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Episode 12



Lucifer’s POV


She is feisty, but then I want to break her more.


She’s taking me for granted.


The way she look into my eyes makes me want to hurt her.


She struggled to loosen my grip on her neck.


“Do you like to be tortured by me? Do you like it when I squeeze your neck like this?” I asked calmly, occasionally tightening my hand on her neck.


She gasp and her hold on my hand became tighter.


I like it, hell i like it when they struggle.


I like it when I squeezed out the whole living source from them.



Calla isn’t any difference.


“Please….please Lucifer,” she pleaded.


I looked into her eyes as tears roll down her cheek.


Her once sparkling eyes looks dull and dead.


“You don’t want to do this,” she added and grab hold of my collar instead.


I was took unaware as she pulled me closer to her, my mouth inch away from hers.


I loosen my grip on her neck and stare back at her.


There is something about her that I’m yet to understand.


Not just about her smartness or sassy character, of course she is scared of me, I can see right through her but then she keeps trying to act tough on the outside.


It baffles me how she prefer to die instead of killing.


“Seducing me won’t get you out of this punishment sweetheart,” I seethed out, she smiled lightly and shook her head.


She opened her mouth to speak but my phone ringing tone interrupted her.


I released her causing her to fall back on the chair and stood straight.



What!” I barked.



Boss, I checked the CCTV cameras around the park, vandemir boys are the one. Lucas said.


I gritted my teeth and chuckled bitterly.


How dare Vandermir tries sh*t with my own kind?



Great job Lucas, I’ll pay Vandermir a visit I replies and hang up.



I sigh and glanced at Calla who was watching me calmly.


“You will stay here for a while, then compare it to when I’ll kill you,” I said before walking out of the dungeon.


I locked it up and walk towards the living room.


I grab my car key and stroll to the front door, I opened it and saw Cole leaning against the railing.


“Lucifer,” he bowed.


I nods at him and entered my car.


“Keep a close watch on her, I’ll be back soon.” I said to him before driving off.


I drove to XC corp and enter my private elevator, I lean against the cold metal waiting for the ride to stop as we got to the fifty floor.


I walk out of the elevator and walk pass Jenifer cubicle.


“Lucifer,” she greeted.


I nods at her before walking inside my office.


I sat down on my chair and turned on my laptop.


When it’s on I typed in my password and waited for it.


When it did, I checked my mails and replied to some of them.


I saw a message from Theo whom I left with an unfinished business in Paris and clicked on the message.


“Lucifer, the container is arriving soon.” The message reads.


I closed my laptop and walk towards the bar.


I picked a bottle of whiskey and opened it pouring a shot for myself.


I scrolled through my contacts and call my second in command.






The boys will clear the way soon, make sure the stuffs reach me unscratched,” I replies calmly.


Noted Lucifer



Good, i mumbled and hang up.


I drank a third cup of the whiskey before laying down on the couch.


I need a nap.



Calla’s POV


After he left I covered my face with my palm and sighs.


That man have no feelings whatsoever I him.


He just stole my heart in not less then a day and I couldn’t even get him to treat me like a human being.


Oh yea, he is Lucifer.


I was thirsty and hungry at the same time, this place is not less than a prison.


I stood up from the chair and walk towards the door with the remaining strength that I had.


When I grabbed him earlier and looked into those intoxicating eyes, I thought that I’ll see something.


Maybe an emotion whatsoever but to my dismay, I saw nothing.


Lucifer doesn’t have a heart.


How can someone be so hot and handsome but so cold and heartless too?


I chuckled softly and look up.


When he grabbed my neck and my bare neck came in contact with his cold hand I felt a shiver erupted through me.


I thought he felt it too but whom am I kidding?


I knocked on the iron door and wait for anyone to come to my rescue.


I knocked again but there was no one.


My eyelid was slowly closing.


I felt numb and weak.


My leg was failing me slowly as I felt my body on the ground with a loud thud.










(His wild desires)




(Doesn’t give a f**k)



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