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Episode 21


Short episode!


Lucifer’s POV



After taking care of some business at the realm I glanced at the bodies laying lifelessly on the floor and cleaned my hand with a hand towel.


“You’re late.” I told Theo as he stood behind me.


I turned to face him and he bowed down slightly.


“I’m deeply sorry, Lucifer.” He said respectfully and I nodded.


“Send a message to all the demons, I’ll be speaking with them tomorrow at the palace.” I told him, wiping off the remaining blood in my hand.



I turned my back at him and started walking towards the gate before he stopped me with his question.


“And Karla?”


I took a deep breath and sigh.


I have to do this, I need to do it.


Bring her, along.” I said before teleporting back to my house in the human world.










“Calla?” I spoke into her mind.


“Come to the living room,” I told her and sat down on a couch.


She dare insult me.


One thing I totally detest about humans is that they don’t think before speaking.


They acts like they’re being control.


Imagine that she knew I can hear her thoughts and she still insulted me.


Stupid human.


I heard footsteps coming my way and relaxed back on the couch.


“You….you called me.” She stuttered.


I slowly stood up from the couch and turned to face her, trying my best not to read her thought.


I want to hear her speak out without listening to her thoughts.


“Are you dumb?” I asked her and she shook her head.


I thought so too.



“Did you insult me or not?” I asked and she nodded.


Haa, cat got her tongue.


I took slow menacing steps towards her and surprisingly she stood rooted where she was.


She didn’t quivered nor took a step back.


Now she is acting tough,


I invaded her personal space and wrapped my hand around her small neck.


She took a sharp breath and gasped.


This will be fun!



Calla’s POV


I looked up at the huge chandelier and wish he stops torturing me like this.


It’s not fair, everything seems unfair.


The way my heart beats for the devil, the way my body betrays me whenever he touched me.


Even though he is planning on inflicting pain on me, my body still reacts to his ever cold touch.


He tightened his hand around my neck and I gasped loudly.


I placed my hand on his and tried to pull his hand away from my neck but he us hella strong.


I closed my eyes and allowed the pain get to me.


Why is he always doing this?


Trying to make me hate him.


“What did I said about being disrespectful Calla?” He asked, his hand loosen a bit for me to speak.



“I….I’m sorry,” I whispered, my voice failing me.


My eyes were heavy and my leg felt jelly.


He quickly removed his back and watched me intently as I took a step back.


“I…I’ll go and get the lasagna ready,” I told him before walking off.


He almost choked me up, he is indeed Lucifer.


I whimpered as my thumb caress my neck.


It was sore and itching.


I dropped my hand lifelessly on my side and turned on the cooker.


My mind went back to Arles, he must be mad at me.


I’ll try and find a way, anyway to see him.


Gosh I miss him so much.


What could papa and ma be doing in Florida?


How did they get money for the trip?


I couldn’t help but wonder.


And she sounded like she was in a hurry that day when I called her.


I’ll make sure to call papa before I went to bed tonight.


I set in my thirty minutes alarm clock and placed my phone on the fridge.


How does he like it?


I don’t know.


I’ll just try and make use of my recipe.


I took a deep breath before commencing with the cooking.



I heard footsteps coming towards me and I quickly turned my back to see Cole walking inside the kitchen.


“Hey Cole,” i greeted and he smiled at me.


“What are you making?” He asked glancing at the pot.


“Lasagna, I’m making it for Lucifer.” I told him and he nodded.


“Are you leaving soon?”


“No, I’ll pass the might here. Business purpose,” he replies and I nodded.


Its understandable even if I don’t understand what business he meant.








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