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Episode 11



Calla’s POV


“Where is that girl,” his voice thundered through the room.


He is back.




I slowly open the door and walk out of the room, I rather go out there than stay here and get him more angry.


I got to the living room and saw Cole and Lucas standing in front of him.



He look up from his phone and his eyes darkened , he stood up from the lone couch and took slow tormenting steps towards me.


I back away from him and took a step back, but his demeanor changed and warned me not to take another step.


He stood in front of me and tilt up my face with his hand.


I stare into his rainbow eyes and shiver erupted through me.


I got lost in his eyes.


Just staring into those eyes makes me feel the way I shouldn’t.


I wonder why he doesn’t let people look into those eyes.


They are beautiful.


His hand tightened around my jaw causing me to flinch a little.


“Like what you see? Calla,” the way his husky voice sounded when he called my name caused me to gasp.


Am I developing feelings for Lucifer?


“Seems to me like you need to be tortured before you can adhere to the rules guiding my territory,” he seethed out.


I gulp and shook my head.


I can’t allow him to torture me, who knows how torturing me will be?


“Cole, take her to the basement and make sure you lock it up.” He said before walking out on me.


I widened my eyes when realization hits me hard, is he planning to make me a prisoner in his house?


What have I done?


Oh yea,you disobeyed him.


Cole walked closer to me and smiled lightly at me, I was dazed and confused, scared even at the same time.


How do I survive in that basement?


How will I know that his enemies are lurking around?


Oh no, I can’t do this.


I rushed after him and saw him at the top of the stairs.


“Don’t you dare,” he thundered.


I froze on the spot as he turned around to face me.


“You know I hate smart a**,I told you not to go anywhere and you disobeyed me.” He started talking.


“Firstly, you looked me in the eyes more than three times, I let it go because I had a better punishment for you but this is the last of it.


You will be punished by me and obeyed me in whatever I told you to do,” he sneered.


No! I can’t do this.


Is he planning to kill me?


Yes I know that I have broken his rules many times but that doesn’t matter right?


He won’t turn me into a criminal in this house.


“You don’t tell me what to do Lucifer, you brought me into your house against my will and now you want to deny me my freedom!” I yelled.


I was furious and confused too.


His lip twitched up into a smirk.



“Feisty, I like that.” He commented.


He deep his hands inside his pant pocket and his face hardened immediately. “Walk out through that door if you can,” he said before leaving me, standing there. I stood motionlessly staring at the empty stairs, what is going on with me? I drop down on my kneels as tears roll down my cheek.


I couldn’t believe that I put myself in this mess.


“Let’s go,” Cole said grabbing my hand.


I was on my kneels, weakened and defenseless.


I stood up from the ground as Cole help me up and lead me towards a door.


He opened the door leading to the basement and guide me in.


“Don’t disobey Lucifer if you want to alive much longer, he hates it.” Cole whispered before pushing me inside the dungeon guarded by multiple irons.


He locked up the door and gave me an encouraging thumb up before walking away.


You can do this Carlota.


I sat down on the single chair and throw my head back.


Today has been a long day for me.


I just wish that all this is a dream.










Lucifer walk inside the basement and stood in front of the door staring at me.


My face has become pale with pain.


The heat is too much.


I removed the crop top that I was wearing earlier and was now only on my lacy bra.


“Where is your cloth?”he asked.


I looked at him through my eyelashes and shrugged.


His eyes darkened and he walk in fully.


“You know why I haven’t killed you?” He asked.


I was silent because I didn’t know the answer to the question.


“You surprised me that night,” he added and scoffed.


I furrowed my eyebrow in confusion.


“You rather die than kill a human being,” he mimicked my voice.


I wanted to smile but I couldn’t because i was in pain.




“So I’ll kill you myself since you can’t kill,” he said with a mean voice.


My heart skipped at his words.


Is that why he is here?


To kill me?


“Why? Why are you so conceited and heartless?” I mumbled.


“Shut up!” He yelled, pulling out his gun from his pant and placed it on my forehead.


“You f**king shut up,” he sneered.



“You haven’t see me heartless yet, so why the noise sweetheart?” He asked and chuckled softly.


“I’ll show you the heartless Lucifer,” he whispered against my ear and grabbed my neck.










(His wild desires)










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