Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

Episode 20



Calla’s POV



I served the noodles garnished with vegetables and chicken on the dinning table and brought out two glass from the fridge and placed it on the dinning table.


I brought out some fruits from the fridge and placed it inside a neat plate.


I placed it on the table and inhale.


I clean the sweat on my face with the back of the apron and hissed as my makeup wiped off as well.


Where is he?


“Lucifer,” I called his name in my mind bit then I suddenly felt his presence behind me.


I flinched and moved back.


“You called me,” he pointed out and walk towards the table and took a seat at the far end.


I sat down on my seat and glanced at him but he wasn’t eating.


I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion but then remembered that I haven’t taste it yet.


I stood up from my chair and pushed it backwards causing a screeching sound to come out from it.


I walk up to him and took his cutlery and took a bite of the noodles.


I glanced at him before walking back to my seat.


I swallowed the first bite and looked at him.


Our eyes met and I quickly look away.


“Do you mind me going to we my friend?” I asked and exhaled deeply.


Thank goodness I didn’t stuttered.


He arched his thick eyebrow and fixate his gaze on me.


“Okay,” he said and I quickly look up in awe.


He really meant it.


“Of course I meant it, you will go and be back soon.” He told me and I nodded.


At least he let me out.


What changed anyway? Because some days back he nearly killed be because I sneaked out.


*you sneaked out you didn’t ask for permission*,my subconscious accused me.


Yea, whatever.


He suddenly stood up from his chair and disappeared.


I yell and quickly stood up from my seat.



I have to get used to that.


How can someone disappear so quickly?


Yea, he I not a person but Lucifer.


I continue eating my food after which I cleared the table and walk back inside my room.


I sat down on the chair in front of my mirror and stare at my reflection.


Did my heart betrayed me by falling for Lucifer?


Am I going to regret it?


Of course I’m regretting it but its like there is nothing I can do.


He knows how to handle me, my body listens to his command.


In fact my whole being listens to him.


Lucifer have so much control over me that it scares me to death.


What if one day he look at me and tells me to get out of his house.


What do I do then?


I stripped out of my clothes and walk inside the bathroom.


I covered my hair with my shower cap and got under the shower.


I turned it on, allowing the cold water relax my body.


After taking my bath, I cleaned my body with a towel and walk out of the room.


I removed the shower cap from my head and brushed my head with my hand.


I sat down in front of my mirror and squeezed some body lotion on my palm and rubbed it gently on my body.


I rubbed a oil on my face and looked back at the mirror to see Lucifer behind me.


I gulped loudly as I looked at him.


I stare at his hand and found him cleaning it with a hand towel.


Is that ……blood?


He walked towards the window and gazed down.


“I wiped off some demons that wanted to go against my order.” He fed my curiosity and I nodded even though I don’t understand a thing of what he said.


“I want to eat lasagna, make it quick.” He said and walk out of the room.


What the?


I told him that I am going out and he allowed me.


Why cooking again?


I glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand drawer and sigh.


I don’t have much time left.


How can I make lasagna within thirty minutes?


I stood up and walk inside my closet, he didn’t even spare me a glance.


Such a jerk.


I picked out a long hand zip up black jumpsuit.


I packed up my hair in a ponytail and walk out of the closet.


I got to my dressing table and applied a pink lipstick and mascara.


Soon I was on my way to the kitchen.


Lasagna, lasagna, lasagna.


Gosh, you’re an asshole Lucifer.


I quickly covered my mouth when I remembers that he can hear my thoughts.


I silently walk inside the kitchen and took a deep breath before bringing out a pot from the cabinet.


“Calla,?” His voice echoed in my head.


“Come to the living room.” He said again as I held my breath.


What now huh?












(His wild desires)




(Almost choked up)




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