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Episode 33



Lucifer’s POV



I asked her to tell me about herself which was amusing and a dumb question but then, it is really fun.


“You know practically everything about me so why asking me to tell you?” She asked, her eyebrow furrowed.


It is fun to make her frustrated.


I chuckled softly and smirk.


“Hearing it from your mouth will make it better.” I replies her and she scrunched up her face.


*is he for real?* I heard her thought and smirk.


She haven’t learn to not think around me.



“Will you tell me more about yourself if I tell you mine?” She asked, I stared at her coldly staring into her soul.


what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.


She smile at me and sip on her water.


“My name is Calla Blackwell, full name Carlota. I am 24, a graduate of food and nutrition from Miami university, only child and we’re poor. I take care of my parent and I’m just me,” she said. She ended it with a sarcasm which amused me.


I furrowed my brow and chuckled.


“Interesting,” I mumbled and sip on my drink.


It fell silent once again.


After eating her dinner I couldn’t stand her jealous attitude which is normal for mates but then.




She was thinking about something and I was forcing myself not to listen to her thoughts.


I want her to tell me if she wants to.


“Are you mine now?” She asked, her heart beating heavily.


She was scared.


That must have taking her a lot of courage to say out.


She is getting bold and I’m loving it.


“Please just answer me,” she begged in a whisper.


“Yes,” I muttered, a dirty smirk playing on my lip.


She looked at me wide eyed and closed her eyes then reopen it.


“Are you for real?” She asked, smile playing on her lip.


“You are my soulmate, I am yours and you are mine. It is normal, get that straight barbie queen.” I retorted and her smiles quickly wipe off.


Oh no!


Did I said that bad?


“Okay,” she mumbled and sigh.


I waved at a waitress and order for the bill, after paying the bill we walk out of the restaurant.


She was quiet throughout the ride back him, looking out of the car window her mind far away.


I parked the car and throw the car key to Raymond.


“Good night Lucifer,” Raymond said and I nodded.


I looked up and she was already opening the front door.


Okay, I guess the dinner doesn’t change anything like I thought.


“Calla,” I called. She turned around, her eyes puffy and her cheek red.




“Why are you crying?” I asked and she shrugged casually.


“I’m not crying, just something got inside my eyes.” She said and walk along the hallway towards her room.


“I’ll call Lucienne to come keep you company, I’ll be out for some weeks.” I said and she stopped right on her track.





Calla’s POV


His replies makes me both mad and vulnerable.


I thought….I thought maybe I was really progressing but now I know that I wasn’t.


I tied my ponytail properly and walk inside my closet, I raised my hand to zip down my dress but my hand couldn’t reach it.


But it did when I wore the cloth earlier.


I sigh frustratedly, what do I do now?


Maybe I should just go and look for Lucifer.


In a matter of months that I’ve been here, I’ve never get to see how his room looks like.


He sure is good with keeping secrets and he told me never to come upstairs without him telling him.


What should I do then?


Maybe I should call him in my mind?


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, my hands both placed on my chest.


I hope that this works,


“Lucifer,” I whispered and I suddenly felt his presence behind me.


“Need something?” He asked, his voice cold and collected. Like it always is.


When I turned around to look at him, he already changed into a pair of black sweatpants and a black T-shirt.


I suddenly couldn’t speak, I just let my eyes roam around his body.


Even when my brain begged me to stop embarrassing myself, my eyes refused to pull away from his body.


I look up at him and that same smirk that has been there all day today was playing on his lip.



He walk closer to me and sneak his hand around my waist pulling me towards his hard chest.


My hand unconsciously trace his hand tattoo and I shuddered at the skin contact.


His lip met my neck and I shivered against him.


“Your body tells me more than your mouth,” he whispered grazing his teeth on my ear.


He sucked on my neck and i released a strangled moan.


His touches, his kisses are going things to my core.


“I need you, so bad that my in me self is about to surface.” He said and I sigh.


He wants me, he really said he wants me.


Only myself knows how long I’ve wait for this.


I need him.


“I want you, please.”


He moved away from me, i looked up into his eyes and they were burning with a fire.


“Strip for me.” He said, his voice was completely different which caused me to gulp loudly.


We’re doing this, really doing this.












(His wild desires)




(Wild and free)




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