Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Episode 30



Lucifer’s POV


I bite my my lip and shook my head.


She is so amusing.


I stood up from my chair, I dip my hands inside my pant pocket and took slow steps towards her.


She glanced everywhere but me as she took a step back.


“You came all the way here just to ask me that?” I asked, bemused glance all over my face.


She fidget her fingers, and nod slightly.


Even though I treat her like sh*t, i want to be the one to break all her barriers.


She is mine!


“Yes, I also brought….your…your lunch since you didn’t wait for breakfast,” she


replies, looking down the ground shyly.


Oh great! Just my luck.


I placed my hand on her cheek and sucked in a sharp breath, my cock hardened against the front of my zipper.


I closed my eyes and gain. I opened them again to see her staring at me worriedly.


Even if I treat her like a nobody, she doesn’t stop caring about me.


A wonderful woman, I can’t just keep my hand from wandering on her face to her neck.


I lower my mouth to the croak of her neck and placed a kiss on it.


I nibbled on her neck and feel her tilt her head to a side in order to give me great view of her neck.



I backed away from her and stare straight at her, she is wide and fierce when she wants to be.


Exactly the type of partner that I need but then……


“Damn you’re s£xy.”




Calla’s POV


Lucifer displaying some sort of affection towards me, scares me a lot.


He didn’t even care to read my mind or force me to speak.


Does this mean that I’m progressing?


“Damn, you’re s£xy.” The intense silence was broken by a deep husky voice.


I inhaled sharply as I listened to his breathing.


I wasn’t afraid or nervous, I stood there watching him make advances towards me.


A gentle touch on my knee alerted me, I stiffened under his touch.


I exhaled deeply as my excitement mind followed the alluring touch.


My knee. My thigh. Such simple contact left a fiery passion against my skin.


I was growing weak under his touch.


His gaze never for once left mine as he make advances towards my womanhood.


I gulped as his finger brushed against my clothed opening, my mouth slightly open and my heart lipping with joy.


He pressed his finger harder against my clit and I blushed furiously.


Oh gosh, this is embarrassing.


“You know what’s embarrassing? Thinking of getting f**ked on his desk.” My naughty mind taunted me.



I clenched my thigh and his eyes darkened. His upper lip twitched up into a smirk as he retract his hand from my thigh.


“Do you really want me to f**k you?” His husky voice asked me, his lip slowly bite on my ear.


I let out a low moan and closed my eyes.


This is too much, the tingling sensation between my leg increases as I pictured him taking me for the first time.


He nuzzle on my nose and placed his hand on my cheek.


“I want your first to be perfect sweetheart, you are worth it.” He voiced out sweetly.


Did he just used an endearment for me?


I felt embarrassed, he mist be thinking that I am cheap.


I don’t want him to think low of me because I’m not cheap.


I don’t go ogling at everything inside the trouser.


“Sweet sweet Calla, be ready by 7:00pm.” He said and peck my lip before walking back towards his desk.


Have I said anything about his ass?


They are one of my favorite on his body.


I flushed at my thought and quickly walk out of the office.


“Keep thinking dirty sweetheart, I love them dirty.” His voice echoed through my head.


I gasped and look around.


He is corrupting me, oh jeez!


I enter the elevator and pressed the door to the first floor.


The elevator door opened and a guy on suit walk in not sparing me a glance he pressed his number and stepped back.


“Ouch,” I gasped as he matched on my toes.


“Oh goodness, I am sorry Miss.” He said apologetically.


I looked up into his eyes and a feeling I don’t know erupt through my stomach.


“It’s okay, just an accident.” I said trying to get far away from him.


What was that?


“I am Lian Audrey,” he introduced himself, bringing his hand forward.


“Calla Blackwell,” I replied and placed my hand on his.


He placed a light kiss on my hand and a feeling of disgust erupt through me.


Now I know that feeling.












(His wild desires)




(Sweet Calla)





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