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Episode 26



Lucienne’s POV


I turned to left and right but Theo keep tightening his hold around my waist.


“Do you want some water?” He asked and I shook my head.


I felt restless like something is wrong.


Suddenly my body started to heat up.


“Baby, you are heating up,” Theo said and quickly stood up from the bed.


I opened my eyes and he gasped.


“Lucienne, Lucifer is going to hurt her. Your eyes are blazing,” he said panicked.


“Take me to him Theo….I can’t….take me,” I begged him and he held my hand.


Soon we found ourselves in Lucifer’s living room, Calla was kneeling down holding her head.


I rushed towards her and held her in my hand.


“Get out Lucienne,” Lucifer said, his voice deep and deadly.



His demon was surfacing, no I can’t let Calla see his demon just yet.


She will freak out.


“She is your mate!” I yelled.


He turned towards me and flipped his hand sending me back to the wall.


I gasped and held my heart.




He is out of control, what did Calla do to wake up his demon?


He can’t be tamed.


Who do I call?


“Man, calm down.” Theo tried to tell him but he wasn’t looking his way.




I close my eyes and whispered her name.


She appeared in front of me and looked around.


She saw Lucifer and gasped.


“Father?” She called and Lucifer’s eyes turned to look at him.


His eyes softened as they both stare at each other.


His daughter tamed him.


“Father?” Calla whispered.


I guess there is a lot if things she needs to know.


I rushed to Calla and help her up.


Her body was burning hot, her hand shaky.


What did Lucifer do?



Calla’s POV


He is a monster!


He nearly killed me, he nearly drain life out of me.


Just by the flip of his hand I found my self kneeling down and my head hurting badly.


Thanks to Lucienne, who knows what would have happened to me?


She help me inside my room and I sat down on the bed, she excused herself and walk out of the room.


Few minutes later she came back with a bowl of water and a neat towel, she dropped it on the table and squeezed the water out of the towel.


She pressed the towel on my forehead without saying a word.


I still can’t believe what happened few minutes ago.


Why did that girl call him father?


Is he really her father?


I don’t understand a damn thing that is happening.


I winched as she placed the towel on my cheek.


“I know that you have a lot of questions but I won’t be the one to answer them,” he stated and look up to meet my gaze.


“Lucifer is,” he added.


“I…I thought you are his twin sister,” I mumbled and he nodded.


“To the world I am his twin sister, but I ain’t. He took me as his daughter.” She replies and I furrowed my eyebrow.




They are both clearly age mate.


“Lucifer is not my twin,sleep now you’re drunk.” she said once more before stand in up and walk out of the room.


If Lucienne didn’t come on time, will he really kill me?


My head became heavy, I was tipsy.


I sigh and slumped down on the bed, my pillow firmly under my head as I drifted off to sleep.






Next morning I woke up with the worse hangover.


It is embarrassing!


I pulled myself inside the bathroom and brushed my teeth then washy face.


It felt like I hit my head on the wall.


I walk back inside my room and found a hangover drug on the table with a little note on it.


“Take the medicine and come downstairs for breakfast,”


No name or an initial.


I am sure it’s not Lucifer so who is it?




I decided to take a bath before going down for breakfast.


After taking my bath I wore my cloth and drink the medicine with a glass of water that was placed on the table. I walk out of the room and made my way to the living room.


“Hey,” the girl from last night greeted.


I furrowed my eyebrow and stare at her.


“Nice yo meet you, I am the devil’s daughter,Karla Lucifer.” She introduce herself. T.b.c






(His wild desires)




(Burning volcano)



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