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Episode 32



Calla’s POV


I wonder what Lucifer was planning but then somehow I felt happy.


He is getting soft with me and it’s so lovely.


The car stopped and i looked around.




“You brought me to an Italian restaurant?” I asked wild eyed.


He smirk and open the car door and slid out of the car.


He walk around to my side and opened the door for me.


“Thank you,” I said to him, appreciatively reflect on my face.


He nods and hand over his car key to the man in charge before leading me inside.


He lead me to a corner of the restaurant, standing across the large restaurant is an empty spot.


We sat down and I picked up the menu, glancing through it.


Through my lashes and stole glances at Lucifer.


He look specially handsome tonight in his signature color (all black)


I took a deep breath as my gaze landed on his red plump lips.


As if he is listening to me he bite on his bottom lip causing shivers erupt through me.


A waitress approached our seat, her eyes everywhere in Lucifer’s body but never looked into his eyes.


“Good evening Lucifer, what would you like to order?” She asked,looking down her lip under her teeth.


I felt my blood boiling, I was suddenly angry.


I look away as I felt Lucifer’s gaze landed on me.


“What so you want to order?” He asked.


His voice was suddenly cold and void of emotions, just the typical Lucifer.


His demeanor changed like flash.


Is it something I do? Did I pissed him off?


I was confused and clueless about what just happened bit I’ll be damned to get him more mad.


“I’ll have grilled chicken nuggets and pasta with sauce,” I told him gently.


The waiter wrote it down and wait for Lucifer.



“Get me the same thing but without chicken, replace It with pork,” he said before the girl sway her hips away.


I felt like puking.


I picked up the menu again to cover a part of my face as Lucifer’s gaze fixated on me.


Why is he making me uncomfortable?


I felt a hand on my thigh and I flinched, my face flushed in embarrassment.


I look into his eyes and he smirk.


He is taunting me and he knows it, I hate the fact that he keep succeeding in getting into me.


“Are you jealous, Calla?” He asked and I shook my head.


His eyes darkened and his hand tightened on my thigh causing me to gasp.


“Don’t lie to me Calla, I hate liars.” He seethed out.


I gulp and look into his eyes one more time before looking away.


“I….I…yes, I am jealous she was flirting with you.” I said, now I am very


embarrassed for being jealous.


I shouldn’t be jealous, he is not mine anyway.


He can be with whomever he wants.


He quickly retract his hand from my thigh and cleared his throat as the waitress dropped our food on the table.


She knowingly brushed her hand against Lucifer’s and I gulp.


I felt like smashing this food on her head.


“Get us a bottle of champagne,” he told her and she nodded.


She walk away and I picked up my fork and dig it inside my food.


This is really crazy.



“You don’t have to be jealous,” he said and placed his food inside his mouth. “There is nothing to be jealous of.”


Should I feel better?


“What do you mean?” I asked, now channeling my focus on him.


“I am here with you,” he said and glanced at me before placing down his fork. “I don’t disrespect my mate like that.”


So that is it?


Because he doesn’t want to disrespect me?




Soon as I started eating the waitress came back with the wine.


Lucifer shooed her away and open the wine.


What is going on with me tonight?


I am not myself and it’s not right.


“So tell me about yourself,” he said, his face blank.


“You know practically everything about me so why asking me to tell you?” I asked.


Of course I’m sure he knows my in and out, so why asking me again.


He chuckled softly and smirk.


“Hearing it from your mouth will make it better.” He replies causing me to scrunched up my face.


Is he for real?


“Will you tell me more about yourself if I tell you mine?” I asked and his face suddenly went blank. I couldn’t figure out if he is angry or whatever.



I don’t want to spoil this date, I don’t care if he doesn’t want to open up to me.


I know that I am making progress.


“My name is Calla Blackwell, full name Carlota. I am 24 graduate of food and nutrition from Miami university, only child and we are poor, I take care of my parent and I am just me.” I said in a sarcastic way.


He furrowed his thick eyebrow and chuckled.


“Interesting,” he mumbled and sip on his drink.


After eating my food I gulp down my drink in a goal.


That’s an unladylike act but I don’t care.


I wiped my mouth with the hand towel smile a little.


I took in a sharp breath as I reminisce what I wanted to ask him next in my head. This question will determine if am really making progress or waisting my time with him.


I really wish for the later.


I closed my eyes and opened it, he was watching me.


His eyes calm and cold, sending fears and shivers through me.


I pushed away my fear and allowed courage to set in.


If I don’t ask him now, I might not have this opportunity again.


“Are you mine now?” I asked, my eyes closed.


My heart hammering against my chest, my breathing erratic as I wait for him to answer my question, if only he will satisfy my curiosity and answer this four simple but heavy words.


Please just answer me,” I whispered.




Did I heard that right?












(His wild desires)




(Barbie queen)




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