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Episode 18



Lucifer’s POV


“You told her?” Lucienne asked and I nodded.


I don’t regret my decision but then she’s now very scared of me.


I mean who wouldn’t?I’m Lucifer.


“Did you get inside her head to know what she now thinks of you?” She enquired once again.


I looked up to meet her gaze and furrowed my eyebrow.


“She was confused, but I don’t really care.” I replies and stood up from the lone couch before walking towards the bar.


“You got any news for me?” I asked casually.


I know there’s a reason for her visit today.


Her heart was breathing erratically and she was nervous.


I scrunched up my face and wait for her to answer my question.


“Karla wants to see you, you can’t keep running from your daughter Lucifer.” She said calmly.


Karla, daughter, those two words don’t make a sentence to me.


I never wanted her to be born, but she wants her.


I knew that I’ll have no time for her,


“Tell her that I’ll visit her soon.” I said coldly before climbing up the stairs.



“Tell Theo to see me in the office tomorrow,” I spoke into her mind.


I got to my room and closed the door behind me, my gaze landed on the big picture frame on the wall.




I walk towards the picture and placed my hand on her face.


Humans thinks that the devil have emotions.


Sometimes I just can’t help it, I also have something precious to me.


Every living being do.


I still remember her features so well, her long wavy brown hair.


Her dark brown eyes.


Her perfect set of teeth, the way she smiles, the way she talk.


Everything was cemented in my memory that it felt like yesterday.


I sigh and let my hand drop at my side and stare at the picture coldly.


A knock came at the door and I abruptly turned around.


I walked towards the door and opened it slightly and peep out to know whom it is.


Standing in front of me is Calla Blackwell.


She saw me and took a step back, her eyes scanning everywhere but mine.


I get inside her head to know what she was thinking.


She was doubting what I told her.


She didn’t believe that I’m the devil.


She want to beg me so that she can leave.


She couldn’t sleep because she’s scared.



I shut my eyes and slowly glance at her body.


“Hot and s£xy,” I mumbled and stare back into her eyes.


I guess Lucienne already left thats why Shes here.


“I….I…..Lucifer,” she gulped and rubbed her sweaty hands together, her eyes


fixated on the floor.


“Iwanttogohome,” she quickly said but I caught on her sentence.


I scoffed and deep my hands inside my jean pocket.


“You’re stuck with me for the meantime Calla, enjoy it while it lasts.” I said coldly before closing the door behind me.



Calla’s POV


When he closed the door to my face, I stood there rooted.


I didn’t know what to do or say.


This man just told me that he is the devil, I didnt believe him but then what are my reasons not to?


When I witnessed his animalistic side on the TV when killing those patients.


I walk back downstairs and go inside the kitchen, I picked out four packet of Noddles and placed it on the kitchen island,then a plate of beef and vegetables.


Who knows if he wants some.


I picked up a pot from the cupboard and rinse it before placing it on fire.


I put some water inside and covered it with the lid before washing the vegetable and started cutting it.



I opened the pot and tore the noodles pack and placed them inside the pot before covering it again and walk towards the kitchen table to pick up my phone that was ringing.


I looked at the caller and smiled.



Arles I called.



Hello to you too, princess he greeted and I chuckled.



I’m sorry, I just missed your voice. i told him.



Just stepping out of the plane, when are we meeting? He asked.


What do I tell him?



About that Arles I’m not around now,” I replies and bit the inside of my cheek.


You are not at home? Where are you Calla? he asked calmly.



I …I….Lucifer the word came as a whisper and I didn’t know if he heard me.



The other end was silent and I removed the phone from my ear and looked at it to find it still connected.






Are you in trouble Calla?


I can’t tell him, he will be worried about me and I don’t want that.



No, I’m not in trouble. He owns the place that I work and I was just instructed to come make him dinner. I lied.


I guess this would be the first time I’ll be lying to Arles.


The phone beeped and I looked at it, but he already hanged up.


I frustratedly placed the phone on the fridge and turned to what I was cooking.


My mind flees back to Lucifer.


What are you doing to me Lucifer?


“Lucifer,” I whispered the name calmly and closed my eyes as I held unto the kitchen island.


“I’m here Calla,” his voice whispered from my back.


My eyes widened and I quickly turned around.


His rainbow eyes are now dark as he stare intently at me.


He placed his cold hand on my cheek and rubbed it silently.


“Demons are warmblooded souls, whatever I do now is not personal.” He said before crashing his mouth on mine.


My mind became numb as his mouth spread warmth throughout my body system.


“The….the food,” I managed to say and he glanced at it before kissing me again.


His free hand trailing down my body.


“My demon can’t resist you.” He said as he broke the kiss.


I looked back into his eyes and they were glowing.














(His wild desires)




(Loving him)



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