Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Episode five



Calla’s POV


I didn’t know what to do again so I left with the old man.


I got downstairs and nearly tripped by the kind of car in front of me.


Not a surprise but hell, I’ve never enter such an expensive car before.


He hold the car door open for me and I muttered a ‘thank you’ before entering.


The ride was quite, I didn’t know what to ask him.


I cleared my throat and close my eyes.


“Excuse me Sir,” I called.



“Call me Raymond,” he replied, his face was calm and void of emotions.


I guess Lucifer already influence all his employees.


“Haa, okay.” I replies and look out of the window.


This part of the city is very beautiful, guess it’s occupied by rich men.


I was lost in thought, if Arles come back from his trip and heard about this, he’s going to be mad at me.


Damn, I really need to call him.


I grab my phone and unlocked the password, before dialing his number.


It rang twice before he picked up.



Hey bitch, call me today?



Come on Arles, I was busy throughout yesterday,” I replies calmly.



Yea, whatever. You’re always busy maybe when you find yourself a man then you’ll have time for yourself,” he rants.


That’s right!


He is a badass but still my best friend.



When are you coming back to Florida?” I asked as the driver stopped driving and got out of the car.


Next week, the project is taking much longer than expected,” he retorted and I nodded as if he can see me.


The driver opened the door for me and I stepped out.



Arles I…I. Gosh I don’t know how to say this,” I said mumbling the last part to myself.



I will talk to you later Calla, got to go.” he said and the other end became silent.


Oh right!


His job again.


I look up at the house in front of me and my mouth dropped open.


The f**k is this?


A house?


How on earth can someone afford such money to build this?


“Lucifer is waiting Miss Blackwell,” Raymond said and I nodded, trailing behind him as he lead me towards the door.


There are several men in black here, why does he need so much guards.


I counted them with my eyes and they’re like fifteen?


A guard opened the door and we step inside.


The interior design was magnificent.


A black and brown wall paint with a big chandelier on the top.


A big portrait of a devil on the wall.


That’s gross!


Sitting on a golden couch is Lucifer, a glass of red wine in his hand while the other was holding a cigarette.


“Hi,” I greeted not looking at him.


I couldn’t afford to get killed.


“What took you so long,” he asked calmly, his calm voice sent shivers down my spine.


He was quite, I couldn’t figure out if he’s angry or not.


Gosh! I don’t want to see him angry.


Last night he told me that he is in a good mood but he nearly kill me. What is he capable of when angry?


“I just ask you a f**king question,” he added, his voice raised above normal.


“Sorry, I…I was just telling my mom about it.” I replies, my head laid low as I fixed my gaze on the neatly tied floor.


“Make a dish,” he said and stood up from the couch.


A dish?


“Show her the kitchen Raymond,”


“Make a dish for me to eat, I’m hungry.” He added before walking out on me. Okay, is this a sort of test or what?


I turned around to face Raymond, he shook his head and lead me to the kitchen.


Everything in this house surprises me.


His house is even bigger than the white house.


“Thank you Raymond, I’ll take it from here.” I told him and he nodded before walking out.


Okay, now what do I cook?



I opened the top cupboards and found a pack of pasta.


I brought it out and keep searching, I gathered ingredients for cooking pasta and brought out a pot from the big cupboard at the far end in the kitchen.


There are lots of meats inside the fridge and vegetables so I guess he love eating them.


I took a deep breath before turning on the gas cooker.


I placed the pot on top of it and pour in a little quantity of water.


I hope he likes it, he look scary this morning.


Thirty minutes later I was already sweating profusely.


The heat of the summer mixed with my nervousness.


I removed the T-shirt that I was wearing now leaving me in just my half cut camisole top.


I cleaned my sweat with my hand towel and took out a white fancy plate from the rack.


I dished out the food inside it and covered it up, I placed the food on a platter and walk out of the kitchen.


Now how do I call him that the dish is ready?


He’ll probably kill me if i go up there.


I stood rooted on my track in front of the stairs and heaved a huge sigh.


I should go, he won’t do a thing but will kill me if I keep standing here like a statue.


I took my first step and gasped a little.



Should I continue this journey?


It might be dangerous.












(His wild desires)








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