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Episode 10



Lucifer’s POV


I punched his face for the tenth time and he spat out blood.


“Please….please….” He begs.


I hate it when people beg me, it makes me want to hurt them even more.


I aim for his nose and punched it again, breaking it on the process.


The chain around his hand were soaked with bloods, I barely care.


Theo threw the gun to me and I grab it, I cocked the gun and aimed for his forehead.


“Say goodbye idiot,” I seethed before shooting him.


I hate it when people play with my business, I also hate it when people play with my intelligence.


I brought out my hand towel and clean up the blood in my hand with it.


“Clean up this mess,” I told the men watching before walking out of the warehouse.


Raymond opened the car for me and I got in.


“Any news?” I asked, pulling out a stick of cigarette stroking it with my finger.


“No Lucifer,” he replies.


My mind raced back to Calla, hope Cole and Lucas are watching her carefully.


“Drive,” I seethed and throw my head back.


The drive back to my penthouse suite wasn’t that long.


After taking a cool bath I pull out my laptop and type in my password.


I checked my house security footage and couldn’t find Calla.


Where the hell is she?


I checked the environment but couldn’t find any clue where she is.


And where are those two idiots?


I picked up my phone to call Cole but then an unknown ID called me.


I swipe the green bottom and place the phone to my ear.


“Lucifer,” I said


“What’s up, Lucifer,” I heard my name from an unknown caller.


Who the f**k is that?


“Who are you?” I asked calmly.


“My boss found out that you have a s£xy girl in your abode, we got her.” The f**ker said.


“I swear if you don’t start talking I’ll make sure I cut off that tongue of yours,” I snarled.


“My boss want the blue print of your new land in exchange for the girl.” He replies.


“And why will I do that?” I asked, I’m not a fool.


He laughed manically for awhile and stopped.


“You will Lucifer,” he said and hang up.



Who the hell?


Cole and Lucas, I swear I will kill those two idiots.



Calla’s POV



After the idiot with a gun called Lucifer, I kept calm thinking of an escape route. How do I get out of here?


“Look, just let me go. I have nothing to do with Lucifer he won’t comply with you guys.” I seethed out.


“Of course he will, more three minutes.” He retorted.




The second guy went to pee and I quickly think of what to do.


An idea click in and I smiled.


“Hey,” I called the big guy, he looked at me and I motioned for him to come.


He came closer, and I smiled seductively at him.


“You know, before you take me to your boss I can make you feel good.” I told him and he smirk.


Yea, its working.


“Never knew you’re a whore,” he scoffed.


I placed my hand on his thigh and nearly gag.


I squeezed his thigh gently and he groaned.


Stupid a**.



I kicked his groin area and quickly aim at his nose.


I grab the gun from him and started running.


I ran as fast as I could, a car was coming at the opposite side of the park immediately I dashed out from the bush area where they took me to.


I raised my hands up to surrender, the car pulled up and Cole and Lucas ran out.


“Get in,” Lucas said and I quickly climb inside the car.


They both got in and Cole started driving.


None of them said a word or reprimanded me for going out.


Lucifer told me not to go out, but I did and was nearly killed.


What will he do to me when he comes back?


Maybe kill me instead.


“I’m sorry,” I mumbled under my breath immediately we walk inside the sitting room.


“You know what? I didn’t take you for the stubborn type,” Cole said and scratched his hair.


“You will get us and yourself killed when Lucifer gets back,” he added.


“Lucifer is probably on his way back by now, you’re dead when he gets back.” Lucas said and walk out on me.


I sat down calmly, not knowing what to do.


I’m not usually like this, I just don’t want to stay in a house arrest.


I’m used to going to work every morning and coming back late at night.


I just felt lonely.


I stood up from the couch and walk back inside my room.


I sat down on my bed and scroll through my phone.


I dialed Arles number and placed the phone on my ear.



Hi Arles,”



How are you, Carlotta? he asked and I sigh.



You know I didn’t tell you this before, I’m staying at Lucifer’s,” I said to the phone.


Lucifer? Why?



I just…I can’t say it over the phone, when are you coming back to California?” I asked.


Weekend, we should meet up somewhere,



Okay, I’ll let you know where,” I retorted before hanging up.


I lay back down on the bed and closed my eyes.


I should get prepared for whatever Lucifer will say to me.










I woke up with a banging headache,I climb down from the bed and headed inside the bathroom.


After peeing I walk back inside my room and picked up my phone which was laying randomly on the bed.


I checked the time and it was 4:50 in the afternoon.


I started breathing heavily as I remembers what Lucas said earlier.



*Lucifer is probably on his way back by now*


I walk towards the door and placed my ear on the door.


“Where the hell is that girl,” Lucifer’s voice thundered.


He is back!












(His wild desires)




(Angry Lucifer)





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