Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Episode 14



Calla’s POV



After Lucifer left all of a sudden when answering that call, few minutes later a important news interrupted the movie I was watching.





I gulp when I saw the animalistic manner in which he shot violently.


He looks different, different from the Lucifer that I just saw few minutes ago.


He changed completely, I felt an unusual feeling rushed through me.




I suddenly became afraid of him once more, he doesn’t look human.


He didn’t even covered his face.


The crime center was at a hospital, what is he doing in a hospital?


I quickly stood up from the couch and switched off the TV.


I slumped back on the couch as my fears keep increasing the more I remember the tears of those people he was killing.


I’m living with a monster.


He can kill me whenever he wants without any notice.


I wondered how he keep getting away with every crimes he committed.


Does it means that the police can’t apprehend him?


Or he didn’t go against the law?


I rub my hands together as sweats formed in my hands making it slippery.


I stood up from the couch and rushed towards my room and closed the door behind me.


My hand held tightly the door knob as my breathing picked up, I started breathing heavily.


My mind keep racing to many possibilities of him murdering me.


I sat down there, my back against the door.


My eyes became heavy as tears roll down my cheek.


I cried for the dead and I cried for myself.


Who knows when I’ll be next.


I walk towards the bed and sat down at the edge, what do I do next?


I hated myself at the moment.


I hated the fact that I already fell in love with someone who is full of crimes.


Someone who is respected and feared by millions of peoples.


Someone who wouldn’t give a damn when it comes to killing me.








I opened my eyes after I cried myself to sleep and my eyes came in contact with a rainbow eyes.


I flinched and back up against the headboard.


He noticed my gesture and smirked.


“Did you see my little show yesterday Calla?” He asked and I nodded.


He smirked and walked closer to the bed.


“I’m a bad, bad than you can ever imagine,” he said and deep his hands inside his pant pocket.


“I kills within a second, I am heartless, I hate it when people randomly caught feelings and that’s why I’m telling you this,” he stated and climb unto the bed.


He brought his mouth closer to my ear and chuckled.


“I hate it when girls like you look so s£xy but soft in heart too,” he whispered and back off.


Did he just call me s£xy?



“Just do your job which is cooking, and adhere to my rules then we will be good,” he said and stood straight.


“I enjoyed the bacon you maid yesterday,” he added before walking off.


I was happy and mad at the same time.


Yes he complimented my cooking skills for the first time which made me happy, bit also he called me soft.


Psst, really?


I stepped down from the bed and headed inside the bathroom, after completing my morning routine and dressed up in a casual shirt and Nike short, I packed up my hair in a ponytail and fixed in my earphone.


I walk out of my room and headed straight inside the kitchen, I rinse the pot and place it on the gas cooker before washing my hands.


I lit up the gas cooker and placed the pot on fire, I checked the available food stuffs and decided to make macaroni, mom sent me a crazy recipe for macaroni yesterday and I have been meaning to try it.


Few minutes later I was done with the cooking and smiled as I sniffed in the aroma.


I dished out for Lucifer and mine as well, after placing his food on the dinning table I stood in front of the staircase to call him.


“Lucifer!” My voice thundered through the living room.


I covered my ears with my palm to avoid spoiling it and chuckled at my own stupidity.


“Stop yelling sweetheart, I’m right here.” He said from behind me and I flinched.


Where did he came from?


I didn’t know and was damn sure, he wasn’t there when I passed by.


He sat down and started eating after I tasted the food.


I sat down at the far end of the dinning table and started eating mine.


Occasionally I stole glances at him but he never look up.


After eating I cleared my plate and stood beside him to clear his.


He grabbed my hand and turned me to face him causing me to lose my balance and sat down on his leg.


I gasped loudly and tried to stand up but he held me tightly.


“Just a kiss sweetheart,” he whispered before capturing my lips on his.


I was frozen and speechless at the same time.


Lucifer kissed me, he slightly bite on my bottom lip causing me to gasp and him having more access to my mouth.


I gave into the kiss and kissed him back.


After kissing for awhile, he broke the kiss and I quickly stood up as his demeanor changed completely.


“This is nothing, just a wild desire.” He stated and walk out on me.


Just a wild desire, just a wild desire.


The four simple but hurtful words keep repeating itself in my head.










(His wild desires)





(I like you already)






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