’m not ready to die yet.


“About?” I asked, finding a little confidence in me. “You,” his word rang in my head continuously. T.b.c








(His wild desires)




(Voice alone got me wet)



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