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Episode one



Calla POV


I walk inside the kitchen and dropped my bag on my counter.


“You’re late Blackwell,” the head chef Mr Norman said and I smiled nervously.


“I’m sorry Mr Norman,” I said too quickly and pick up my apron from the cupboard.


I quickly tie the apron on and wore my cap then pick up the frying pan from the sink.


“Everybody listen up,” the head chef called our attention.


“Lexi you will make sandwich and burger, Calla you will make fried rice and orange chicken….” He keep assigning us on what to do and I sigh.


This is my daily routine.


What I love doing, my job.


“Lexi, pass me the menu please.” I said to my friend Lexi.


She passed me the menu and I mumbled a thank you to her.


Backing against the wall I stares at the menu.


After going through the menu I huffed before preparing to cook.


My name is Calla Blackwell, I’m a professional chef, I love cooking and trying new recipes.


I have been working as a chef for two years now, two months ago I found a new well paying job here in XC hotel.


A hotel own by the famous Lucifer by the name Xavier Carter, he is a stinking rich billionaire, a ruthless one at that.


Since I started working here I haven’t seen him even for once.


Maybe he have those that reports back to him.


He kills without mercy, I heard that his eyes has never been seen before.


Nobody knows how his eyes looks like.


One thing he detest is people who look him straight in the eyes.


I heard that he pull out his gun instantly and shot the person.


One thing, he hate it when being address by his real name.


He prefers Lucifer, nobody in California in fact the whole of US doesn’t know whom he is.


The thought of that alone sends chilly fear down my spin.


How can someone be so heartless?


“You’re out Calla, lower the fire.” Lexi called out on me.


I snapped out of my trance and smiled at her before resuming with my cooking.


I’m the only child of my parent, my mother and father are well old.


I pay all the bills that are needed to be paid with my $30k monthly salary.


I’m not complaining.










After cooking the fried rice and orange chicken I preserved them inside the fridge.


A waiter came in and walk towards me.


“Chef there is an order for fried rice and orange chicken,” she said and I nodded.


I picked up a plate from the counter and put in some quantity of rice then place chicken on top of it.


“Here you go,”


“Thanks chef Calla.” She said appreciatively and I smiled.


Few hours later, the day has been hot and hectic.


I cooked thrice today.


Well XC hotel is quite big with many branches across the continent.


It have a restaurant and Bunche of other stuffs.


I removed my apron and place it on the counter, my eyes were puff and tired.


I started packing my bag as the clock says 7:30 and my shift ends by 7:45 today.



“We have a problem,” Mr Norman said pacing around the kitchen, bead of sweats forming on his forehead.


We all pay attention to know what the problem is.


“Lucifer is here,” he finally dropped the bombshell and the kitchen became quiet, it looks like the world stopped rotating.


Nobody says a word.


I was tongue tied.


He is here? Lucifer is here.


Even though I was scared it’s still didn’t change the fact that I was happy to see his face.


Maybe I can take a sneak peek and know how enticing his eyes are.




“Yes head chef,” I answered.


“You will serve him what you cooked, here is his room number and I trust you not to make a mistake,” he said placing the card on my palm.


I nodded and exhaled sharply.


I can do this, if I make a mistake then maybe I’ll die in his hand.


Standing in front of the suite I inhale and exhale.


I was nervous wrecked.


I knock slowly on the door and I heard a faint come in.


I turned the door knob and walk inside the place.


The suite was huge, I have never come here before.


Sitting on the expensive sofa is Lucifer.


I walk slowly towards him and dropped the platter on top of the table before him. My hand still holding firmly on the platter,


My curiously peep in and I look up to meet his eyes.


It was the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, a mixture of blue, gray and green.


Which kind of eyes is that.


I heard a low growl and I realized what I did. I quickly dropped the platter and stood up.


He stood before me, his height towering over me.


He pushed me roughly against the wall causing me to gasp.


His right hand choking me.


His eyes are now pure black.


He is angry,


I guess this is the end for me.


T.b c








(His wild desires)





(Slow or simple?)







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