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Chapter 15








By Jennifer Owens




~ Stiles ~




I arrived at the address and gazed at the mansion in front of me.


Gosh! This mansion gat me drooling.


No wonder Gina was so obsessed with their property.


They’re so rich.


I stood at the porch and rang the doorbell.


Inara opened the door and her eyes widened slightly.


“you ” she breathed out with a smile.


I smiled at her shyly and went in.


“your house is so big ” I complimented and she smiled.


“thanks ” she said.


“so Uhm I.. I.. ” I scratched the back of my head, thinking of how to tell her.


I closed my eyes and blurted it all out.


“I love you Inara ” I blurted out and she stared at me unbelievably.


“yes Inara, I don’t know for how long but I know I’ve always had this feeling


for you ” I blurted and sighed.


“and Rikki ” she asked.


“she broke up with me and as it is, I’m grateful she did cause my heart now beats for you ” I said sincerely.


“but it’s OK if you don’t love me, I’ll give you a lot of space and… ” “Stiles ” she called, cutting me off.


“I love you too ” she blurted out and I was taken aback.


“wha.. What ” I stuttered and she nodded.


“really ” I asked and she nodded with a chuckle.


“why do you think I did that to Rikki? Make her scared” she asked and my eyes widened in realization.


“oh my God! ” I breathed and we chuckled.


“so will you be my girlfriend ” I asked and she smiled.


“yes ” she said softly.


“I’ll have to seal tang with a kiss” I said and kissed her.


She pulled away and chuckled.


“wanna come out with me ” I asked and she nodded happily.


“buy I can’t leave my brother all alone in the house ” she pouted and I chuckled.


“we can take him along ” I said and she nodded.


“I’ll go get dressed ” she said and ran upstairs.


She came back mins later with Boyce.


She looked so beautiful in jeans and shirt.


“let’s go ” she snapped her finger at me and I chuckled.


I was lost looking at her.


We boarded the car and drove to the park.


We had a lot of fun, bought candy floss, ice cream and snacks.


Inara and Boyce were so happy and I was happy to see Inara happy.


I’ve never seen her happy like this.


“let’s go to my house, I have to tell mom and Alva that we’re dating ” I said and she nodded.


“take me to aunt Sommer’s house first ” Boyce demanded and we chuckled.


We got in the car and drove Boyce to aunt Sommer’s house.


After spending quite some time there, Inara and I left to my house.


We stood at my doorstep and rang the door bell.


The door flew open and mom and Alva stood there.


“tell us you’re dating “Alva demanded and Inara chuckled.


“yes we are ” I replied and they all cheered.


“no more grumpy Rikki ” Alva pouted and I gave her a glare.


After having fun with mom and Alva, I took Inara’s hand and went upstairs.


“gosh! You’re so beautiful ” I said and crashed my lips on hers.


The kiss got intense and I started, pulling off her clothes.


I laid her on the bed and hovered over her.


“hope my d**k won’t pass through you and stick in the bed ” I said and she chuckled.


“not now that I’m me ” she blurted out and I chuckled.


“I love you ” I said and kissed her.


We did it.


I couldn’t believe she was a virgin.


She’s so cute and beautiful.


I’m just so happy that this beautiful creature is mine alone.




~ Bexley ~




“mom how could you do this ” I asked softly.


Mom just told me all what she did with Angie and I can’t believe she could be this cruel.


“I’m so sorry, now look where it ended Gina, I don’t wanna end up like her ” she cried.


“it’s OK mom, you’re not gonna end up like Gina ” I cooed and hugged her.


“you have to tell Inara and ask for her forgiveness “I said and she nodded.


“I’ll come with you ” I said and wiped her tears.


“I want to use my magic for good now ” she said and I smiled.


“that’s good mom ” I said and she smiled.


I called Stiles to bring Inara to his house so we could talk to her there.


We drove to Stiles house and mom got nervous.


“I’m here ” I assured her.


We went in and met Inara and Stiles making out on the couch.


“love birds ” I called and they pulled apart.


I gave mom a go ahead and she went to sit beside Inara.


“Inara I.. I have something to tell you ” she paused and glanced at me.


I smiled at her and she continued.


After telling Inara everything, Inara yanked mom’s hands off her.


“you’re so despicable like my aunt ” she blurted out amidst tears.


“I’m sorry” mom cried.


I really pity mom and Inara.


But this is Gina’s fault.


She was the one who made mom do all this.


I mean she’s a fool to bring her family to her friend to destroy.


Stiles hugged Inara as she cried.


“calm down Inara ” Stiles cooed.


“I spent almost two years of my life living as a ghost, all because of you ” Inara yelled amidst tears.


“bit it’s OK, it’s OK. I forgive you ” she said and wiped her tears.


“I blame Gina for all these but you’re not excluded either.


I only forgave him cause Bex helped me in becoming human too” she said and mom nodded.


“thanks ” Mon said and she nodded.


I hugged Inara and thanked her for forgiving mom.


I waved at them and we left.




~ Inara ~




Finally, my life is intact.


I’m no more a ghost but a human.


My brother attends the best school and I continued my studies too.


I’ve got the best boyfriend ever or should I say husband to be.


Stiles already proposed to me and after our final year, we’ll get married. Though my parents are gone, Boyce and I have got Stiles family and aunt Sommer too.


I couldn’t be more happy.


PS : I’m no more Inara the ghost but Inara the human .


I’ve got all.






The end.


By Jennifer Owens.




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