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Episode 19



Lucienne’s POV


I pack my car at the parking lot and placed my head on the wheel.


Things are getting really intense.


I sigh and looked up when I felt my husband’s presence beside me.


“How did it go?” He asked as I got down from the car.


My head was heavy and I needed some rest.


“Where is Karla?” I asked as he teleport us back inside our room.


“I don’t know, did you speak with Lucifer?” He asked and I sigh.


If only it was that easy.


After so many years it is still the same story.


I pity Karla because she felt like her father doesn’t love her.


Come on she is seventeen for crying out loud!


“He said he will visit her soon, I’m scared Theo.” I replies and sat down on the bed.


If only I can read his thought, it would have been easy but I can’t.


He is Lucifer and I’m just a demon.


Theo came to my side and slowly pressed his thumb on my neck.


“What happened?” He asked and I shrugged.


Its complicated really, I wish I know what he is thinking about but I don’t.


“I saw a girl who is living with him, before I got to have s house I ran into her at the bus stop and we talked for awhile before I left but it turned out that she’s living with him,” I said and exhale.


This is really difficult for me, especially when Karla finds out.


“Do you think there is a second chance mate for Lucifer?” I asked Theo and he looked up to the ceiling and shrugged.


“He might be lucky to get a second chance mate, but how can that be? Apparently this person is a human and Xavier is Lucifer so… .” He said confusingly.


There came a small knock on the door and I composed myself, letting out a fake facade.


“Come in sweetheart,” I called out for her.


“Hey Lucienne, when did you get back.” She asked excitedly.


“Not too long ago, where were you?” I asked trying to change the topic.


“I was with Trina at the garden, she just left.” She replies and I nodded.


“Hmm…did you spoke with him?” She asked calmly.


I know whom she’s talking about but then how do I answer this question?.


How do I tell her that Lucifer doesn’t want to see her yet after fifteen years?



Calla’s POV


“My demon can’t resist you,” he said as he kissed me fiercely.





He stepped away from me and looked me in the eyes, his eyes were glowing.


Glowing like a volcano, an hot flame radiating from his body.


“Lu……Lucifer…..your….eyes,” I stuttered as I stepped away from him.


He look scary and dangerous right now.


“I won’t hurt you Calla, if you stop running away from me.” He spoke inside my head and I froze once more.


I’m still getting used to this.


He is the devil, he have no emotions and he can kill me if he wants but then….then


my heart was misleading me again.


My heart is letting me want to give myself to him.


My heart wants to please him.


How can my heart be so treacherous?


I closed my eyes to calm myself down and opened them again when all I could smell is his strawberry scent, he was so close to me looking intently at me like he was seeing me for the first time.


“So beautiful,” he whispered and captured my mouth with his again.


I moaned as he pick me up and dropped me on the kitchen table, his hand moving higher on my thigh.


I squirm as his hand keep getting closer to where I want it to be.


His hand brushed against my s$x and I gasped.


“Sensitive much huh?” He murmured and brushed his hand against me again causing me to shudder.



“Lucifer,” I moaned as he nibble and sucked on my neck.


He started rubbing me slowly through my lacy pant and I gulped loudly.


My hand found his jet black hair and I dug my hand inside it.


He slipped his hand inside me and I gasped again, this time our eyes met.


Lust evidence in his eyes.


How can I be in love with someone who isn’t capable of falling in love?


I just love him….a lot.


He started pumping his hand inside me and I moaned loudly.


His mouth now working on my collarbone,slowly nibbling on it and kissing it.


Why does this gesture feels so lovely and harsh at the same time?


He added another finger inside me and I opened my mouth in awe.


All my doubt fled through the window as all I could think about is him making me cum.


I was slowly reaching my peak, my hands now holding tightly unto him.


“Please…..please let me cum Lucifer.” I begged, I throw my head back as he


increased his pace.


“Cum,” Just a single word and I found a heart screeching orgasm tore through me.


My heart beating heavily, my leg felt heavy.


“Come back,” he spoke inside my head again and slowly I regain myself.


He kissed my head before walking out on me.


What just happened?












(His wild desires)




(Devil’s mate)





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