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Episode 2








l moved towards my bestfriend Nick..


“Hey…whats up with you and her”,he asked.


“Nothing…. She just spilled a drink on me”


“Oh…. okay. I hope you aren’t interested in her”,he teases.


“She isn’t my type.”,l scowl.


“Okay … calm down. l got u”


My eyes roamed through the cafeteria searching for her.


And then l saw her with a redhead girl who’s hair was more messy than hers.


l just wish knew her more.


“You aren’t interested huh…?”,Nick teases again,smiling like a fool.


“No… I’m not interested”,as l bite my lips.


“You are biting your lips and I know you are lying…”


“okay… fine. I am not interested. l’m just attracted”


“Hmm…she is beautiful though but l haven’t seen her before”


“Me too”


We sat down as Nick was holding a sandwich.


“How is Catty and you going?”


“I don’t know.. I’m just thinking about us breaking up”


“But why?”,he arched a brow


“Because Liam has been threatening me to stay away from her”


Nick laughed, “So…..are you scared”


“A bit. The last time,l challenged and guess what happened,l almost died because


he broke my inhaler. ”


“That’s terrible…”


“Yes.. . I need your help dude”


“Okay…. l will help you”




We heard the siren as we all moved into the class.


Too bad l didn’t have to see the beautiful girl one more time..


l moved to the class as everyone was just messing around.


The good news was the teachers went for meeting…. so I guess it was fun time for




My mates bought in their girlfriends .. you know they were doing their own things..


Nick and l along with other mates sat there while we were laughing our hearts out because we were cracking jokes.


Then suddenly l heard a voice and l knew it was Liam.


Everyone was quiet as he walked towards me.


Two idiots were behind him and I’m sure one word from me and they would punch me.



“Well… see who we have here”,he teases , “it’s Cole. I warned you but you didn’t listen. Stay the f**k away from her or else….” “Else what?”


“Else you will regret ever being in his school”


“Then bring on Liam. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you”,and slowly he left me.


l looked at Nick as he winked at me.


l just hope this fool doesn’t do anything to me or else he will f**king regret it.




Finally it was closing, and l can’t wait to be at home… I called my driver Paul to pick me up. l waited and waited but he didn’t arrived. Everyone was gone and l was alone waiting.


l heard a tap on my shoulder and when l turned it was Liam and his boys…


“Cole….”,he smiled ,”what did l tell you… but since you are disobedient… I’m


going to punish u”


He gave the guys a sign as they moved towards me and beat me mzercilessly. My mouth was filled with blood. My breath became shorts as l struggled for my bag but Liam stepped on it.


“Please….”,l begged


“I’m sorry… but you aren’t going to get your inhaler”,as he crashed my inhaler.


They were laughing as they left me. tears filled my eyes because I couldn’t breathe.


I’m sure today is the end of me.


I close my eyes…


(Join Group) Nicki

After taking my juice to sit… Ruby was just staring at me.


“Did l just see you with Cole…”


“Yes.. . I actually spilled a drink on him”,l said as she gasps and covered her lips.. “Was he angry…”


“No… he was actually smiling”,l close my eyes briefly to remember his s£xy smile.. and how beautiful his eyes were. “Nicki…”


“Yes…”,as l came to realisation.


“I called you three times already”




“Are you thinking about him?”,she teases.


“No… I was thinking of my mom”




She said as we heard the siren…


“Okay…i will see you later,Nicki”




l moved to the class as l saw Catty and her girls laughing at me but l didn’t mind. l sat down as l took a novel from my bag titled “Claim me”


l know that story is really hot and it has more than over thousand pages.


l read till finally l heard the bell again and l knew it’s was closing.


l took my books and from nowhereCatty pushed them on the floor.


“Oops….sorry”,and she began laughing.


Patience Nicki,Patience


l took my book as l arranged them in my bag. l went straight to Miss Brittney’s office. “Have a seat…”,she said “Thank you”,as l sat down.


“Why are you here?”


What! Why is she asking such as question.


“I’m here for my detention madam”,l say.


“Wow… today is the first time a student ran to me for her punishment. I’m quiet impressed”


“I go by rules… madam”.


“Okay.. . you may go now. You are no longer punished” “Thanks….”,l said but my heart jumped with excitement. l moved to the library as l sat down to read.


About a few minutes l heard someone grown in pain but l decided to wait to hear it for the second time but nothing came.


l was done reading,as l took my things and walked out and there l saw him lying on the floor. l ran to see him further.


His eyes was closed and l checked his pulse but l felt nothing.


No ,No…. l can’t believe he is going to pass out. l tried to relax as l pressed on his


chests several times but it wasn’t working so l decided to breathe in his mouth several times.


Hmm…. who can ignore such pink lips of his.


I breathe into his mouth the first time


l did it again


l did it again


And again


Again and finally he breath. He opened his eyes as he looked at him.


l guess he was weak. l moved closer. Our lips inches apart.


“Are you okay?”,l asked with concern. He just stared at me and slowly l felt his hands at my nape. l didn’t know when he did that.. l touched his cheeks ,”Talk to me please”,l begged.


And to my surprise he pulled my nape as his lips crushed on mine.


My eyes were opened,his were closed and he sucked on my bottom lip.


No one has kissed me before. He was my first.


He was still on my lips and I didn’t even know how to respond.








Written by Kaby Elisa


⚘Loving You Always⚘






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