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Episode 25



Calla’s POV


“Why do you love Lucifer the devil? What if I kill you or burn you?


Or manipulate you and turn you into my puppet?” Lucifer asked staring down at me.


I couldn’t think of a possible answer, I just said what came to my mind first.


“Do I need reason to love you?” I asked, I shouldn’t cry in front of him.


I won’t give him the pleasure of seeing me cry.


I shouldn’t prove to him that I’m weak or scared.


I am a strong independent woman, I don’t need a man in my life but can I control my heart from calling out for him?


Can I control my body from yearning for his touch?


He has possessed me, all of me.


“That is a rhetorical question Calla.” He replies and go back to sit down on his chair.


“Sit,” He commands and I did sit.


It took more than five minutes before he cleared his throat.


“I don’t have feelings Calla, and that is why am telling you this,” he stated. ” Stop that feeling you have for me,”.


“You are attracted to me because you’re my soulmate.” He added and I gaped at him.


My soulmate?


“So…..soulmate?” I stuttered but he didn’t replied.


How is that possible I am a human and he….he is the devil.


The cause of all the evil doings in the world.


“That’s all you have to know, and as my soulmate I won’t allow anyone to hurt you, but I might be the one to take your life.” He seethed out and pushed back his chair and stood up.


I sat there motionlessly, what the hell?


I quickly stood up and ran after him.


I grabbed his hand before he could climb up the stairs and my leg failed me as I tumble down.


He quickly grab me by my waist and pulled me closer, my hand firmly gripping the collar of his shirt for safety.


“You can’t even save yourself,” he mocked and let me down.


I was ashamed, furious, hurt, too much emotions at the same time.


This is the first time I’ll be feeling so many emotions at once.


It hurts, it hurts so much.


I am his soulmate and he is treating me like this?


Many stories that I’ve reed told me that mates always treat themselves right.


Why is he treating me like I’m some trash?


I turned around and walk back to the kitchen, i wash my hand and stroll down the hallway to my room.


I opened the door to my room and walk inside my room, I need a shower.


I won’t let him ruin my night.



I strip out of my shirt and walk inside the bathroom.


I stood under the shower and allow the cold water to run down my body, my hand caressing the pine of the water.


I’ll go to my hour tonight and meet Arles for some shots.








An hour later at 8:50pm I was already on my way out of the house.


I grabbed the entrance door and opened it before stepping out of the house.


At last, I can have a fresh air.


The gate opened and I walk down the lonely way.


Soon I was already on the main road, I flag down a cab and got in.


“Where to Miss?” The cab man asked.


“Olivia block please,” I replies and look out of the window.


I hope I can have fun tonight and forget about Lucifer for a while.


The drive was long as my parents house is an hour journey to Lucifer’s.


I got down from the cab and pay the cab man be for walking towards my apartment Looby.


I enter the elevator and pressed my apartment floor.


I rest my back against the cold wall and ran my hand on my hair.




How can I believe that?


A soulmate supposed to look out and loves its mate and not the other way round.




He keep making me mad, torturing me, and all that, telling me to forget my feelings for him but how can I do that?


I don’t Care, maybe three shots of scotch can help.


The elevator stopped and I walk towards my door.


Standing in front of my door with his phone in his hand is Arles.


I was surprised, I told him I wasn’t here so what is he doing?


“Arles?” I whispered.


He looked up and flashed me a boyish grin.


He looks….hot.


“What are you doing here?” I asked fumbling with my key.


“Just came to try my luck, but where are your parents,” he asked and I sighed with a shake of head.


I can’t tell what those two are up to.


“They left for Florida,” I replies and walk inside the house with him trailing behind me.


“Florida? Flight fee is high, how did you gather the money for both of them?” He asked and I laughed.


This is why Arles is special to me.


He makes me laugh even without trying.


“I didn’t give them any money dummy, I don’t know anything about there travel.” I told him and sat down on my bed.


He sat down on the chair watching me intently.


“Are you okay Carlota?” He asked and I nodded.


“Where have you been?” He queried.


I know that he is going to ask but what do I tell him?


“Hum, I’m staying with Lucifer as his personal chef,” I replied and look away.


“Personal chef? How did that happen? Did you look into his eyes, no you would have been dead, so what exactly is your crime?” He blab.


“I didn’t commit any crime,” I hissed and look at him.


“I….I’ll tell you later,” I said and stood up, I walk towards my wardrobe and


started picking some clothes, then shoes and my makeover kits.


“Okay, I brought a drink.” He said and opened the bottle of the scotch he was holding.


“Yes!” I giggled and collect the drink from him.


I gulped down a quality amount and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.


“You will get drunk beautiful,” he said and tried to collect the drink from me.


“I want to get drunk,” I replied and drink from the bottle again until the full drink is already half.


“Okay, that’s enough,” he collect the bottle from me and took a sip.


“Let’s meet up at my favorite bar tomorrow, I have to leave now.” I told him after packing my clothes inside my box.


He nodded and stood up.


We got to the road and I flag down a cab.



“See you soon,” I told him and he nodded before kissing my forehead.


“Now there you go,” he shooed me inside the cab.


I checked my wristwatch and it was 10:45.


What if he looked for me and found out that I left the house?


The drink is already getting to me.


I felt like sleeping but I can’t just sleep in a cab.


I fought to keep myself awake as the peaceful breeze of the night flew inside the cab.


“We are here Miss,” i came down from the cab and walk towards the mansion, pulling my box with me.


I pressed on the intercom and Lucifer’s voice boomed in.




“Yes,” I slurred and giggled to myself.


The gate opened and I walk in.


I passed the garage and walk inside the house.


“Where were you?” Was the first thing he asked me immediately I stepped my feet inside the living room.


“My house,” I slurred and hiccupped.


“You are drunk,” he said with no emotions in his face.


I should have known better, he won’t even help me pick my box.


He turned around and started climbing up the stairs but then in my drunken state I did something forbidden and I doubt if he will spare me this time.


“Lucifer Xavier Carter!” I yelled and he came into an abrupt stop.


He turned to look at me, his eyes blazing with fire.


His facial expression totally changed.


I saw a beast, this isn’t Lucifer.


What have I done?




I couldn’t post yesterday, I have my reasons guys but I don’t feel like sharing it just yet.


Please bear with me.


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