Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 35



Calla’s POV


I tugged on his hair and let out an earsplitting moan as he fastened his pace. My eyes rolled to the back of me head, “Please,” I pleaded and shut my eyes. “I need it.”


He paused before speaking up.


“Cum,” that one word got me loose.


I let out everything I’ve got, my body limp.


My eyes still not functioning properly.


My heart beating at a heavy pace.


He stood up and backed away from me, he licked his lip and came closer to me.


He raised up his finger, clothed with my cum.


“Taste yourself, so f**king delicious.” He said and I opened my mouth for him.


I sucked on his finger, my eyes fixed on his as I released his finger with a bop.


He watched my every move, the more I licked my lips the more his eyes darkened.


“Move back and open your leg for me, would you?” He asked sweetly.


I nodded and pushed myself to the middle of the bed.


I prey my legs apart, my clit aching as he raked his eyes on my p**sy.


He pulled over his T-shirt and my eyes wander off to his body.


He has a nice build body, tattoos all over his skin.


I found them so f**king sΒ£xy.


I licked my lips at the thought of what I want to do to that body of his.


He slowly placed his hand on his sweatpants and pulled it off, leaving him only on his boxers.


I gulped as I stare down on his area.


He walk towards me, a dirty smirk on his lip when he caught me staring at his little guy.


“Come and attend to him,” he commanded me.


I crawl towards him and kneel on the bed, my hand on his waistband.


I looked into his eyes before slowly pulling off his brief.


My eyes glued on his cock and I gulp loudly.




This is enormous, what size is it?


9inches or 10?


I blushed and looked away.


His hand held my cheek and he caress it calmly, my breathing became erratic.


This is really happening!


“He needs you,” his voice echoed in my head.


I unconsciously nodded and wrapped my hand around his length.


Even though I’ve never done this before, I will give it my very best.


Just for him.


I stroke it up and down, up and down and squeeze on his bag a little.


I then place my mouth on the tip, then stroke it again.


Finally I let my mouth wrap around his cock, he grabbed my head and pushed his length down my throat causing me to gasped.


I composed myself and continue sucking him off, I want to impress him.


I want to give him the best head he ever had.


“I am waiting for that, Calla.” He whispered.


As I suck him off and occasionally play with his balls. My eyes were fixed on him. I released his cock from my mouth and stroke it again then kissed down on his length.


I kissed and sucked on his bag, a low growl escaped his mouth. He grab me by my neck and pulled my face closer to his cock.


I sucked in a sharp breath before taking him into my mouth once more.


I moaned as the sensation of having his d**k inside my mouth washed through me.


I continued to suck him off like a lollipop until I felt his hand tugged harshly on my hair.


I anticipated patiently for his release as I continued in a fast pace.


He groaned loudly and shoot down his cum on my throat. Some of them dripping down my lips.


I release his cock and stare at him as he stare back at me.


He was just looking deep into my eyes for something.


I licked his remaining cum off my lips and bite on my lower lip.



His eyes darkened and he grabbed my hand pulling me up from my knee as I collide with his hard bare chest.


Both of us naked in the same room, bare flesh touching each other wasn’t helping me.


The fact that I cum few minutes ago didn’t even bother me.


I just needed him so bad.


“You really did surprise me, Calla.” He said and a big smile creeped out on my face.


There is nothing more lovely than getting praised by him.


Just him.


I was pleased with myself, watching porn videos sure did a great job.


He pulled me into a gently and passionate kiss, what I found out about him is that he sometimes let out his unseen emotions out through his kisses.


Just like now, it felt like love.


He broke the kiss and smirk.


“Go and lay down for me,sweetheart.” He told me.


I lay back on the bed and he glanced me up and down.


He pulled my leg apart and stroke his big cock while staring at my already wet p**sy.


I gulp, waiting for what I’ve been yearning for.


“Be gentle,” I whispered, he smirk and look back at my bare womanhood.


He slowly put the tip of his cock inside me, he quickly removed it and stare at me in pure disbelieve.


“You’re a virgin?” He asked and I nodded.


I didnt want him to know because I’ll be damned if he stops because of that.


His upper lip twitched up into a smile?


A smile, he smiled.


My lucifer smiled!


He slowly enter me, inch by inch. I never knew that he could be gentle.












(His wild desires)




(We had s*x)





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