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Episode 15



Calla’s POV



After the sudden kiss which he labeled as a wild desire, I asked him for permission to go out and he gladly let me.


I headed for a walk as I think through all the things that have happened in my life for the past week.


I inhaled deeply and sat down on a bench in front of the boss stop, I didn’t even know when I got to the main road.


The other side of the bench was suddenly occupied by another person but I didn’t look up, my mind was so far away from me.


“Hey,” A voice called, it was sweet and calm.


I felt attracted towards it and looked up to know whom the angelic voice belongs to.


Sitting beside me is Lucienne Carter.


I gasped lowly and closed my eyes to know if I was hallucinating but I wasn’t.


“Lucienne?” I called.


“You shouldn’t be sitting here all alone pretty,” she said concerned.


She is sweet, not every Carter is a monster after all.


“I just came out for a walk,” I told her and she nodded with a smile.



“What’s your name?” She asked this time looking at me.


“Carlota Blackwell, but just call me Calla please,” I said and she chuckled softly.


“I’m Lucienne Car…..”


“Everybody knows the famous designer Lucienne Carter Dwayne, Lucifer’s twin sister.” I said and she laughed.


“Guess Lucifer has been doing a great job scaring people.” She mumbled and stood up.


“It’s nice to meet you Calla, I think we can be friends if you can put up with my brother and husband ,” she playfully said.


Huh! Lucifer is already a pain in the a**, but now her husband?


“It’s nice to meet you too Miss Dwayne,” i replies bowing my head slightly.


She chuckled and waved her hand at me.


“Stop bowing your head dear, maybe one day we will run into each other again,” he said and gave Me a tight smile before walking towards her sleek black car that was parked just foots away from me.


After she left, I contemplate on where to go next.


I decided to call mom and know if they’re home I’ve got to visit them.


I click on her number and sat back on the bench.



Hello mom I called.



Calla, how are you? she asked, concerned.



I’m good mom, how have you been? I asked her.



My mom is already in her late forties and dad is in his early fifties, sometimes I blamed myself for being an irresponsible child.


I could have done better.



We are fine Calla, just worried about you.” She said, a knowing hint was on her voice.


She is worried because she misses me.



Are you at home? I asked, ignoring her previous question.



Your father and I went to Florida yesterday but will be back soon,” She retorted.


Florida? For what? I asked.



Hum….we….never mind Honey, see you when I’m back,” she quickly said,


ignoring my question and hanged up.


I stared at my phone and sigh.


This is really harder than I thought it would be.


Yes I know Lucifer to be an evil man, I mean the whole united states knows this.


But why do I have feelings for him?


It’s really, I don’t know. It’s funny the way I suddenly have a great feeling for someone whom I’m supposed to be scared of.


For goodness sake he is a whooping eight years older than me.


I stood up from the bench and started walking back to Lucifer’s mansion.


On my way back I saw a young teenage girl staring at me.


She must be either seventeen or eighteen.


“Hi,” I greeted as I walk closer to her.


She keep staring at my face but smile at me.


“You’re pretty,” she compliments flashing me a girlie grin.


“Thank you, where are you going?” I asked.


“This is where I live with my brother,” she replies, pointing at the mansion.


My mouth formed an ‘O’ as I watch her.


“What’s your name sweetheart?” I asked sweetly.


“I’m Trina, and yours?” She queried.


“Calla, call me Calla.” I replies.


She smiled and suddenly furrowed her brow.


“You’re crossing the boundary,” she told me and I furrowed my brow in confusion.


“How? Where?”


“You’re about to step on Lucifer’s property, you’re calling upon your death,” she warned.


What a cutie.


Should I tell her that I live with Lucifer?


What if she’s not to be trusted?


“Don’t worry much about it Trina,” I retorted and she scoffed before her eyes suddenly lit up as a car came to halt in front of us.



“Sorry but my boyfriend is here, nice to meet you Calla,” she said and I nodded before she was inside the car.


“See you soon,” i waved as the car speed off.


I heaved a sigh and speak inside the intercom of Lucifer’s mansion.


“Who is it?” A maid asked.


“Its me, calla.”


The gate suddenly open and I walk in.


I walk to the pool side but remembered that I have no bikini with me.


I decided to go inside and change before coming to take a swim.


I opened the front door of the house and heard voices coming from the living room.


Maybe Lucas or Cole.


I walk closer and stopped on my track.




“Hey, Calla.” She said calmly, her voice loosing the once angelic tone in it.


Something is wrong.










(His wild desires)






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