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Episode two



Calla’s POV


I was shocked to my bone marrow, did…did he want to kill me?


I was breathing heavily, his hand was choking me.


He used his free hand to tilt up my face.


Like magnet I look him in the eyes again.


Damn, how many times am I going to defy him tonight?


“Please….please don’t kill me,” I begged as I struggle to loosen his grip on my




What have I done to myself?


Tears roll down on my cheek as I became to choke, he look unfazed, his face was void of emotions.


For about five minutes that he was choking me he never said a word.


Doesn’t he speak to strangers?


He keep choking but then quietly loosen his grip from my neck.


He walk back to his previous position and sat down, I squirm and rushed towards the door.


I’m finally free, thank goodness.


“Don’t take a step,” his low voice sending unknown fear inside me.


I stood rooted on my track, not being able to move.



I turned to face him and he was cleaning his gun.


I gulp nervously as I tried to look everywhere but not the gun, I don’t want to think of what he might possibly do to me with that gun.


“How do you want it?” He spoke again for the second time.


“Ex…excuse me?” I stuttered.


He dropped the gun on the table and opened the food.


He was quiet for awhile but then look my way.


“Come and have a taste,” he said motioning me with his hand.


I inhale and exhale as I walk towards him.


I heard that he doesn’t eat a food unless been tasted by the one who cooked it.


I don’t blame him, he have tons of enemies.


With a shaken hand I grab the spoon and scoop the food inside my mouth.


I chew it and gulp it down.


He waited for the next two minutes and started eating.


“How do you want your death? Slow or simple?” He asked.


The dangerous aura radiating from his body muted me for some time.


“Dea….death? Please Lucifer don’t kill me, I swear I don’t mean to, I won’t tell a


soul about this please.” I begged.


If only cry and begging can solve my problem.


He was never moved by a cry nor begging.


“Please? What’s that?” He queried.


I quickly go down on my kneels and inhale deeply.


I’ll do anything just to get out of Lucifer’s death warrant.


He cocked his gun at me and I flinched.


“Lucifer…Lucy….please,” I begged once again, my tears running down freely on


my cheek.


“Please Lucifer.”


“Lucy?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow.


Why did I call him that?




“I meant Lucifer, please.” I said.


“What is your name?” He asked me as he dropped his gun on the table.


“Calla, Calla Blackwell,” I replies.


“Calla,” my name roll out of his mouth like he was testing it.


My name sounded so different coming from him.


The thought of that alone got me shivering.


“Interesting,” he said and stood up.


He placed his phone on his ear while looking at my direction.


“Get all the information about Calla Blackwell, I want everything ready in five minutes,” he said and dropped the phone.



Is he….is he planning to kill me? Or harm ma and papa?


The time started ticking slowly, it felt like the world started rotating.


His phone started ringing.


The ringing tone sounds weird.


“Speak,” he became quiet as his gaze were still on me.


I fixed my gaze on the ground, I can’t risk looking into his eyes again.


“Interesting,” he mumbled.


What is really interesting to him?


My vulnerability? Or what?


“You’re on a mission Calla, in or not I don’t have the whole night.” He said looking straight at me.


“What? What mission?” I asked, I’ll do anything as far as him not killing me.


“You’ll do this mission perfectly, if not I have your name, where ever you run to I’ll find you and end you.” He said lowly.


I know that his not trying to scare me, he meant it.


“Yes Lucifer,”


“Your mission is to kill Damien Alejandro,”


“Kill!” I shouted.


I can’t kill a human being, I can’t even hurt a fly.


“Please…I can’t….I can’t kill a human being,” I begged.


This is worse than being dead.


How can I kill senator Damien Alejandro?


“You will, or I’ll not only end you but your family as well.” He said calmly and sat back on his chair.


What have I done?




This is why an adage says that curiosity kills a cat.


I shouldn’t have looked.


“I’ll fill you in on how to do it,” he said and pushed the food aside.


“Remember that from now on, you work for me,”


What have I done?






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