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Episode 23



Lucifer’s POV



Even though I’ve decided to stop listening to her thoughts and give her a little privacy.


But who care about privacies though.


But then I couldn’t stop myself to read her thought when I picked up her scent.


She cursed me.


She f**king cursed me which I must say is a bold thing to do even though she knew that I can read her thoughts.


When she came closer towards me her scent became stronger.


I came to know that this human is my mate, like what the f**k!


How can a human be my mate?


Not even any other creature?


Yes, a female demons are rare to find.


The types of Lucienne are rare to find.


But then who do I question?


Should I question myself for giving myself a human mate?


Or should I blame myself for having a second mate.


I don’t want a mate, but I can’t reject her either.


She is just too good, beautiful, smart and sΒ£xy.


Who doesn’t want that?


I was lost in thought but I could read her mind when she begged me to f**k her.


Have a little patient Carlota, you will have a lot of Lucifer soon.


I turned to face her with a straight face, my hands deep inside my pant pocket.


“Do you know what a mate is, Calla?” I asked and she gently nodded.


I took slow demeaning steps towards her and sneaked my hand around her waist before pulling her closer.


I took a sniff of her scent and closed my eyes as I feel my demon surfacing.


I quickly stepped away from her and look away.


I might just scare her away, I still need her here.


“Lu….Lucifer….your eyes…,” she stuttered as she stood in front of me.


This is it.


This is what happens when I get distracted, when I need her.


But I’m not going to have, not just yet.


I teleport myself back inside my room and picked up my black v neck shirt laying on the bed.


I glanced at Vanessa’s picture and sigh.


This is getting harder than I thought.


I teleported back to my realm and stood in front of the throne.


The demons noticed my presence and bowed down on their kneels.


“Welcome Lucifer,” they greeted.


My eyes scanned the crowd and landed on Theo and Lucienne at the front roll but I couldn’t see Karla.


Where is she?


“Stand up my demons,” I commands and they did.


“Today, I want to make a very special announcement.” I stated as they listened attentively to what I have to say.


“The demons guarding the realm and watching over other demons and creatures will be doubled.


I recently wiped out the coward ones and I need the brave warriors to step out.” I said as I sat down on my throne.


The place go quiet for awhile and the demons stepped out.


I noticed a young girl among them and watch her closely.


My aura, my power was radiating off her body.


She walk towards the front and bowed before me.




The meeting end soon and the demons left the throne room remaining Theo and Lucienne, with my….daughter.


“You both can leave us for a while,” I said and they nodded before walking away.


Karla stood in front of the throne rubbing her hands against each other.


She have grown into a very beautiful woman.


“Karla,” I called and she froze.


“I never wanted you to be born because I won’t be there for you but your mother wanted you, she cherished you.” I stated and sat back on my throne.


“I don’t regret it,” I said before taking slow steps towards her.


I walk pass her and I could feel her heart dropped.


“Father,” she whispered causing me to froze.



Calla’s POV


He just disappeared like that, without saying anything else to me.


His eyes blazing with fire.


It is scary but i tried not to get scared.


He is still Lucifer, the man that I love.


The devil that I love.


I walk back inside the kitchen and continue with my cooking while playing a music on my phone.



I put who needs love by Tory lanez and started singing it.



Money makes me happy every time that I count, who needs love


But I need love Tory, if only you know that everyone needs love.


They need someone to love them.


After cooking I checked the time and it was half pass eight.


Holy Molly!


Oh my goodness , what do I do now?


After washing my hands and the dishes that I used to cook, I walk out of the kitchen and headed inside the living room.


My eyes caught the swimming pool that was dimming slightly with the lights on.


I was tempts to go and take a swim.


I opened the glass door and sat down beside the swimming pool.


This is so beautiful!


The huge swimming pool was dividing the house and has a divider in the middle which can lead to the other side of the house.


A little gorgeous palm tree was sitting pretty beside the pool and a relaxing bench under the palm tree.


I have never come here before, this is so beautiful!


Since Lucifer isn’t around then I should take a swim, it is hot here anyway.


I slowly started to unbottom my big shirt and slipped it out of my body.


Leaving me alone in just my matching red underwear.


I stepped I side the pool and exhaled violently.


The water is so cool and chilling, I think this will be my best favorite place in the house.


When will Lucifer be back?


“What are you doing?” A voice asked and I turned abruptly to see Lucifer eyeing my chest.


I stood there staring at him and he raised his eyebrow, his upper lip twitched up into a smirk? Smile? Or what?


“I am so impressed,” he said












(His wild desires)




(Tempting me)


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