Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 31



Lucifer’s POV


At exactly 7:10, I dial Raymond’s number and placed it on my ear.



Get the car ready,


I picked up my briefcase and deep my phone back inside my pant pocket.


Walking out of my office, I enter my private elevator and rest back against it after pressing in the number.


I want to spend time with her since I’ll be returning to the volcano for awhile.


She might give up, a part of me don’t ant her to.


Ever since I first kiss her, I could hear her thoughts and she can hear me speaking into her mind.


Pretty magical things.


The elevator opened and I walk out, the once filled floor is almost deserted since the employees already closed for the day.


“Good night Sir,” Ray greeted and I nods at him.


He opened the back door for me and I got in.


I closed my eyes to contact the priest, my hand clamped against each other.


“Lucifer,” he voiced out in my mind.


“When is it?”I asked him, going straight to the point without further ado. “I mean the ritual,”


“In two days time Lucifer,you might want to bring your mate along,” he said and I scrunched up my face,


What the f**k!


“You don’t tell me what to do, I’ll be there in two days time.” I seethed out and block him out of my mind before opening my eyes.


Ray drove inside the house and quickly got down to open the door for me.


I got out of the car and walk towards the front door while he drove to the garage.


I pushed the door open and was met with dead silence.


Where is she?


My footsteps taking me slowly upstairs to my room. I pushed my door open and walk inside then closed it behind me.


I dropped my briefcase on the bed and started loosing up my tie.


I stripped out of my clothes before walking inside the bathroom.


I took a quick cold shower and few minutes later I was done.


Walking out of the shower with my towel in my hand as I used it to dry my wet hair.


I walk inside my closet and rummaged through my cloths.


I come up with a black turtle neck shirt and a black armani suit, it is a dinner date anyway.








I walk downstairs and met her standing in the bar, a glass of red wine in her hand.


She saw me and smile.


“Hi,” she greeted, her eyes all over my body.



I smirk and walk towards her, I collect the glass of wine from her hand and placed it on the bar stand.


I grab her wrist and pulled her out of the bar.


My hand sneaked around her waist as I pulled her closer to my chest.


She gasped, her eyes on me.


She look so hot that I keep fighting my self control.


It is really hard for me tonight to control myself.


My hand wandered from her waist to her butt cheek.


I grip hold of her right ass cheek and squeezed it lightly, she gasped and my smirk widened.


“You look good.” I said, my nose sniffing in her sweet vanilla scent.


I want to taste her again, I want to taste that vanilla pleasure dripping out of her cunt.


She clenched her thigh together and pulled herself away from my grip.


She suddenly feels embarrassed.


Such a shy cat.


“Shall we?” I asked and she nodded.


I bring out my hand and she keep looking at it before I chuckled.


“I won’t bite you Calla.” I assured her, she briefly close her eyes before placing her hand on mine.


I lead her out of the house and walk her towards my car.


She saw the car and froze when she saw the car came into view.


“I am driving tonight Ray,” I told him and opened the door for Calla.


She walk in and I walk around to the driver’s side.


“Where are we going?” She asked as the car hit the highway.


“It is a surprise sweet Calla,” I replies and she nods like a good girl she is. T.b.c







(His wild desires)




(Are you mine now?)




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