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Episode 22



Calla’s POV


I couldn’t meet up with Arles like I planned earlier.


Making lasagna took me longer than expected and Lucifer is to be blamed.


After eating dinner, I sat down beside the swimming pool that divides the house.


My leg deep inside the water.


I felt like sh*t for keeping Arles in the dark, but can I blame myself?


I can’t just tell him.


Aye, Lucifer told me to be his cook because I look him in the eyes.


Or he is the real Lucifer, he will think I need to be at the rehabilitation center.


I sigh and kicked and imaginary ball under the water, I suddenly felt eyes on me and looked around but found nothing.


Maybe I was mistaking or I need to catch some sleep.


I stood up from the poolside, my leg drenched with water as I walk along the hallway making my way towards my room.


Is he asleep yet?


Hei, Lucifer doesn’t sleep though.


I twist the door handle and pushed it open while I walk in.


I quickly made my way inside my closet and stripped down my previous cloth and changed into a night gown.


Tying my hair into a lose ponytail I walk back inside my room and lay down on the bed, covering my body with the thick duvet.


I closed my eyes and slowly I drifted off to sleep.


A long sleep after such a long dramatic day.


I was too tired to even give papa a call like I earlier told myself.



I’m such a bad daughter.












I woke up from the blaring of my alarm clock and I sigh angrily.


Why can’t a girl just sleep till noon?


I yawned and stretched myself loudly, well that was unladylike act but I’m the only one here though.


I stepped down from the bed and slipped my leg inside my flip flops before walking inside the bathroom.


My morning breath stinks.


After brushing my mouth and took my bath, washing my hair at the same time I sat down in front of my dressing mirror with a dryer in my hand as I blow my hair dry.


What’s the routine today?


Make breakfast, go and visit Arles, go to my house and relax before coming back here.


How did ma and papa got the money to fly to Florida anyway?


For what I know flights are very expensive this days and I can’t even remember having a family that resides in Florida.


Dad’s younger brother lives in Philadelphia though.


I stood up from the chair and headed inside the closet.


I picked out a big gray long hand bottom down shirt that I picked up from the mall and wiggled myself inside it.


I walk out of the room and walk towards the kitchen.


After cooking I can wear my shoe and makeover.


“Good morning,” Cole voice echoed behind me.


“Hey Cole, good morning.” I greets and smiled at him as he drank his water.


I opened the fridge to see what’s in store but surprisingly everything is full in here. How is that possible?


Now what do I make for breakfast?


Bacon, egg, and cheeseburger?


That is fine I guess.


I just have to make sure it’s eatable.


I picked out an apron from the cabinet cupboard and tied it around me then I got down to business and brought out the carton of egg from the cabinet.


“Cole?” I called but no answer.


I turned around and he was gone, is he a demon as well?


If he works for Lucifer then that makes him one right?


There are some s art shits going on here and I can’t even think clearly.


Few minutes later I was done with the bacon and egg now making the cheeseburger.


Cleaning my hand with a hand towel I walk to the sink and rinse the plates inside.


I haven’t seen Lucifer yet, where is he?


He always interrupt my thoughts which I find bridging my personal thought but I also find it s£xy.


I face palmed myself for thinking about him and shook my head.


Crazy is the word or an understatement rather. Sort of though.



I heard shuffling in the living room so I walk towards the noise to know whom it is.


As I approached the living room, Lucifer’s back was facing me.


He was shirtless and those tattoos, oh my goodness.


You must be shitting me.


They are so hot, the ink trail from his hip to his neck, where did it end? I wish I can view it better.


“You can just take a picture, Calla.” He said and I gasped.


He heard me?


He turned around to face me and then again the tattoos on his stomach.


My goodness, what an art.


I was speechless, not knowing what to say I felt tongue tied.


“I….I…came to….check the noise,” I stuttered, can’t I form a simple sentence in


front of him without stuttering?


I’m f**ked up.


He crossed his hands around his chest allowing his hand muscles to flex and I gulp.


Please f**k me.


I just can’t take it.


He walk closer to me and stood in front of me, his strawberry scent invading my privacy.


I can’t resist him, oh my I can’t resist him.


I took a step back and shook my head.


I have to resist him, he isn’t human.


He is Lucifer, I have to resist him.



“Do you know the meaning of a mate Calla?” He asked, focusing on the word mate.




Yes I’ve heard of that, like soulmate.


Where is this going? Does he have a mate and want me out?










(His wild desires)




(Meeting his daughter)


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