Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 17



Calla’s POV


I started breathing heavily as I turned around to face the door .


Different types of idea coming through my mind.


Should I ignore the voice and take a nap?


Or open the door?



“Open the door and clear your mind,” my subconscious mind said.


I gulp silently and twist the knob.


I opened the door and standing casually in front of my door, his hands deep inside his pant pocket is Lucifer.


“Took you so long,” he said and smirk.


I looked away and exhaled deeply.


“I..I…what was that? You….you spoke in my head,” I said accusingly at him and he


nods his head.


“Hum, you are quite light headed though. I can’t help but hear your thoughts.” He scoffed and his gaze landed on my hand that was clutching on the hem of my short.


“You can hear my thought?” I asked fearfully.


Is he some kind of werewolf?


Or vampire? No vampires doesn’t exist anymore.


He started taking slow steps towards me, I quickly took another step back.


“You’re not human!” I said slowly, beads of sweats forming on my forehead.


My face became pale.


I tried to take another step back but i couldn’t move, I felt clued to the spot.


“What….what have you done to me? You…you….please let me go,” I begged, his


upper lip twitched up into a smirk.


“Feisty, I like it.” He said and grabbed my hand.


Even though everywhere felt hot at the moment, his cold hand sends shiver all over me.


What are you doing to me Lucifer?


“What do you want?” I asked mustering up all the courage I could gather.


He rubbed his hand on his stubble and I could feel my leg loosening up again.


He walk pass me and sat down on the chair.


“Sit,” he commanded and I quickly sit down on the bed.


I became really scared.


If he could clue me to the ground like that, then what else can he do?


“Lucifer is not just a name I picked up to be called,” he began, I could feel his eyes on me but I refused to look at him.


My eyes was glued to the ground.


“I am Lucifer,” he said, his voice deep and dark aura surrounding him.


“Lucifer? The…..the….devil?” I stuttered.


This is not right, oh goodness I’m in a deep shit.


“You’re not in any sh*t dear Carlota, just obey me and you’ll get to live.” He seethed out.


My hands clutched tightly on my dress as my heart started beating erratically.


“How can I believe you? Lucifer is not on earth.” I retorted.


Not normal, but it absolutely did something to me.


Why do I find the dark aura so s£xy?


“I’m not here for question and answer, I’m just here to warm up.” He sneered.


Warm up?




He stood up from the chair and walk towards me.


I sat down looking at him as he grab my face with his cold hands and attacked my mouth with his.


He kissed me, his mouth warming up with mine.


I unconsciously open up to him and kissed him back.


He traced my body with his hand and grabbed my a** causing me to gasped loudly.


He suddenly pushed me off him and took a step back.


I sat there, dazed at what was going on.


This minute he was kissing me and then the next he pushed me away.


What is wrong with him?


Then I remembered what he said and I became scared again.


He will hurt me, or kill me.


“I won’t hurt you if you keep your mouth shut,” he said and turn his back and started walking towards the door.


He suddenly stopped and turned around to face me.


“Demons are warmblooded, I’m the devil and I’m warmblooded too. Don’t think of anything out of this,” he said and opened the door the walk out.


What does he mean?


Everything started making sense, I felled in love with the devil.


How is this possible? Are we still living in a fairytale world?


Should I sneak out?


Maybe move to new York? Or travel to Arizona?


“Don’t try to run away from me Carlota, you can’t outrun me.” His voice echoed in my head.


I grabbed my hair and jerked it.


“I don’t want to hear it anymore, I’m going crazy,” I whispered as tears started streaming down my eyes.


Make it stop, this is just a nightmare. Make it stop.


I fall back on the bed and closed my eyes then open it again.


Maybe its just a nightmare, I’ll eventually wake up.


This have to stop, please.


I’m trapped with the devil, then my mind flashed back to the animalistic way he was killing those people on TV.


Is this why the cops couldn’t arrest him yet?


Because he’s the devil?


Yes I’m trapped.


Trapped with Lucifer!












(His wild desires)




(Hot and s£xy)

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