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Episode 31[SemiFinal]



Writer: Mimi Annie


Susan’s Pov




I sat at the edge of the bed, holding Felix’s hand. He was so quiet, and felt cold. I wept silently. I didn’t want to imagine life without him.




Lara was seated at the couch in his room while the kids’ sat beside her except Emmie and Jackie, who sat beside their father, rubbing his temple.


Emilia wasn’t in. She had accompanied the doctor out of the room.


Few minutes later, the door clicked open and Ben walked in, his hands in his trouser pockets.


“Oh my! Thank God you’re here” I said the moment he stepped into the room. He wore a black trouser with a lemon shirt. He greeted me and Lara, then the kids, but the kids’ didn’t respond cheerfully like always. I could see unhappiness in their eyes as they watched their still father.


“What really happened?” Ben asked and a tear slide down my cheeks.


“I certainly don’t know” I replied hurriedly with a choky voice “it all happened this morning. I saw him groaning but at first I thought it might just be a slight pain but then, he groaned again but this time his voice was sharp and painful. I rushed to him but before I could hold him he had fell already”


Ben shook his head despondently “what did the doctor say?”


“He didn’t say anything other than assuring us he’d be fine and he’ll come back to check on him after two hours”


“I pray it doesn’t get worst” said Lara and I cleaned my eyes and look at his hand, where the drip was being injected.


The tears came again and I cried painfully.


“Wake up Felix, please” I cried “we need you, the kids need you and so do I” I cried again, not letting go of his hands.


“He’ll be fine Susan” Ben said with an assuring smile but I couldn’t take that. I wanted to see him fine now.


“Ben, I really don’t want anything to happen to him………………I mean he can’t


just be so silent and quiet”


I looked away and cried “how I wish he could see the new me. How I wish I could get him to love me back. How I wish he could see I’m trying desperately to be the woman he needs. How I wish I could make it believe that all that happened was out of ignorance”


“How I wish he could treat me like before…………………….” I cried loudly and


saw Lara walked to me and hugged me.


“Don’t worry babe sis, all would be fine. Felix can’t leave us all alone”


She turned her eyes to him “I believe it’s just a matter of time before he wakes up” “No, Lara, I want him to wake up now. I want him to wake up and tell me he’s forgiven me” I said “’that’s all I want Lara, that’s all I want”


At that instant, the door opened and Emilia walked in.


“How’s he” she asked no one in particular.


“Still cold” Ben answered


“You bitch” I screamed at her “you caused this, it’s all your fault. It’s your fault that he’s lying here”


“How is it my fault?” she asked “I don’t even know a thing about how he got himself this way”


“Oh, that’s true, you don’t” I said sardonically, making my steps towards her. “You think you’ve gotten all what you wanted in life, right. Do you really think you deserve him? Let me tell you, he doesn’t love you a bit so stop fooling around. You’ll be surprise that by the time he wakes up he’ll realize just how much he was about to lose”


Emilia laughed loud and long


“Listen” I said “you’ll never have him as far as I’m in this game. You think you can just walk in and take things when you see them?”


She laughed and I flared up the more


“What do you think you are?” I shouted “Let me tell you, Felix is mine and would be mine. If all I need to do to get him back is to change, I’m ready to do that. I’ve realize my mistake and I’m ready to make changes. I might have mistreated the family’s love and taken it for granted but now, such is never gonna happen again. I’m ready to stand by them no matter what, so get that into your straw-filled brain” “You amaze me” she said “you know what, the last time I checked the Almighty Susan never cared about what people think or say. Why the sudden change?” “You’re really good when it comes to blabbering” she said


I scoffed and moved so close that our bodies were


almost touching.


“And who announced to you that I’m blabbering? Believe me or not I’ll make sure I do everything in my power to maintain and balance the love we share in this family. It’s not too late to see it”


I then turned to look at Felix who was still lying quietly on his king-size bed.


“I just wish he can see that”


“Incredible!” Emilia exclaimed.


“Felix, put off the act, Susan’s back” Ben said and I stared at him in utter confusion.


Then slowly and magically, Felix sat up from bed and peeled out the plaster on his hand and looked at me.


“What………..” I said slowly, my heart beating fast.


Ben cleared his throat and Felix shrugged “What’s happening” I asked as I seemed lost.


“I’m so sorry babe if I caused you so much tears” Felix said apologetically “however, Ben was the brain and master mind of the whole plan”


Geez! I almost slumped, plan?


All this was a plan?


“You planned it all” I asked with puzzling eyes


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