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Eposode 27



Lucifer’s POV


I closed my eyes and suddenly open them when I sense a presence in my room.


“What are you doing here Lucienne?” I asked as I sat back against the headboard.


“Lucifer,” she bowed her head slightly before looking up.


She walk towards me and sat down on the lone couch at the corner of the room.


“You nearly killed her, what would have happened if I or Karla wasn’t here?” She asked.


I know she’s trying not to cross her limits and gets me angry.


“She crossed her limits Lucienne, you know that is something I can’t forgive.” I replies and sigh.


I picked my phone from the nightstand drawer and unlocked it.


“Why are you still here by the way?” I asked and she shrugged carelessly.


“I just felt like passing the night here,” she retorted.


“Is she still here too?” I asked referring to Karla and she nodded.


Suddenly I became furious, I grabbed the nightstand and throw it towards her but she quickly dodge it.


“She is your daughter, Lucifer.” She said standing her ground.


“But I don’t want to see her, damn it!” I yelled and disappeared out of there else I’ll injure her.


I walk inside my throne room and sat down on the throne.


“Lucifer,” the guarding demons greeted and bowed down.


“Call the priest for me,” I told one of them and closed me eyes.


Few minutes later I sense the presence of the priest and opened my eyes.


I shooed the guards out and permit the priest to speak up.


“Any news?” I asked him and he nodded.


“You are angry Lucifer, you are scaring her away.” He said and I scoffed.


That’s what I want, I want her far away from me but I’ll be damned to chase her off myself.


He sat down on a chair and rubbed on his white beards.


“The fire inside the volcano is lessing, you have to go back in,” he said and sigh.


“So how urgent does it require?” I asked.



“If the fire isn’t refuel then the volcano much crumble and you know what it means.” He retorted and I nods.


“Prepare for the ritual and tell me when you’re done,” I told him and he nodded.


He stood up and bowed down before walking off towards the door.


I closed my eyes and found myself back in a bar with Theo.


“A shot of Scotch,” I told the barman as Theo shot me a angry glare and order for his own shot.


“What are you doing here?” He asked as I gulped down my drink.


Not for the humans that usually get drunk when they drink.


“To have a drink and some fresh air.” I replies and motioned the barman for another shot.


“You are incredible,” he snorted and furrowed his brow.


I don’t care, I will put him to sleep if he disturbs me.



Calla’s POV


I sat down with Karla in the living room watching the #After movie.


She is….I don’t know, I can’t read her.


She is exactly like Lucifer, they are both good in hiding their feelings.


“How long have you been staying here?” She asked looking straight at the television.


“Three weeks now.” I replied and sigh.


How old is she?


18? 19?



She look so mature.


“You’re tensed, something is bothering you and if it is about me being here then you don’t have to worry,” she stated before looking at me.


“I won’t hurt you, i will be gone before he comes back he doesn’t want me here anyway.”


The last sentences really did hurt my feeling.


She is sad, even though she said it like she doesn’t care but then she does care.


“How old are you?” I asked to satisfy my curiosity.


“I’m 17, will be 18 next week.” She said calmly.


Really? Like seriously?


Oh mehn this is bullsh*t!


“I can hear you.” She said and stood up.


Oh yes!


She is a demon too, devil’s daughter.


“Do you want to follow me somewhere?” She asked me and I nodded even though I don’t know where we’re going but then I don’t want to stay idle too.


She grabbed my hand and the next place I saw myself is in a bar.


I look around and sigh, maybe I need a drink after all.


We headed to the bar and she suddenly stop walking.


Her face became pale, she looked scared.


What is scaring her.


“Lucifer,” she whispered and my heart made a flip.


He is here?


“What are you doing here?” A cold monotone voice asked behind me.


I stiffened up and refused to look at him.


Thank goodness we’re in public, but then he was wearing a hoodie.


Nobody will recognize him.


“I….I…we came to have a drink,” I stuttered, still keeping my eyes straight.


“I have many drinks at the bar in my house, why not drink there?” He asked and I glanced at Karla for help.


Please safe me girl!


“We…..I brought her here,” Karla said and closed her eyes.


“What’s going on here,” a very handsome man who stood at 6’0 ft stood beside Karla.


Who is he?


It became silent all of a sudden.


The next place I found myself was in my room with Karla sitting on the bed and Lucifer glaring at me.


He hissed and Karla’s gaze was fixed on the ground.


“Karla,” he called and I gulp.


What is he going to say to her?









(His wild desires)




(A date)








“What are you both doing here?” He asked and I stiffened up.


He keep pacing around the room, Karla’s eyes glued to the floor.


“Karla,” he called with his cold monotone voice.




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