Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Episode 24


Warning! Dirty words in this episode.



Calla’s POV



I was shocked, because I never expect him to come back yet and most importantly I don’t want him to misunderstand me.



“Lucifer, I….its not what you think.” I stuttered but whom am I kidding?


Of course he knows what I’m thinking.


If only I can stop thinking about him.


But I can’t block my mind from thinking.


It is completely natural.


He squatted down in front of me and licked his lower lip.


Motioning me with his finger to come forward.


Like a bitch I swim near him.


He caress my cheek, down to my neck and slowly on my collarbone.


I inhaled sharply as his hand cupped up my br**st.


I couldn’t think of any other thing but what was happening at the moment.


“Do you like it Calla? Do you like it when I caress your cheek softly down to your b**bs and s**k on your very hard nipple?” He asked and I gulped loudly.


The water became too hot for me.


I became so aroused with his words.


I’m always aroused around him but tonight it is awkwardly different, the pull became stronger than before.


He smirked and squeezed my br**st hard causing me to gasp.


“Do you like it when I open your leg wide as it damped with your juice and play with your wet p**sy? My fingers moving in and out of your p**sy as you scream my name?”


“Lucifer….” I whispered.


This is pure torture.


His fingers was playing with my hard nipple and my eyes flew shut.


“Come out,” he commands and I found myself obeying his voice.


This isn’t right, is he manipulating me?


I got out of the swimming pool, my body drenched with water, and my hair wet.


He rake his eyes up and down my body and smirk.


“Does that p**sy wet for me?” He asked and i gulped before finding my voice.


“Don’t flatter yourself, I’m already drenched by the water,” I replies and crossed my hands around my chest lifting up my cleavage a little.


Two can play this game Lucifer.


I smirked when he raised his eyebrow and scoffed.


He read my mind!


I pushed me on the bench and prey my leg open.


“If I found out that you’re wet, your punishment will be massive Calla,” he whispered and bite softly on my ear.


I whimpers and close my eyes.


I wasn’t sure.


I’m not sure if wet or not but when he told me what he’ll do to my p**sy earlier I felt myself dripping.


I nodded and his finger brushed against my clothed clit.


I shivered and quickly compose myself.


I can’t be enjoying this, he is playing tricks on me again.


He brushed his finger against me again, this time harder and I whimpered.


I’m sire by now it will be very visible.


I am wet for him.


He slipped his finger on my clit and smirk before standing up.


“I told you that you’re wet for me,” he said and I scoffed.


“You bast… Lucifer, you cheated on me,” I accused quickly revoking my


formal choice of word.


Thank goodness I didn’t curse on him.


He tried to say something but his demeanor changed and he took a step back from me.


What is going on?


He turned around and walk inside the house.


What happened?


We were just fine some seconds ago, what changed?


I stood up from the bench and picked up my shirt from the ground, I wore it and chased after him.


I have to know what is going on.


He left me stranded earlier and now he is doing the exact same thing.




“Lucifer,” I called but he didn’t answer.


He continue working and sat down on the chair inside the dinning room.


“Bring me my dinner,” he said in a commanding voice.



“Lucifer,” I whispered and shook my head before turning around to do what he commanded me to do.


After dishing out his food I placed it in front of him and brought some strawberries and apples and a bottle of water and a bottle of wine.


“Lucifer,” I called but he ignored me.




“I’ve got to eat Calla,” he said, he was clearly irritated.


Did I do something wrong?


Tears threatened to slipped from my eyes.


I just…we were just fine.


He looked up at me and stood up walking closer to me.


I stood rooted in the spot staring into his eyes.


“Why? Why….are you treating….me like this?” I asked with a broken voice.


“Why do you have feelings for Lucifer the devil? What if I kill you or burn you? Or manipulate you and turn you into my puppet?” He asked staring me dead in the eyes.










(His wild desires)




(My soulmate)

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