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Episode four



Calla’s POV



I enter the elevator with few other people even though I couldn’t figure out whom they are.


My head was clouded with all that happened within the last one hour, this sounds so ridiculous.


What do I tell pa and ma?


‘Hey ma Lucifer wants me to be his personal chef’ How the f**k does that sounds?


The elevator opened and I walk out, I walk towards our door and knocked on the door.


I waited for some minutes before hearing foot steps coming towards the door.


The door opened revealing my mom, I peck her cheek and walk inside the house.


“Good night mom,” I greeted.


“How was work?” She asked smiling up at me.


“Hectic mom, I’m so tired.” I replied truthfully.


“Okay go up and take your bath then come down for dinner,” she said and I nodded.


I climb up the stairs slowly, my heart beating slowly.


Opening my room door I dropped down beside my bed and sigh.


This is so crazy and its driving me crazy too.


I stood up from the ground and started striping out of my cloth.


Maybe a cold bath will do the trick since it’s hurt in here.


I walk inside my bathroom and turn on the faucet before stepping under the shower.


My apartment is not a big one, its just the one I rented for $10k dollars a month.


House rent are quite expensive at this area.


Thank God for the good paying job I got at XC hotel and now Lucifer is about to take it away from me.


I tie a small towel around my body and walk out of the bathroom.


He is a handsome devil, how can someone be that handsome?


It’s a sin to corrupt the minds of girls like me.


I’m sure he always get any woman he wants.


Which kind of ladies does he like?


Slim with long legs and 6’0 height, the models?




5’6 with killer curve and beautiful smile?


My type?


Haa! I’m really thinking way too much about this.


He will never be interested in me when all this rich classy women are down on their kneels for him.


I wore my Barcelona polo shirt and my short before heading downstairs.


I’ll just eat and sleep.












I woke up with a lighter mood this morning.


Guess it’s going to be a good day, but then I remembered what Lucifer told me last night.




This shouldn’t be happening to me, I’m not that bad for this sh*ts to be coming my way.


I stepped down from my bed and rushed inside my bathroom, oh goodness my bladder was on fire.


After peeing and taking my bath I wore a black ripped jeans and a white T-shirt.


I put on a my mascara and eyeliner and rub a little powder on my face.



Lucifer can go to hell.


“Say that in front of him,” my subconscious mind mocked me.


“He will just kill me without a second thought,” I said out loud and chuckled to myself.


I’m going to work and don’t care about what he said.


I got downstairs and met ma setting breakfast.


“Good morning ma,” I greeted taking my seat.


“Good morning Cally,” she replies with a smile.


As I pick up my steak to bite on it a knock came on the door.


Who the hell is that?


“Are you expecting a visitor ma?” I asked her.


“No I’m not,” she retorted.


I stood up from my chair and headed for the door.


I opened it and standing in front of the door was a man in papa’s age.


“Good day Miss Blackwell, shall we?” He asked and I scrunched up my face.


He noticed my worries and cleared his throat.


“Lucifer send me.” He finally said and I gasped loudly.


How did he know where I live?


Is this man even human?


His identity needs to be questioned.



“I’ll go and speak to my mom.” I replies and he nodded after glancing on his watch.


I closed the door behind me and took a deep breath.


“Who was that?” Mom asked.


“Hum, ma I….I….someone hired me as their personal chef and it’s important that I


live with them, their driver is waiting for me outside.” I said calmly stuttering at the beginning.


Ma looked at me calmly without uttering a word.




“Yes ma,”


“Are you hiding something from me?” She asked, looking at me suspiciously.


Oh crap.


I didn’t want to mention ‘he’ because I know ma won’t let me.


“No ma, I’m not.” I mumbled.


“Okay then, you’re twenty four Calla, you can stay on your own.” She replies sweetly.


“But how about you and pa?” I questioned worriedly.


“We will be fine Calla, don’t keep the driver waiting.” She cajoled.


I peck her cheek and her head.


Then walk towards the door.


Oh crap, my clothes.


He knocked on the door and I quickly open it.



“I’m sorry but I need to go pack up my bag,” I said to him.


“Lucifer demands our presence in three minutes,” he said calmly.


Oh yea, that asshole.










(His wild desires)




(Make a dish)


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